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20 May 2012 23:32:28
A few days a go I read that there would be an earthquake on the 20th may caused by HARRP technology. I was going to ask about it on here but didnt think that there was anything to it, there has just been an earthquake is Bolagna is there anything to it or is it just a coincidence that a sizeable earthquake has happened when someone predicted.


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‪There were about 45-50 earthquakes on the 20th May.‬

‪And on the 21st Mayat 8.28 UK time (That were I live) there has already been 11 quakes‬


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I know theres loads of earthquakes everyday, there just isnt loads of large earthquakes everyday that get reported


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Nostradamus predicted that a massive Earthquake would hit Spain on the same date. Thousands of Spanish people fled / left the country based on this prediction. Only the quake did not hit Spain, but Italy. Spooky coincidence or did Nostradamus just see what he believed was Spain?

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20 May 2012 18:10:04
Just thinking about the Norwegian massacres and the fact that anders breivik phoned the police 10 times to surrender withouth being answered, could this have been a conspiracy

{Ed033's Note - There's still a lot more to come out on this but to a reasonable person looking at what has come out so far, may come to the conclusion that this massacare was allowed to take place by stalling the police on purpose.

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Who's stalling the police and why Ed?


{Ed033's Note - Over the years, if you were paying attention, there have been a number of these type of attacks in UK and US and elsewhere, where the police have been held back by government agencies so the attacks could be carried out.

A lot of the people who carry out the attacks are government agency assets or manchurian candidates and must be allowed time to carry out out their programming by stalling the authorities.

Some of these attacks are allowed to take place to test out the efficacy of the Tavistock mind programming techniques. Some of these attacks are allowed to take place to bring in new legislation and/or new societal liberty/freedom reduction changes, such as the body scanners being brought in at airports due to the low IQ government agency asset fake underwear bomber who got on a plane without a passport and was accompanied by a well dressed government agent.

The 7/7 Ripple Effect Film shows us some of the hows and whys of these types of attacks

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Goes back at least as far as the Oklahoma bomber. That was always a bit suspicious.

{Ed033's Note - If you're talking about Timothy McVeigh then this is more than suspicious. The documentary, A noble lie is the best documentary on this state sponsored attack. This noble lie documentary will be let out for free according to the producers.

Before this was Operation Gladio which was state sponsored terrorism in Europe. But state sponsored terrorism is hundreds of years old where a ruling group creates attacks in their own area and blames it on another person or group.

operation gladio - timewatch 1992 - state-sponsored terrorism in europe

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Thats the chap.

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20 May 2012 13:12:41
given popular culture is supposed to be full of symbolism and hidden messages and prepare us for the future what do people think of the katy perry song e.t.

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According to rumours on the net; "if you take Blue Ivy and turn it backwards you get Eulb Yvi, which just so happens to be Lucifer's daughter's name in Latin. Now, that's a weird combination. So, Beyonce's daughter is not only the Illuminati's Very Youngest, she's also the daughter of Satan? Does that make Jay-Z the devil incarnated?"

Lucifers daughters name is also supposed to be Sirk Rennej which is Kris Jenner. Kardashians mum I think.

On another website, Gemory, Clea and Sarine are Lucifers daughters.


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Problem is Eulb Yvi isn't actually Latin. Not in any Latin dictionary i've ever been through.

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Go to youtube and have a look at the official Jay J video called ****** in Paris. The whole thing is quite blatant but you might as well go to to the money shot straight away, the last 10 seconds or so......... Square and compass made from lazers and the music changes to a completely random deep piano chord, weird stuff. I think he just likes the image of being a higher status of person, I dont personally think he is an elite, I think after what happened to black people during the days of the empire would indicate to me the elite bloodlines are very racist, and before anyone says what about Obama I think he is being set up to be a fall guy, somethings going to happen soon, history tells us this, our troops will be running away from Afgan soon to prepare for the next arms sale event and something is going to be set up to make the sheeple so thirsty for revenge they will be asking their various governments to quadruple the arms budget, what do you think theyre really discussing at this G8 summit ?


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20 May 2012 12:42:49
hey ed, wanted to know why exactly the stonehenge is that famus?
it surely was not the most magnificent structure of that time(the pyramids were build at the sametime as well). does it have any unsolved mysteries that makes everyone that excited? {Ed001's Note - well yes, no one actually really knows what it is or does. As for saying the Pyramids were built at the same time, well it depends which pyramids you are referring to. Some show signs of being a much greater age, as does the Sphinx.}

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The fact it is built on the exact spot where the 5 main leigh lines meet which are mysterious energy lines that I think are scientifically proven but dont actually know much about them.
But that is the significance is how they believe ancient man built on something they should have comprehension about and build something they did technically not have the ability to build.

Kopping a feel

{Ed033's Note - If you really want to know the answers to Stone Henge and the all the megalithic sites, then you would want to get through these 3 ‪Carl Munck videos below

‪Carl Munck - The Code‬ part 1

‪Carl Munck - The Code part 2

‪Carl Munck - The Code part 3

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Wasn't Stonehenge possibly some sort of sun-dial?

{Ed033's Note - It's a bit more complicated than that

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Once read a book where it was a time travel device. Was a kids fiction book though.

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20 May 2012 12:29:38
RECENLY a new guy has started workin with me, and he told m hes a mason, a wis askin him sum stuf bt he couldnt tellme but one thing he did say was in referance 2 jay z being a mason, he asked why do u think he called his kid ivy blue ?? i have no idea can u help me please ??
the grover

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Freemasonrywatch dot org

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Ok, I know a mason, and the last thing they would do is tell you theyre a mason, unless it was the last thing you were being told.

{Ed033's Note - Masons can tell anybody that they are a mason but they're not allowed to talk about "masonic secrets" to non-masons and higher degree masons can't talk about the higher degree "masonic secrets" to lower degree masons.

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They dont tell people, and they dont recruit people, they must wait to be approached. Its not about what old rule books say, the real masons are supposed to swear they beleive in a higher force, the guy I know is very anti- religious and doesnt beleive in any of the gods.

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