Conspiracy Talk Archive September 20 2013


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20 Sep 2013 11:16:25
I was watching Family Guy when Stewie and Brian join the army and are sent to Iraq, long story short the war ends when "democracy kicks in" basically everthing is Americanized! Democracy does not mean America.
Also watching the Transformer movies and I noticed that all the "bad guys" are military vehicles while all the "good guys" are civilian vehicles.

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20 Sep 2013 20:59:27
big red don't take family guy too seriously. They do like to take the piss.

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I know they do, they're a great watch.

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20 Sep 2013 08:36:02
Anyone else noticed how much exposure John Kerry is getting recently? I wonder what the odds on him becoming US president are?


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Not a chance in hell, he and BO have failed miserably in trying to sell another war, to be honest kerry looks stressed, the only way I can see america getting their war machine on the roll is by getting a so called Syrian sympathizer to kill someone very high up like a president or a kerry as the Russians have done a good job in pointing out the rebels are the ones killing and gassing the people which are funded by the west.

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20 Sep 2013 21:30:50
But they do have to pick someone for the election in three years. BO's done his two terms. Clinton has dropped out, there doesn't seem to be many other alternatives. Sure Kerry lost once but you can guess how the propaganda sorry media machine will spin that. All sorts of guff about the American dream. As things stand he would have a good chance as the Republicans are still in a mess after almost twelve months on from the last election. can't really pick their main contenders at the moment yet. I don't think Syria matters much to the ordinary American voter. What matters more is how they got out manoeuvred by the Russians and how they spin it into an Anerican success to voters. I think Kerry is a shoe in for the Democrat nomination. Maybe even a winner depending on who he faces. Remember Kerry is Skull and Bones like Bush Sr and Jr. Couple of classes above Jr if I recall. Mort

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Time will tell mort, I still think he has blew his chances (pardon the pun) and I can not see see the american voters wanting another gung ho president, the american people are in my opinion are starting to wake up, especially with their civil liberties starting to dwindle ie guns.

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23 Sep 2013 13:40:19
I think at the moment Kerry is a shoe in for the Democrat nomination. Now three years is an eternity in politics and things change, so someone else could pop up, but as things stand it looks as if Kerry is being groomed for it. he's ran once so knows what it takes. And don't forget the skull and bones connection. I get what your saying regards the voters but if it were say Kerry versus Romney then I think its a Kerry win. The Republicans need to find a good candidate this time and as things stand they got to lotta work to do. Mort

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