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20 Jun 2013 14:55:01
In response to a post almost at the bottom of the page about the death penalty!

Someone asked " if someone killed 5 members of your family you'd be happy for them to "rot" in jail with a ps3/4 or Xbox" etc.
No, I obviously wouldn't be "happy". Who would be after losing 5 family members? Also, if the killer did face the death penalty for his/her actions, that wouldn't make me happy either! Nothing would bring the lost ones back, so another life being lost wouldn't make me happy good sir!
To be perfectly honest, I think it's disgusting some people want the death penalty back, very messed up indeed!
The death penalty goes hand in hand with religion - outdated, stupid, backwards and bonkers!



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Look Jay I agree with your Morals but & it's a big but look at Ian Brady he's been trying to starve himself for 15 years wasting us good taxpayers money on like that is the only reason why I think Lethal Injections should introduced our Jails are full & maybe people like Michael Adebajelo, Anders Brevvik and all these other Murderers would think twice before they kill innocent people or Paedophiles before they Defile a poor child and change that Kid forever they have no right to do what they do so therefor give up any human rights they once had if they've to live then it should be in a p*** soaked rat hole with a couple of plates of Porridge a day & 20mins fresh air!

Rise & Shine

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Happy is the wrong word when it comes to vengeance, me personally would not lose any sleep if a convicted child killer got the death penalty or like I have mentioned in this subject that if people are against the death penalty then no segregation for anyone in prison, the nonce's have been protected inside for to long, let them be helpless like the children they have scarred or killed,
my vengeance is definitely not religion based just my own thoughts mate.

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@Jay, The death penalty is not just there for the victims family or some sort of medieval eye for an eye, it’s also there to act as a deterrent to would-be pedophiles, rapist, murderers. I believe in the death penalty for horrific crimes, especially ones on children or elderly (most vulnerable in society). Actually if it was up to me, it would be a lot worse than death some would face


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All these people against the death penalty for pedos etc, have you ever worked for the police, social servies or even spoke to a surgeon who had to do emergency surgery on a toddler who has just been abused by a group of men and or animals ( not being vulgar, check the copine scale the police use its an official scaling system) some people are no more human than the chair i'm sitting on, not as a result of my categorization, but of theirs.

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But what about the ones found innocent after receiving the death penalty? It's happened before! What about their family's?


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Rr it has to be 100 per cent for me, take for instance the april jones case, if there was a death penalty and he was threatened with it unless he gave information were the body was he would sing like a bird, true mistakes have been made in the past but technology a lot more advanced plus I am not saying kill them in a few months, give it a time limit of say 3 years then execute.

{Ed033's Note - Who remembers this one? - "Let him have it"

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Yes edd I have, he had the mental age of a kid and was encouraged to shoot the policeman I think?so I think you are asking if you kill someone if you have a mental illness?

{Ed033's Note - how do you interpret, "Let him have it"? was the intent, actually, "Let him have the gun"?

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I remember the film from years ago ed033, Bennet or Bentley or something similar (can't be bothered googling it!)
He was mentally disabled so that would be something to consider before handing out the death penalty.

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The death penalty always sounds like a great idea when emotions are running high. Derek Bentley and Timothy Evans are tragically not here to offer their point of view on the subject. The Guildford Four and Birmingham six thankfully still are. You've only got to get it wrong once to realise it is ultimately flawed.


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I agree technology has moved on! But mistakes still happen! I remember watching a video when I was young can't remember the name of it but it showed executions live from all other the world! The one that sticks with me was an African man who was burnt to death for allegedly raping a girl from the village! You see him burning tied to a tree! He was found not guilty 9 days later! Frankie for me there has to be 100% proof that they committed the crime before the punishment is given!


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@Jay that was my post my friend. Shanks

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RR! The man Burnt to the Tree was but Vigilantes not through a Justice system u don't just go throwing people on the Electric Chair without knowing there 100% guilty, well maybe in America.

Rise & Shine

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Exactly Rise & Shine it still happens in America! I mean death row is an absoloute joke! Making a man wait some over 40 years to then be executed! Crazy I believe in justice but an eye for an eye just doesn't work!


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20 Jun 2013 08:57:25

David Icke warned us about the elites doing this, 20 yrs ago! that's now another thing he has been proven right on. I used to think he was a preposterous tin hat wearing saddo, but he keeps getting things right.

My hands are literally shaking, at the possibility of the other things he has talked about! Truly crazy.

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Icke definitely has his finger on the pulse, nothing but respect for the man

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Yes I seen this but it's rather flawed immortality they say there are so many things that make us human, who in there right mind would give up such things as Food, Sex, sleep, alcohol taking a mean dump you know the finer things in life haha in all seriousness though how would it work would u plug yourself in at night what happens if u burst a hose? If know ones buying food & water gas fuel etc how does that help the Elitists I think it's complete rubbish to be honest.
Is it just these Elite who will be given this "immortality" the cream of the crop wouldn't that leave them vulnerable as I do not see how machine can conquer man unless they have some sort of Terminator technology.

Rise & Shine or is it Rise of the Machines

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Hazel O'Connor sang about this 25 or so years ago

(On the) Eight Day listen to it on youtube

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I think most of us (the older guys) thought icke had lost the plot when he came out with all this stuff, listen I believe aliens have been in contact with us but ten per cent of the icke stuff I can not get my head round like royalty and world leaders being aliens, well true he has a point they are not human, the rest of ickes thoughts are right on the money, makes you think if he is right about world leaders and monarchy being aliens.

{Ed033's Note - Just to clarify, I think David Icke means certain royalty / world leaders are possessed by non human entities from a different "dimension" or "realm" rather than physically being non human entities and its at certain types of their rituals, they try and possess people with non human entities

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