Conspiracy Talk Archive October 20 2012


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20 Oct 2012 15:25:12
could anyone please help me out a while ago i was reading the page and someone was mentioning something about the french pass ? or an incident that happened in the french alps years ago can anyone think of what this could be i would like to research it ?

Did you mean the Dyatlov Pass incident in the old soviet union?

Thanks mate I got there in the end enyway lol itsa very intresting story could enyone share their thoughts on what they believe happened cheers

{Ed033's Note - From the evidence in the below youtube clip from the history channel, it could only be a non terrestrial energy beam that killed/aged/irradiated the mountaineers

I agree what edd said,plus also i have read a report that the old KGB interviewed a few people from a village a few miles away and noticed strange lights over the pass.