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20 Oct 2013 12:09:17
here is a radio interview with dante santori about the alien book with a few more interesting facts plus a youtube link, a weird thing about petro accident was he was giving the original to dante but died in the car crash and the book was gone.

i still do not what to make of it.

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Hi first time poster. do u think the book could be real?

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I do not know mate, part of me thinks a book of that importance would locked away, I need to check up more on it.

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Franky read a lot of your posts, believe in the same things mate. neil

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Nice 1 neil.

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Having read that book I am left with more questions than answers.
Why would all the alien species be humanoids? They look more like chimeras than aliens to me. Humans with reptilian, cephalopod, bovine etc. characteristics.
Also, how would they transform? I cannot see bones changing their structure on whim. If it is a case of consciously altering specific energy's vibrations then why use a body in the first place and not remain as an energetic form? If on the other hand it's a case of telepathically projecting the desired image of the self, why project one in the first place and not remain invisible?

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In the original book zari there are no images of a certain alien species so I am guessing it was not humanoid and from a few things I have read a alien species contact could be a feeling, for example when we have that uneasy feeling for no reason or that phrase "it feels like someone is stepping over my grave" in other words paranornormal experiences could be related to some type of alien contacts and I am open minded about that theory.

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Two legs, two arms and a head, with a lot of sensory organs, up top, is how I'd describe humanoids. The guys that leaked it wrote that the pictures used were selected by consulting people privy to that information.
There is a very definite possibility that entities could exist, that would not emit energy in the frequency bands we are equipped or are used to receive with. That is exactly what I referred to when I talked about having to telepathically project an image of self.

The book could be a genuine account but I personally do not think it is. The most relevant information as to the nature of anything foreign would be motivation. How can they have all that information on where these species come from, what technologies they employ, their alliances etc. and claim to not know their motives. After all, we are led to believe that governments have been secretly studying the alien phenomenon since at least the 1940s.

If you are compiling a manual to provide your field agents you would need to include but a few details: Description (identification), advantages (defense), weaknesses (offense), allegiances (diplomacy), motives (behavioral prediction).
The most important thing is missing from this book. This looks more like a lord of the rings attempt at creating a variety of living things to make a story more believable, rather than a strategic study of ETs.
I guess I am playing devils advocate here, but this last part does ring true with me.

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If we forget about what a alien looks like zari and we base this on how the book was found and how the diplomat father to one of the sons was ok about private files being not destroyed but allowed to be checked over seems strange to me, I still find the book interesting as like I have mentioned some of the stories I have never heard before, like I said I am still unsure what to think.

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I just read the book, very interesting but I would agree with Zari. Seems to me that it is created by an imaginative mind.

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20 Oct 2013 10:31:57
America is in shambles, something is clearly going to happen soon. Too many things happening, they need to cover up the actual problems



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The problems in america have been predicted since the 1980s,
one of the reasons why it has not happened sooner is the many wars for oil and colonisation but the collapse of the usa will happen sooner than later, will there be another false flag event?i will say yes, will it make any difference?not really because we are waking up.

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20 Oct 2013 18:09:53
Who's to say it will collapse? Its had these problems for years going back to the mid 60's or earlier. Hasn't collapsed yet. And their not all gun toting cowboys, look at the opposition Bush got. I think America is like a corporation, it was set up to produce a set result. It won't be dismantled until that result and its successor is ready. And I think its still a way off.

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Just because america have survived trying times in the past does not mean]
it will ok in the future, one of the main factors the usa got out of the great depression was ww2 and the same thing in the 60s was the vietnam war, this time its different the usa have been in some type of wars in the middle east since the 1990s and they are trillions and trillions in debt plus you have to be suspicious of a government that puts drones in the sky also invades the privacy of its people add buying 30 years worth of military arms for the there new style police, the dollar is not going to recover its will only get worse, its not if but when.

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Franky they were already coming out of the Depression by the late 30's. Sure the war gave them a manufacturing boost but they were getting that anyway from Lend-Lease and didn't need to enter the war militarily. The war gave them a massive technological boost (atomic energy, rockets, jets, microwaves, m&ms) and of course gave them financial and political leadership of the supposed free world courtesy of Bretton Woods.

As for Vietnam i'm not so sure that counts, they wasn't in debt all that much at the start, whereas compared by the end they were massively so. The big earners from Vietnam were the corporations. Lockheed, Bell etc made fortunes off government contracts.

The government lost out financially and politically. The withdrawal and admittance that they couldn't win and the escalations both into Laos and of the bombing campaign cost them support both at home and around the world. Socially speaking it scarred America for 2 generations and its only really in this one that they've come to terms with it.

Admittedly now they've managed to put themselves financially back into the same position as 1931 and this time they can't risk a big global war to generate $$$ as the tech has moved on massively. So they've tried to stick to regional bush wars (no pun intended) instead and it hasn't quite worked.

Worrying stuff is going on over there with the FEMA camps, buying of arms, the erosion of civil liberties etc. But who says the dollar won't recover, nothing is certain in economics. And they've always spied on is people, all governments do and its probably worse in lot of other countries.

I think the other guy just means the secret dudes who runs things haven't finished with project America yet. I tend to view it as a long term experiment, how bad can they let things get before people kick off.

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America or the US is a corporatocracy. Democracy in the US is a slight of hand, it's an illusion. As long as oil is valued and traded in dollars the US is reasonably safe. But those days are numbered.


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The big earners in vietnam and any other war is corporations, who do you thinks runs america?its not the president he is just the figure head.
Worrying stuff is going on over there with the FEMA camps, buying of arms, the erosion of civil liberties etc.?
i would call that being prepared for what is to happen once the dollar collapses also forgot to mention the tens of thousands of coffins in storage.

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Don't really want to play the game when and how the USA will fall, but with history as teacher we can safely say empires both rise and fall.
In my eyes they got out of the "great depression" through local farming and production practices. After all the spoils of war are not shared amongst the people. The technology discovered made goods cheaper for people but it did not give them buying power, it simply made it so that less buying power was required for prospering.
I guess we all agree that the USA is serving a purpose in the hands of aspiring world controllers. Let's not forget though that the great Chinese experiment is going so well for them, they never pass up on an opportunity to praise those conducting it and its results.
In chess you can sacrifice your queen to get to the opponents king without risking too much, as moving any piece behind enemy lines transforms that piece to your new queen.

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Agreed zari as history shows us from the roman empire to the british empire everything comes to a end.

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If they don't reach some form of democracy they will continue to run inefficiencly and dive into higher debt, the model of them being the reserve currency is literally the only thing that has prevented a crash already, that will not last forever and she. It does come to a end every rich person in america with brains will dump their stocks etc and the crash will occur at faster rate. Imo

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20 Oct 2013 00:42:04
regards Stevie.

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{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, I understand, you are right, it is not really the place to discuss it here, but just wanted to let you know I read it thanks.}