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20 Jul 2013 10:24:17
not sure if this has been on here before, but I found it very interesting, apparently according to Paul Hellyer, ex-Minister of Canadian National Defence, there are 4 known species of ET on Earth, 2 of which are working with the Americans supposedly,


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If its true what he says, then we can assume that 50% of the aliens visiting earth are hostile (why else would they be in cahoots with the USA?) and the other 50% don't care about the rest of the planet, otherwise they would intervene to stop the USA marching us all towards a NWO.
Personally I think its disinfo, for what reason I don't know, maybe Bluebeam or something similar.


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Hey fellas, first time poster to conspiracy talk. lots of fascinating stuff on here. this clip keeps crashing on me and when I look for vids on other sights they invariably have been removed or are otherwise unaccessible but before jumping to the "those in the know don't want you to know" conclusion, i'd like some links, if available, to other sites so I can process the info for myself.

Cheers. DB

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Clearly Paul Hellyer is a very learned and decent man. At his age, he has nothing to lose by speaking his mind publicly. But his comment that 'there is no country on earth powerful enough to protect it's citizens from fanatical hate, as we learned from the Boston Marathon', suggests that be believes the official (Boston) story. He wants us believe in the possibility that there are four different species of aliens on earth, but roll over on Boston and accept the official story?

If you're going to make such a bold claim in such a public forum as that, then at least hang your hat on it. Don't mumble vaguely for nine minutes, so your critics can eat you alive or even worse just laugh at you. Even if he is right his delivery is so bad it makes him look like a silly old man. Sorry, he's sincere and likeable, but utterly unconvincing even to a sceptic like me. Ryan.

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Not being a bible basher, just airing my piece! Genesis talks of the watchers, who are fallen angels who followed Lucifer into the realm of earth to corrupt Gods creation, man.

The nephillim were the offspring of their relationship with humans. Its all in genesis! The bible says they are liars and want 2 destroy mankind, planting hatred, and chaos across the races etc.

The fact that the USA are in cahoots with 2 and more than likely China and Russia, are in cahoots with the others speaks volumes.

American literature, iconography is littered with satanic symbols! Religious or not, the story is compelling and we are headed towards, day of disclosure.

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20 Jul 2013 10:42:14
Hi I have just finished reading Inferno by Dan Brown and would like to hear the thoughts of anybody else who has read it, The plot is about population control, it had lots of facts about our growth over the years like did u know that it took from start of time until the start 20th century for our population to reach 1 billion and in 113 years later despite 2 world wars our population is pushing 9 billion that's that's a growth of 7 1/2-8 billion in 113 year period, that book has a great twist at the end and would like to hear ppls opinions on the conclusion of the book and if they believe it will be a the best way of population control?

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Didn't enjoy the book in terms of entertainment, but as you said it raised some interesting points.

I found some of the facts interesting, and enjoyed the bit about geometric progression, but his numbers for current population and projected global population aren't consistent with official UN figures (not saying they're correct either, just that they don't match).

The ending did, as you say have a bit of a twist. But I don't think it's too realistic. War would be a far more realistic occurrence to drastically reduce global population. Just my opinion though!

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