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20 Apr 2012 20:28:10
I don't for one minute believe everything I read in the newspapers or see/ hear on the news. In addition I am naturally suspicious of anything said by politicians BUT
some of you on this site must spend your life crouching under a blanket since EVERYTHING is a conspiracy in your eyes.

Puzzled {Ed001's Note - why would believing something has a conspiracy involved make you crouch under a blanket??}

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Puzzled by name puzzled by nature lol.

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Ed001 because you would be fearful of anything and everything. You don't hear of many conspiracies where people believe GOOD things are going to happen

Puzzled {Ed001's Note - just because something is a conspiracy doesn't mean you fear anything will happen to you. That is a nonsensical comment mate, sorry. Fear is just something whipped up by the media for sheep to panic over and give more power to the governments. No one who sees things as a conspiracy are going to give in to fear and hand over power to others are they??}

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Puzzled conspiracy does not strike fear it just opens my eyes to the bigger picture.

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Frankyscouse - conspiracies just make YOU open your eyes to the bigger picture?....but
who is to determine what is and what is not a conspiracy? Or do you ALWAYS know what is and what is not a conspiracy? Maybe it is a
conspiracy if it is something that happens that YOU disagree with or something done by a group you disagree with?
Ed001 - to make the sheep panic? = fear?
But surely you are not saying that all those who believe in all the conspiracies on this page are wise and clearsighted(like Frankyscouse for instance) and the rest of us - who do not have this masterful
clarity of thought are sheep and therefore panic?

Puzzled {Ed001's Note - why are you putting words into my mouth? You make no sense, at all.}

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We base all we know on FACT! If you believe what you are told to believe then you are a Sheep! Because I choose to research what I'm told to eat, told to drink told to say told to believe does not make me fearful far from it! If anything it gives me a head start!


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First of all i DONT know if every conspiracy is a truth or lie,but a site like this exchange veiws,i disagree with other people on here and vice versa,out of interest what conspiracys dont you agree with.?

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Why don't you do a bit of research into some of these conspiracy's before you come on here and say they are not. Maybe try the new world order, plenty there. They are also a form of entertainment so you should enjoy your self. If you put the proper effort in, i promise you it won't be long before you are on here agreeing with frankyscouse on a lot things.

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20 Apr 2012 08:32:22
I was watching richplanet last night and was about cia influence music etc, what interested me was the part michael jackson had something over sony over 9/11 ? Any info on this ed and also the death of paul mccartney and heather mills stated on prime time tv that she has evidence ? What do u know on this ed ? {Ed001's Note - I don't know much about any of this at all. It is not something that I take much notice of as I have never been a fan of pop music.}

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Mcartney/jackson/elvis gossip makes the REAL conspiracy seem fake as well, just take it as disinfo mate.

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There is lots of conspiracy surrounding Mcartney and Jackson anyway.

Ie- Mcartney is actually dead and they replaced him after a car crash.

Jackson is actually his sister La toya

Red tinted glasses

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20 Apr 2012 01:21:44
Eds Wats ur opinion about whats going on in Ireland at the minute? I live in Ireland and things are pretty desperate at the minute.Theres no work,the government is taxing everyone and everything and most young people that can afford it are emmigrating. All of this has been caused by bailing out banks and looking after property developers instead of people. Thanks Dan the man

{Ed033's Note - There are multiple things going on globally to do with this but if I attempt to explain in my opinion about Ireland. There are more valuable natural resources in Ireland than people think i.e oil and gas so the international bankers want to own those resources. They way to get legally own those resources and in fact legally own the whole of Ireland would be to expand the money supply in Ireland - which happened under the "celtic tiger" economy where banks were told by the international bankers to give out huge loans to anyone in ireland that wanted them.

After the money supply was expanded, it was restricted to implode the Irish economy on purpose. At the same time, the international bankers told the banks to start gambling on the derivatives market which is literally placing bets on all kinds of things and the banks lost money due to this gambling. So the banks became deliberately insolvent due to the bad debts/loans that couldn't be paid back due to the deliberate imploding of the irish economy and the gambling on derivatives.

Then the international bankers told the irish government they had to bailout the banks. So the irish government had to borrow money in an attempt to give to the banks and for the irish people to pay it back even though the irish people can't afford it, hence the austerity measures. But the borrowed money is not enough to bailout the banks and the only way to bailout the banks is to essentially legally hand over Ireland a bit at a time to the international bankers and thus the international bankers gain complete control of ireland and the people of Ireland legally. The International bankers are part of the global elite.

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I remember the news showing pictures of the World bankers IMF & WB turning up in Ireland to discuss tearms of the bailout (loan with interest). Silly me, at first glance I thought they were showing pictures from a jewish wedding.


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I have always struggled to understand how the chaos worked with banking/recssion, , pre 2008 the money sharks ie the rich people who run the world give the banks money and tell them to lend to anyone,then 2008 they call it in and say we want our money back?

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Well the money mens "Product" is credit with interest so they have to go through periods of lending it out and then they rake it back in again allong with the interest (profit). I know this is a simple analysis but it kind of is that simple, they have to back the fake money against assets and when they start to run out of things to back it against they turn the money tap off to us, the government and businesses and thats why we have boom and bust, it isnt an accident its constructed.


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Matt RFC mate why hate people your racist comments are not welcome in this day and age may I suggest the 1930s for you.

Red tinted glasses {Ed001's Note - where did he say anything about hate?}

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Read my thoughts on Abu Quatada in a recent thread then try and call me racist. Think before you type. I state facts. Jewish people beleive the same as me mate, you might like to look up Jews against zionism please dont comment on things your ill informed about.


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