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20 Jan 2013 07:43:36
I noticed while watching quantum of solace that when bond hands a card to one of the baddies henchmen asking for the girl to call him when he's on the docs after the chase when he's on the motorbike. The card he hands over has the name R. Sterling on it.....Daniel Craig is a big Liverpool fan so maybe he had something to do with picking the name.....if not its still cool.

Matty b

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20 Jan 2013 11:39:42
wasn't his alias richard sterling? Not sure without watching it again. He was pretending to be the guy he'd just killed. Anyway it is a fact that craig had some input into the script along with the director during the hollywood writers strike as they needed to get some scenes written so they could shoot them or experience financial costs due to the delay. So the director sat down with his main star to bash some stuff out. This is one of the main reasons why the film is the worst of the recent bonds and doesn't seem to fit together. I'm not sure what bits they did though. So you could be right as he did work on the script but maybe he'd pick a less obscure name? It was a couple of years ago after all.

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Quantum of Solace was released in 2008 and Sterling only recently turned 18 (December I think) so I would be quite shocked if Daniel Craig was referencing a 14 year old
- Rye

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20 Jan 2013 01:47:34
just been watching saving private ryan and had a few beers and thinking how easy it is for us to get manipulated in to conflicts with other religions/countries/colors /city's even different postcodes in other words we are programmed to fight our selfs by the elite and most of the population can not see it and with the dumbing down of the human race I can not see it getting better unless something major happens like a revolution, sounds drastic I know could be the beer but the media are corrupt and we all know the top politicians are corrupt and to break that cycle is going to have to be monumental, anyways that's me done for the night, later people lets fight the good fight tomorrow.


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20 Jan 2013 16:15:12
Maybe if people would stop joining their armies and fighting their bogus wars, that'd be a start. Would you go and die for these lying persons?

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20 Jan 2013 18:22:05
some people join the forces because they can't get a job anywhere else. Or no one else will take a chance on them. Or because they had a crap education and its their only option. They know the forces will provide accommodation, three square meals a day, fitness, responsibility, trust, education if required and teach you to drive. And travel opportunities. It can be an attractive package to a teenager and I can see why they join. I have a few mates in service and met a few more through stuff like stag do's. They all enjoy what they do. None of them signed up to get killed or kill people. Some joined up as its a way of making a difference in peace keeping or disaster relief an such. They have no love for politicians but do the job their told to. Maybe instead of being sarky at the troops save it for the politicians who cause the trouble.

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They are brainwashed to do it pea either threw patriotic reasons to a lack of job opportunity's, I have seen a documentary (cant remember the producers name I think he was from Canada) were military men try to entice students in the poorest areas of america they try to get there numbers if the kids try to evade the military men, same thing happened in Washington were the politicians go to work the producer handed out leaflets for politicians children should go to war if normal kids are, the producer asked the politicians would they send kids to war, the look on there faces told everything we need to know.


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Franky, its always the same with politicians its ok when its someone else, or their kids.

I think to a lot of kids, its a way out from poverty, unemployment, maybe even gangs.

Mort {Ed001's Note - soldiers are just a tool to be wielded, like a knife, and you don't blame a knife for cutting you, but the one wielding it. The same with soldiers, it is not their fault they are being sent to fight illegal wars. Having said that, I am also not keen on these charities making them out to be some kind of hero for doing a job like that.}

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I found this quite interesting Dr Richard day in 1969 the National Medical Director of the Rockefeller-sponsored "Planned Parenthood" told a meeting that American industry will be sabotaged and shown to be unreliable and uncompetitive. he told Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to not record what I am going to tell you and not to take any notes, lucky 1 person did Dr. Lawrence Dunegan, dunegan said something on the lines that dr day said you can be part of it either way it is going to happen.
dr day tells the top pediatricians that changes that will happen in the future.
type in youtube The New Order of Barbarians-with Text and you will hear what the whistleblower says.


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Depends on the circumstances Ed, I mean if some guys just risked his own neck to drag an injured guy to saftey its still brave no matter the circumstances of them being out there.

As I said, to a lot of lads its an alternative to the dole, or prison. I know a lad who does work with inner city gangs and a few of those are quite willing to join up to get out the inner city hell holes and the gangs as they know at some point its prison or the morgue.

Blame the politicians for starting these things (and look at what's going on today...)

Mort {Ed001's Note - yes, but that is an individual act, I am referring to the Help for Heroes and that Army of Angels charity. I know many squaddies, some are very good friends, but few are heroic in any way and none are angelic! It is just pure propaganda, to get more lost souls with little hope to sign up and throw their life away. We have paramedics and firemen risking their life to save lives, not killing people, they are the ones we should be calling heroes.}

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I feel sorry on most of them. they're told lies to get them out onto the battlefield to fight these 'monsters' but when they get there and experience the true happenings their gut feeling is asking them who is really the enemy, I respect the people fighting but I cannot respect the cause, funny how the tv never tells the real death toll of civilians or soilders.


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22 Jan 2013 12:37:27
It is a crying shame that so many feel they are doing the right thing by joining the military.
To the no-name above, I must object to what you've said, and I most certainly was not being sarcastic! If yer mates want to perpetuate thousands of years of misery for the human race because there is nothing else to do, that's their choice, but don't expect me to bow me hat to them. It's the oldest, lamest excuse in the book! Do you think it's not occured to me or anyone else?
Join the military to create peace?! Are you being serious? No point bringing logic into this debate if you are.
As long as people join the army - for whatever reason they convince themselves - there will be misery, death, opression, injustice, cruelty and barbaric murder, war, and on and on and on..
Just stop feeding it, that's my point. Stop. S T O P. Not sarcasm, not a letter to a politician, not a placard waiver standing shouting on the street, not sarcastic dig the troops, just a wee post on here. It really can be that simple. Don't do it. As David Icke would put it "human race - get off your knees". pea

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I agree with most if nt all the posts about soilders and wars and with ed bout the way we try to portay them, I live near one of the main trainig bases for new recruits and I can tell you the nippers who come to town on leave love nothing more than a scrap which leads me onto my main point that although I agree with the posts about controlling the population and brainwashing I think there is something inherent in all humans where we like to fight, something animalistic and raw that we try to define as patriotism
what came first the empire or the warlord?

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