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01 Oct 2011 18:11:49
Latest conspiracy!!

The muslims are out to get us. They have done what hitler couldn't and have successfully invaded GB and now they are breeding us out. There was an official application for a sharia court in my city-Glasgow. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim. Have a think about it.we have 2 kids and they have 6,7,8. 1 in every 3 children born in the western world is now born a Muslim and I for 1 feel this is a problem as There views on women, relationships and ethics is disgraceful and more importantly they hate us white westerners. So give it 10 years and wait to see the problems created world wide. Yesterdays killing of some Arabian maniac says it all. He was American born and educated and conspired to kill all Americans. What does every1 else think or am I being narrow minded? {Ed001's Note - not all terrorists are Muslim at all, have you never heard of the IRA? There are terrorists of every race and creed.}

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This is a subject i would prefer to avoid but there will certainly be problems in years to come.

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IRA I can understand but you know what i mean. The Muslim terrorists are the 1s driving into our airports with bombs strapped to themselves. They are flying planes into our buildings and beheading our soldiers.

Another thing I forgot to mention was 2 years ago I was driving to a Halloween party in fancy dress and got stopped by the cops for wearing a mask, I got 3 points and 250 fine. These Muslim women drive around my city with there best ninja suit on and not a word said. I would like to know why and I would also like us to follow suit with France and ban the burqa. Saying that, the women are so ugly I'm not so sure I want to see there faces! Haha.

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Disgraceful 1st and 3rd post

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I don't mean to be offensive at all, and I'm not saying all Muslims are terrorists. But, when a flight attendant sees a Muslim at an airport, do you really believe they don't have doubts or don't question if something could happen. It's a fact of life that people are, maybe unfairly, suspicious of Muslims.


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Dude ur absolutely pathetic and ed as a muslim myself i find this post racist and am offended so may u please remove it? {Ed001's Note - would you prefer to moan about the fact that he is ignorant of the truth OR would you prefer to educate him in the truth of the matter? Because being offended helps no one, all you are doing is increasing a divide that the media are creating.}

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What about the guy in Norway, he was Christian right?


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How are the IRA terrorists seriouly. you invade my country and expect nothing to be done about it. by the way yhe english soldiers went around shooting cilvilians and raping women.

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - do you know what the term terrorist actually means? You clearly have no idea if you do not think they are terrorists. The IRA should have been taking the example of Ghandi and following that. By the way, I never invaded your country, quite the opposite.}

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So how does most of Ireland speak english and not our national language
ps im sorry for acting like an a**hole but im proud of being Irish {Ed001's Note - I don't understand the question. You may as well ask why the Cornish speak English instead of their own Cornish language. Neither have any relevance to this discussion that I can see, sorry.}

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How are the IRA terrorists ?

Irish Red {Ed001's Note - they use terror as a weapon, that makes them terrorists. Do you really need to ask that question? I fear for you if that is a genuine question.}

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Yes but if the english had never invaded IRELAND they IRA would have not excist and then none of this would be happening

Irish Red {Ed033's Note - The IRA gave the British Government the excuse to continually occupy Northern Ireland. The IRA were infiltrated by MI6 agents and the IRA allowed to continue operating for this reason. This is exactly why Al Qaeda was controlled to give Governments the excuse to invade/occupy countries - watch the Power Of Nightmares series to get an insight into this -

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You claim that the IRA were not terrorists. That they did what they did cause they had to defend themselves against invaders. But yet the Muslims who tried defending themselves were terrorist cause they did so. It all starts the same way. Theres just no telling to what point will they stop.

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The guy inn Norway was a mossad agent
Geez louise you didn't know that?

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Many people from Israel are illuminati members

Who are the hawks in the American administration

Give you a clue they come from the middle east

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Just throwing a spanner in the works guys but the 1916 rising was stared by terrorists so called by the English but to the people they were freedom fighters and in the late 90's the English governance said the same .Ask yourself this look at Libya now whats the difference and by the way who made your country judges off the world if your country and the USA mind your own the world would run alot smoother

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01 Oct 2011 15:26:51
1. the bankers who may or may not be Illuminati control everything.

2. they have used certain groups over the years to their bidding with complicitly or through deception this include but are not limited to the vatican, the coe, the communist party, islamic fundamentalists.

3. to what end? are the Illuminati really a secret society of devil worshippers?

4. Where do the Templars fit in? What of the Holy Grail?

5. What knowledge has been systematically hidden from us for 2000 years?


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The knowledge which is kept from the masses is our TRUE ORIGINS and our being.
Well that's what I personally believe, because I think that if we discovered our true origins, anyone who is in any way religious, would have their whole belief system shattered, and be outraged at the lies that we have been fed.



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But why the lies?

Suppose i go along with your theory and Sumerioans wrote all down and every other major religion copied it. And knowledge was designed to be passed around with it all down in lay mans language for simple people to understand then why the lies?

I understand the what and how, the who we can all guess at and to be honest the more you look the more the who becomes apparant, but the why i do not understand.


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I just tripped across this in an internet search and found it useful. might be useful for anyone else wondering what on earth are we talking about


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01 Oct 2011 00:53:31
does the british government employ serving special forces in covert operations against terrorists and once a special forces soldier has ended his military career is he always bound by the official secrets act for life? e.g. If they make a statement to the press can they be charged with treason?

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Yes they take the oath for life.

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01 Oct 2011 00:43:14
So does the city of London with it's masonic enclave!

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Yes remember Boycie's masonic lodge

Where Del got black balled

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01 Oct 2011 00:01:01
the worse part of looking into conspiracys and history is what part religion has played , you really have to study it to understand what goes on , but theres one thing i think we all argee on ,that is no matter what faith or religion people follow and there are many types we should all live in peacful coexistence , share our food wealth, help the poorer nations and try to stop wars and people getting killed..........lfc

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Religion is a farce!
Ever religious book has exerts from the Sumerian clay tablets. The greatest civilisation known to mankind. Worth checking that out to see just how much of a joke religion really is.
All religious books use the word god to describe their creator or divine being. According to the Sumerians, another race of being simply altered our DNA structure to be more like them, hence the phrase "let us make man in our image and our likeness"
If you check out our DNA, it's proven to have a strange anomolie that suggest that someone changed the way it once was, as whatever it is that's different cannot happen naturally. Check it out.



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I totally agree with you mate, well said!



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Religion is like politics just another way to manipulate the people and stop them asking the important questions


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I seconded that if you look a the Vatican's history you'll see they have been trying there hardest to keep man kind down like why are they in the U.N that makes no sense to me Religion and politics should be keep apart

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