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20 Nov 2011 22:51:18
wow i just saw the ed's argument on the catholics. First off to the guy no one was demonising catholics. And if i were there was far more people could have said. Don't be so touchy. All we were saying was that religions all talk about helping the poor yet they are all sat on assets worth millions if not billions. Both the vatican and the anglican church own huge amounts of land, property, how about donating all the candlesticks for the cause. Does the good book not state that a place of worship should be plain to greater reflect the glory of god? Seems the vatican have forgotten this. What about the vatican archives and the art collection. Priceless works of art. Angels and demons only hinted at what lies in there. Yet they are shut away helping nobody. Even if they built a museum and put them all on exhibit it would help. Many would pay to see such wonders. Lastly the ed was right on the vatican helping war criminals to escape to south america. Try google and look it up. There's a proper name for it but it escapes me.

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Seeing as the Pope is supposed to be in Jesus' place until he returns, the pope should do as Jesus would and give all the money away and follow God

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Considering vatican, how much truth is there about mary magdalene and vatican's efforts to hush-hush christ marriage so that church's control doesn't go to jesus's heir

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Wow just seen that argument you were referencing. To that poster let me remind you that no man is infallable. And when followed blindly, especially in the name of religion, great travesties occur. You compared spaeking out against the Catholic church to the Holocaust. Wow. Actually you're blind adherrence to Papal authority is more akin to the Nazi movement than anything you mentioned. I'm sure there were threats of "say that about Hitler in Hamburgh" during the 40's. You're wide eyed optimismn in you're religious leaders in enlightening and alarming. The fact that such fervor can still be found is shocking.

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To the nameless poster above....Who are you to question anybody's faith to whichever God the person has chosen. What I find alarming is your attitude to someone sticking up for what he/she truly believes. Whether he has went the right or wrong way is neither here nor there but you are in no position to question anybody's faith in their chosen religion. Your post is verging on religious intolerance, can you prove there is not God, Catholic or other wise? No you can not, and trying to belittle/browbeat people over their beliefs is as 'Nazi' as it comes. It is you who seems to be trying to force your views on people because of their faith or religion. If people choose to have faith in their religion what business is it of yours? The RC faith and the Vatican have done a lot more good in this country than the leader of the COE could ever imagine doing.The Pope has devoted his life to a faith he truly believes in while the head of the COE sits and takes taxpayers money to live in a lifestyle we can only imagine. Taxes are paid by law in the UK to keep the head of the COE in her palaces etc, we have no choice in paying their bills as tax payers. From the normal man in the street, the RC church is money we CHOOSE to give, not deemed by some law. You're attitude is shocking but not surprising as you clearly lack respect for other people's views. {Ed001's Note - so the Pope is living in poverty then? *rolls eyes*}

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I never said the Pope was living in poverty, the Vatican's wealth is unimaginable to the normal man.What I said was the the normal choses to give his money to the RC church, he is not forced by law. My point is that nobody has any right to question or discard what another person truly believes in. It is up to the individual person, if they have a faith they are entitled to it, whether others agree is there choice, but nobody should be belittled for having a faith or religion. No matter to which God or deity. {Ed001's Note - try telling that to the people who live in the Vatican, who are forced to pay towards the upkeep of the Pope. I do agree though, people are entitled to decide for themselves whether to believe or not. Though your point about the upkeep of the CofE is just nonsense, nothing is stopping you emigrating to a country that doesn't pay them.}

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20 Nov 2011 22:28:35
UFO spotted over river Mersey tonight.

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20 Nov 2011 21:13:10
I went a "sleeping Psychic" that studied under one Edgar Cayce's original students. In her trance she foretold that Bob Dylan's soul had vacated his body and Lawerence Welk's spirit had taken over. The next Dylan show I went to he played Piano for a whole set.(first time in 20 years)

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20 Nov 2011 20:17:35
Energy saving bulbs! Short term saving for consumer. Long term, national grid will require major upgrade to cope with power factor swing, cost onto consumer! {Ed001's Note - also they produce a light which is harmful to health, just like those tubes.}

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{Ed033's Note - The energy efficient light bulbs in your house are ruining your health.!

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There is a complete conspiracy, IMHO, of energy saving lamps.
not on the actual energy saving part but on the price and manufacturing of them.
I bet the Government are rubbing their hands at the extra VAT revenue from it. Why not make them VAT free...and on the subject of VAT etc you don't see many car manufactures making LPG cars these days and where are all these fuel pumps for them

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20 Nov 2011 01:04:07
Do Ghosts exist ED?
{Ed033's Note - I think I'll have to answer in a more complex manner than yes. This will probably take multiple replies as well. It's getting late for me. To my mind there is enough evidence to suggest that when a human body dies the part considered the "soul" continues on.

Another question to ask is who or what are people communicating with when they use a ouija board.}

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{Ed033's Note - In the 1970's, a group of 8 Canadian parapsychologists attempted to create a ghost using a table. They allegedly achieved this and they appeared on TV as well. It is known as the Philip experiment.


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{Ed033's Note - I have heard Electronic Voice Phenomena where unless this is faked, appears to show that human voices are heard on tape recordings even though no one was present but the person recording.}

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{Ed033's Note - Chris Everard has produced 2 DVD movies on parts of this subject entitled Spirit World -


Spirit World 2 - Alien Kaballah -

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Hey Ed's and other people. My son's school was built in 1892 and it was a boarding school (all boys) and it massive. It's 3 or 4 stories high but the top is blocked off. This is because there is a ouija board carved into a wall.

Irish Red

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Sorry to go slightly off topic, but what about reincarnation? is that feasible? That the soul survives and is reborn into a new vessel? Might ghosts not just be whilst people are on the "waiting list"?

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I deffo think our soul survives when your body dies,now i always believed that we turn into ghosts but now i believe its a dimension timeline more in common with alien stuff.

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How about alien souls reborn into people?

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