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20 Feb 2013 20:19:24
Just seen that Michael jacksons son has started out as a talk show host. Watched a video to see how weird his kids are but turns out they are normal!

Then it struck me. These kids are white (apart from the little one) and I mean amazingly white. I'm sure that Michael was born a black man and had cosmetic surgery but 100% white kids from a black man? Wtf is that?

Anyone think they are actors?

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Didn't he take his ex wifes egg and impregnate it with a white mans sperm? {Ed001's Note - is this a conspiracy theory or just gossip regarding a man who clearly suffered from mental problems all his life? I am not so sure this is anything other than tittle tattle for gossip pages in a tabloid rag myself.}

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Sorry ed, was just giving my understanding of it, maybe the post shouldn't of been let through for people to reply to. {Ed001's Note - I would have deleted it, if it had been me, but I was asking for the original poster to reply and explain before I just delete it. I might have missed the conspiracy surrounding it, so I wanted to give him/her a chance to explain it.}

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20 Feb 2013 13:23:10
Is it me or is there a lot of news and programmes about bigfoot fox news and animal planet have 2-3 items each week and the latest is some dna result proving they exist


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Maybe they are trying to get people used to the idea of bigfoot before they reveal it's real. by a body or DNA. (not saying it is real but who knows)

{Ed033's Note - This is worth watching i you haven't seen it before. Lloyd Pye - Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Excellent watch!


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