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20 Apr 2013 20:45:19
the guy who lost he's legs in the boston bomb is supposedly a war veteran who lost he's legs in afghanistan he's name is nick vogt, I have looked at both pics they do look very similar but even I found it hard to believe he could be planted.

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Well there is some great special effects out there, enough to make Hollywood jealous. I seen a few pics and a video (not for the faint hearted) of that guy, both legs gone. As for the navy seals there, why are they in such plain sight, wearing supposed seals gear (hats, boots) and holding 'detonators'? Near enough every person in the western world has a camera, they must've knew they would get seen and captured on film?


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If you look at his face in the picture he looks pretty chilled out and relaxed considering his legs have just been blown off. Anything is possible with the CIA

Geordie Al

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Maybe they were supposed to be seen, maybe to get people used to it.

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Pretty sure that is shock, plus the fact he has just been at the heart of an explosion. Doubt his hearing and his sight are working properly plus the fact he would have lost a dangerous amount of blood. What do u expect him to be like?


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My legs have just been blown off, but there is no blood. Should I be worried? Is this normal?

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20 Apr 2013 15:03:11
Here's my take on this whole Boston episode. I look at all these events from the perspective of control. I'm not too interested in looking at the truth of whether the accused people are really guilty. I believe there are plenty of people out there who will address this issue. What I would like to address is this, how does one man shut down an area populated by 1 million people. Think about how much control the forces of law have exerted the past couple of days. Nobody questioned the level of control because they are told it is for their safety. Everybody without question did what they were programmed to do and stayed home, when told to do so. Then what happens? This highly dangerous 'terrorist' who supposedly is armed and dangerous is found cowering under a tarpaulin, bloodied and frightened. Found I might add by a member of the public, not the big scaremongering control machine. Now as horrible as the attacks were think about how much more independence has been freely given up by people. The streets of Boston looked like a police state all for the search for a 19 year old. With the help of the media fear has become the ultimate tool of choice to erode freedom in society.

Captain Needa

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Great post, all they need to do now is take their weapons and say it's for their own safety and then fill the streets with soldiers, foreign or domestic.


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Well said captain, boston looked like a version of martial law for 24 hours.

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20 Apr 2013 18:34:01
captain its human nature to be safety first. If you didn't stay in and something happened how would you feel. I agree the yanks have over reacted as usual. I also don't think its a set up. Not everything is a conspiracy. There are genuinely nutters out there win want to maim and kill. Yes the yanks lifted the lid off the box but doesn't mean their behind every single one of them. That said watching how their dancing around like persons chanting usa usa because the other one has been arrested you can see why they are so disliked as a nation.

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When the Americans do the USA chant it always reminds me of the Mummy when all the brainwashed people are walking through the streets chanting "Im. ho. tep".

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I agree with this post, my take on this was that it was an experiment to see if they could get all those people to do as they where told.


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20 Apr 2013 11:03:00
If you look at the video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in the white cap walking around before the explosions, his bag is slung over his right shoulder, and doesn't look heavy. If they used pressure cooker bags full of nails, ball bearings and explosives, wouldn't that be heavy? But he is strolling around like there is little or no weight in the bag. Ryan.

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20 Apr 2013 09:54:18
What I don't get with this Boston business is they say there was a shootout at the end yet the bloke who found him goes to the boat and lifts up cover yet he doesn't kill him. neither does he kill the bloke they car jacked or himself for that matter. As some sort of extremist would. All strange

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21 Apr 2013 00:17:40
True. I don't get how if he was engaged in a shootout at the end then how did he survive it. Just him in that boat and who knows how many swat, cops etc all firing at him.

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20 Apr 2013 03:03:25
I would also like to know how suspect no. 1 died? Last we saw he was prostrate on the ground and surrounded. How do you end up dead from that??

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They had 2 or 3 different people on the ground. Precautionary arrests, the actual suspect no. 1 was caught, arrested and then later died from his wounds (unfortunately) thankfully the younger 1 has been caught, and will be in a living hell for the rest of his years. As chief Clancy wiggum would say-"where's your messiah now"


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Caught, arrested and then later died from his wounds? In oz we are being told he died in a shoot out with police.

Melbourne CFC

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Were you there GBI? "precautionary arrests" are not used when dealing with a 'terrorist bomber' who is on the run and has there faces plastered across the country's news stations. It's called the power to control the worldwide mass media eg. print, television, radio. Then all is know is what you're told.

People were initially told the older brother was arrested, naked, and taken into custody. Shortly after it was/is reported he died in a police shoot out (in Oz anyway). How does that add up mate?

Melbourne CFC
Melbourne CFC

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According to a poster on youtube, he shows a video of the first suspect been arrested, whilst totally naked, and put in the back of a police car without any gun shot wound or bruise of any kind. I don't know how many of you have seen the same thing!

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20 Apr 2013 02:59:04
Hi guys, I TOTALLY understand about 9/11, Aurora and Sandy Hook. Absolutely set ups! B I G Time! What troubles me about this marathon thing is that it fits the script. incident, confusion, who did it, suspect identified, let's get him (them). let's be honest here. If the FBI know within a day or so who they have as chief suspects then they KNOW who did it. This is what troubles me about this. I don't actually think this was a hoax, and I don't think the govt did it. BUT I DO THINK THEY HELPED IT ALONG! God bless Boston xx.

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Davie good points but what was there motive?if it was a terrorist attack they would leave a video message about being a martyr, nothing, no suicide pact, like I mentioned no beef between Chechnya and usa its not enough that they were wearing a backpack and they are muslim.

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