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20 Jan 2012 23:44:54

Ever been on google earth?, Ever tried to look at the south pole? check this out it's abit strange


{Ed033's Note - With the public version of Google Earth, we can't see the south pole or the north pole because there are allegedly entrances into the inner Earth. Allegedly, planes aren't allowed to fly over the north or south poles either.

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Has a human ever walked from pole to pole through the earth not around it?

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Read something somewhere on the Argarth which is a supposed group of super intelligent subterranean people. They are The descendents of Atlantis.
We upper dwellers would never know what's going on in our own back yard due to governmental cover ups.
We used to think the world was flat and you could sail off it. Imagine the hysteria if people knew there were huge entrance holes at each pole!
Ed any idea what the illuminati think of this? I mean they love all things Atlanteean don't they?

{Ed033's Note - If you think of the Alternative 2 scenario where they are building underground bases, it's possible there maybe contact between beings living underground. This allegedly happened at Dulce where contact was made between the military and a group of greys.

What you're talking about is something different. Allegedly there is an inner earth where these "advanced" beings live which is possibly deeper than the military bases. But allegedly these beings don't want anything to do with us for obvious reasons. Why would these beings want to have anything to do with a population that can't work out they're being dumbed down and brainwashed?

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Forgive my naivety, but haven't people walked to the poles?

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People have gone to the poles and reported strange stuff

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I for one believe there are entrances pole to pole through which there is another way of life/another being of this world/planet red blancmonge.

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20 Jan 2012 18:08:13
ed, how come the illuminati have their symbol on the american dollar but they don't have it on any of our currency?
also are they "run" in britain or america? and if they are run in britain are they apart of the crown corporate? thanks.
{Ed033's Note - The illuminati are worldwide and that symbol on the $1 note is saying something but what exactly? And I don't know why this symbol isn't on our currency.

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You don't poo on your own doorstep. If dollar bills are advertising the fact they exist why put it on our currency, if they run things from here, why draw attention to them here when everyone is looking in the wrong direction over there?

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I thought that their symbol or one of them is incorporated into the current 20 note.

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20 Jan 2012 08:35:54
Hi Ed
Was lying in bed last night thinking of what is to come when I remembered a series of program's that I watched a while back on crashed UFO's ie Candian, Australian, Russian and not to forget British Roswells.
Started to think, that's a lot of UFO crashes are their pilots that poor? Was it bad luck? I'm starting to consider the possibility that maybe they never crashed, but just landed(1st contact scenarios) and have been in contact ever since. Some times disinformation is as good as information right?
Anyhows why I got to the above was because I was originally thinking about black tech, and wether all the major powers have it also? I mean if the Yanks did but the Russians never then there'd be a massive disparity?
Ultimately, does it matter because if the NWO have complete control, they will have the black tech at their disposal wherever it is!

{Ed033's Note - There's obviously a level above the Presidential level. A level where groups work together regardless of country boundaries.}

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I have the feeling that the whole SOPA bill which america is trying to pass has something to do with ufos and that...i mean lately there has been a raft of videos on the internet, whether true or fake, of ufos and more people are viewing them as they are becoming more easily accessible and better in quality...i do believe the ultimate goal is to censor the internet as eventually with the hi tech recording equipment available, it is inevitable that conclusive proof is going to be recorded and posted on the internet of these ufos so the best way to stop this is to censor the internet...i believe this is what SOPA is about...another tool in the arsenal of those who need it to be kept quiet!


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20 Jan 2012 08:48:23
ed a question..have any of you read the mahabharata (the indian epic)?

There are many examples of them having technology far advanced than what we have here.. the tv shows showed it as divine powers achieved through training from the best sages..

the warfare tactics to the weapons used and their descriptions given in the book are amazing..i remember reading a description of the after effects of the war and the explanation was similar to what would happen if an atomic/nuclear bomb was used in an area..people loosing their hair, nails, land deemed useless and unable to sustain life etc..

Also, as of the kings (the father of the kauravas) was blind, his wife took a vow of being blind with him as support by covering her eyes.. they were able to get minute by minute detail about the war happening miles away..there was a person with them giving them updates..the description seems more likely as some kind of satellite tech..

Im Indian and am partial towards these things (not religious)..the scientific aspects of these old books of knowledge..but not just the mahabharata, even the vedas reek of medicinal to scientific discoveries far advanced than what we have now..

did we miss something?have we become dumber since those times?or has such information been lost or purposely not given to the generations after them in those times?

Rudi {Ed001's Note - it is books like that which have led me to the belief that the Mayas had a point with their talk of 'Ages of Man'. It seems very possible to me that man has progressed and then regressed, whether because we have destroyed ourselves through warfare or natural disasters have caused it, I have no idea. Maybe even a combination. All cultures of the time have stories which suggest a previous higher level of technology. There are a number of buildings and other small pieces of evidence that lend itself to the theory of previous eras of technology.}

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The ages of man?

the vedas talk about 4 a circle which always defines the history of that age...

each age is divided into 4 parts..
1. the satya (meaning truth) yuga - all 4 parts based on truth and morality

2. the tretha (meaning 3) yuga - 3 parts truth..1 part falsehood

3. the dvarapa yuga- 2 parts truth 2 parts falsehood..

