Conspiracy Talk Archive August 21 2013


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21 Aug 2013 13:26:55
Anyone have any idea what this so called classified event is that is being discussed?

Sounds terrifying!

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{Ed033's Note - Oh, this is a fake from years ago

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Solar flares

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{Ed033's Note - This is the newest end of the world scare from that alleged whistle blower Ed Snowden

What does everyone make of Snowden?

Seems a bit dodgy to me but I have nothing to base that on, just a gut feeling.


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I was open minded on snowden at the time but since his whistleblowing all of which were in the public news anyway, he seems to get around the world very easily, this guy is probolary on the cia payroll, since snowdon released his none shocking revelations the usa conveniently go and try to change the law on security issues, let's be honest asange is in lockdown in london and bradley manning is doing life, snowdon has a lot to say about nothing.

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Snowden is just a part of the plan to increase "anti terrorism" laws and the censorship of the internet.


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22 Aug 2013 11:00:42
Seems like his name alludes to, at the very least, a possible underground lair in Greenland (possibly) or Antarctica (possibly more likely, but who knows), which is clearly the hub at the center of the world and has likely long been the center of control for the entire planet.
Above and beyond that, his name could (and I would say this is quite likely) allude to the computer consciousness that governs the planet. The acknowledgement of this "computers" existence is growing. Glen Kealey calls it a "chemical computer" which provides some sort of handle on it's nature (although he provides a lot more info than just that tag), and Richard Sauder describes it as "The Machine" of unknown origin that operates both in the physical and astral plains. David Icke makes reference to this "computer" aswell, and the so-called "Archons" are a step closer to comprehending the nature of this vast, and dare I say without sounding defeatist, un-fathomable "Machine".

I think this is the Icke talk I was listening to the other night: pea

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21 Aug 2013 09:54:10
Anyone see the Les Dawson tribute last night? The holograms are getting better, Bluebeam soon?


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