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21 Dec 2011 18:14:33
ed, do you think it's possible that the US have made/or are very close to having anti matter energy?

{Ed033's Note - I obviously don't know what black technology the US have or don't have at the moment. It wouldn't surprise me that most things you see in Star Trek, the secret space program now has.}

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Hypo sprays, holodecks and transporters would be good, most likely to be a commercial success.

{Ed033's Note - They have high end technology but unfortunately won't even give us the super cheap energy systems this world is desperate for.}

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True its most likely to come out slowly and on what would make the most money.

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Black technology, what types of things does this refer to? new to the site

{Ed033's Note - Please watch the 2 videos at the timestamp of 21 Dec 2011 14:59:23 on this page to get some idea of black technology.

Essentially though there are 3 technologies white, grey and black.
White technology is the technology we all know about. It's all in the public domain
Black technology is technology that officially doesn't exist like the experimental craft that we have heard about
Grey technology contains a mixture of white and black technology whereby the white technology within the grey technology can be talked about but the black technology within it cannot be because it officially doesn't exist

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21 Dec 2011 14:59:23
{Ed033's Note - Below are 2 videos with michael schratt presenting info about older black technology that he has uncovered but this is only the tip of a giant iceberg for anyone who is interested.

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Why use a eighteen wheeler truck to carry a weather balloon.

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Because they keep lying to us and it's not a a weather balloon?

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Yous do know he said it was a computer generated photo but based on eye witness accounts many years later

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21 Dec 2011 14:27:09
Oh, forgot to mention reference Diana. Was'nt there a type of Fiat that left the scene of the accident that has never been traced?


{Ed033's Note - Certainly was and there is a whole cover up of that. If it was trivial then there wouldn't have been the massive cover-up

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My theory on that is that it wasn't directly involved in the "accident" but witnessed it.

1. They didn't want witnesses so they got "disappeared".

2. They were some sort of secret agent types who saw it buwere watching the op but obviously can't some forward.

What you think Ed?


{Ed033's Note - Most likely 2. According to the late Sherman Skolnick, there was a team located in UK that specialised in assassinating people using car crashes.}

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Diana was killed because they didnt want to have a Muslim in the royal family.


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I totally agree but it takes the pi** considering the queen is from german decadency

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21 Dec 2011 14:24:51
Great site! I've followed the football one for a while and stumbled across this one covering some of my favourite subjects. JFk, Aliens, Illuminati, Diana etc.
It's probably been covered, but does anyone want give some thoughts on the "ancient astronaut" paintings in Italy and various reference's in Old testament, Genesis etc of ....flying god's,large clouds with fire like/glowing metal with 4 objects beneath?
No mention of "Adam & Eve" though.


P.s (Out of interest, are the ed's the same as on the football site's?)

{Ed033's Note - Ed001 is a football editor but Ed033 is not a football editor.}

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Hi supasub, check out ancient Sumeria and the Anunnaki, it's at least a fascinating story!



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