4. the kali yuga - 1 part truth and 3 parts falsehood..

we are currently in the kali yuga where morality of man is at an all time low..the predictions of end of the world is actually meant to mean end of the age followed by the transition period to the next age...

Also, both the epics the ramayana (during the tretha yuga) and mahabharata (during the dvarapa yuga) speak about how man's morality and evil nature required god's avatars to come to earth and re teach his principles...both these epics had massive wars or fights..blood had to be shed to realize the change around them..

also, the ages did not only influence man, but also the gods avatars as their actions are characteristic of the ages they were in..

Based on those things, we certainly do live in an age where truth is at its lowest forms..and the transition back to the satya yuga will not be easy..
I expect war..or bloodshed of some sort..which would mark as an indication for mankind to change its thinking..similar to what happened in the past..

is this similar to the mayan talk of Ages of man? and any other thoughts about the vedas?

Rudi {Ed001's Note - similar, certainly similar enough to be based on the same initial belief, theory or (possibly) truth. It is certainly interesting, it makes far more sense to me than the talk of ancient aliens. It does match in with the evidence of ancient knowledge and technology as well.}

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I agree there are similarities to both ancient Hindu texts and Mayan beliefs, these do point to a shared ancestary. Mort

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20 Jan 2012 00:22:43
this topic prob been asked before about when we die and spirits,my mum sister was dying with cancer in the 80s and and she was in and out of conscious on the day she died.just before she died she looked up in the corner and spoke to her dad and brother who died a few years earlier she was happy and smiled me mum said, then minutes later she died, i do believe there is something else when we die afterlife/another dimension .

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When younger, my daughter always used to sit in her cot and babble to an empty chair in the corner of the room. Then one day as I was carrying her past an old photograph of my Grandfather (who died years before she was born), she got all excited and pointed at him, smiling.

Very comforting, knowing he's looking over her :'-)

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Very true it is comforting , personally i have never seen a spirit of a close relative,the weirdest thing i have seen was when i was 17 with a group of mates knocking around our local park(botanic gardens Liverpool) it was may/june late about 11ish pm its a very old park and at the top of the hill there were a group of kids dressed all in white ages from 3 to say 11 at a rough guess, dancing and skipping,there was no adults at all there,me and my mates were watching them with a puzzled look on our faces, it did not make any sence why would a group of kids with no adults around just appear that time of night,i did not tell my mates but a shiver ran down my spine, they prob felt the same , anyway were i lived it was quicker walking past the kids to get home , i bottled it and went the long way lol,i am sorry i never went past now, just to see if there was a rational explanation, anyway years later when i moved to a house not far from the park my next door neighbour who i told the story said were the park is was a school and in ww2 a German plane bombed it and a few kids died, i am not saying it was them it could be a rational answer but something was not right that nifgt.

{Ed033's Note - Documentary - Extraordinary People - The Boy Who Lived Before

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Hmmm 10yrd ago my grandfather was died in Hospital early hours of the morning. I was out partying with my friends, trying to anyway. Early hours of the morning somthing came into head not a vision or a voice but i just got a feeling of death! I didnt think nothing of it really, at daybreak me and my pals was walking home when i saw my mum driving along she didnt see me, i shouted because i wanted a lift home, any way she drove by. I said to my mates shes must be taking my grandad home as he was in the passenger seat. I arrived home an hour or so later and went to bed my mum came up to my room opened the door but before she uttered a word i just i know. I have never spoken of that with anyone as i really dont know what to make of it.


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Sorry about the poor writing in places was getting emotional.

My mum came to inform of his death, he died 2.45 am.

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I personally i don't believe in ghosts but i do believe in the soul and i think re-incarnation exists. like when i die (hopefully a long long time away) i think that i will be born again as another animal/human.

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Knee Jerk - its was his way of saying good bye. I had a very similar experience about the same sort of time, my Grandad was dying - at home - i went to say my goodbyes and then got sent out by mu family so as not to see the actual passing, i went out and as you would expect in the situation i had a few too many. Anyway, the next morning running late for work i jumped in my car and hammered it to work - rainy and foggy plus i was prob still drunk, a man walked out in fromnt of me with a dog, i slowed down and wound down the window to warn the guy that visibility is bad so be careful as i did the guy walked into a wall and disppeared, i went to work and one of the ladies that worked there said to me ' you look like you've seen a ghost' my response 'i think i may have'......i got talking to a spiritualist and it turns out it was my Grandad looking out for ne, driving too fast when drunk maybe.....

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Yeah iv'e got a weird one, i play in bands, normally punky/alternative joy division/blondie esque type stuff, anyway we never write acoustic slow songs, one morning randomly i felt compelled to write a acoustic slow song, the lyrics just sort of come out, 'tonights the night, his final fight, a father cries he says goodbye son', later that night my bassists dad suddenly died, admittedly it could be coincidence, but it sort of felt really weird as if i knew, hard to put your finger on


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I dont think its ghosts myself like the other guy said i think its the soul and other dimensions open up at certain times and certain people can see other dimensions ,thats my opinon .

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