Conspiracy Talk Archive September 01 2013


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01 Sep 2013 17:03:46
Seems to be a few movies coming out where the white house is being attacked. maybe they are making us used to the idea?

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I thought that yesterday, I watched Olympus has fallen last week, good film but as always, predictable

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Is white house down any good

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What's also strange is that for years the baddies were all ways Russian or Ukranian or some where Soviet! And all of a sudden every film is North Korea, South Korea! Making everyone aware of the threat and also showing that America wins everytime! Even wars they lose they win! Look at Vietnam America got its ass kicked! John Rambo sorted it out in a weekend for gods sake they even made a film about an American coming up with the enigma code!


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01 Sep 2013 01:43:02
googled the disney deception about 3 hours ago and to be honest I still can't believe it!

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01 Sep 2013 01:41:55
i think this is right obama in his press conference said something on the lines of he will let congress vote on bombing syria, he calls it urgent and innocent people are dying but will not call them back early which I find baffling, anyway the elite who run the planet and are supposedly into symbols and dates, well this could be a pure coincidence but syria's fate could be decided on 911, that is when congress vote, right guys off with mates tomorrow to the pub and watch the match so speak prob next week, have a good weekend adios.

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01 Sep 2013 12:11:29
I think he wants to use the symbolism of the date to manipulate the vote. Also by delaying it he's using the extra time to try and gain international support. Maybe even trying to lean on Cameron to go back to the house. I think it would take a smoking gun of epic proportions for the house to change its vote. Mort

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