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21 Jan 2012 14:32:06
Just been watching something on YouTube called 'Antigravity, CERN, Stargates & The Space Program' (can't cut and paste from iPad).
Interestingly it seems to indicate that the LHC is a Stargate and not what it advertised as being.
It is definitely worth a watch.

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Now thats an interesting theory, especially when you remember the panic before they switched it on when people thought it was going to destroy the world by ripping some sort of hole in the fabric of reality and we'd disapear through it. Who knew?

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Well if it is a Stargate then it's a convenient little escape route for the NWO hierarchy when they want to commit the mass genocide that they intend to do in reducing the population, or if there's an escalation in WW3.

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After NoneTheWiser posted about the youtube video 'Antigravity, CERN, Stargates & The Space Program' i decided to watch it and it was a brilliant video but the governments must think we are so dumb because when they open a vortex (And you can clearly tell it is some sort of worm hole) in norway to show the world leaders how to transport Spaceships/equipment to our secret bases in planets...They said it was a rocket ...Im sorry but please watch the video it will open your eyes plus watch Buzz Aldrin and the last man to step on the moon (cant remember his name) mention Mars in 2 seperate interviews Aldrin even describes a monolith on the moon of mars...How the bloody hell did he know that!?...Please watch it is a quality video


{Ed033's Note - We don't know what the "Norway spiral" was but it could be a demonstration of Project BlueBeam holographic projection technology. Also these astronauts seem to know certain things. Edgar Mitchell has been saying for years that there has been recovered ET craft and ET bodies.}

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21 Jan 2012 09:34:27
ive been hearing noises alot in my house and in the corner of my room i feel like someone is watching me , anyway my friend stayed a few month back and everything was good but hes never stayed since , last night he randomly said heard noises that night and the bed started shaking , also my dog always make noise at night like someone is there , when i moved into my home 4 year ago a the woman who lived here died do you think its her spirit letting me know she is there.
loving he site ed i love conspiracy stories keep up the good work mate

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Could be a rational answer mate, all houses make noises especially old houses.

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Im sure i read that the brain has DMT in it or acid if you like could it be that were simply triping?

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Stop smoking the gear man, in a week or so the voices will stop!

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You get bipolar disorder

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21 Jan 2012 04:36:40
Ed, I've read in a few articles now that people are in fact beginning to 'wake up' to the possibility that 9/11 wasn't what we were told to believe. Do you know if currently there is any progress in beginning a new investigation and/or reviewing the extensive evidence on the matter?


{Ed033's Note - As far as I know, nothing new is happening on this subject and there has only been one proper scientific investigation and that is Dr. Judy Wood's scientific investigation that culminated in her book Where did the towers go?

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21 Jan 2012 01:10:33
long time excited reader of footy rumours. Found this site by chance aint looked back ever since. hooked in fact love it..what are we doing selling our water to china? Also what do i believe what im told or what i read?

{Ed033's Note - I hope they don't put any more fluoride in the water.}

ha ha drink lots of water whats flouride gonna do to us then?it can't affect my teeth aint got many.

{Ed033's Note - Fluoride was used in the Nazi and Russian concentration camps to pacify the in-mates not to affect teeth. Fluoride is a poisonous substance and long term exposure to fluoridated water causes all kinds of ill health.

The Dangers Of Fluoride and Water Fluoridation

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{Ed033's Note - Dangers of Fluoride

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Isn't fluoride used in rat poison?

{Ed033's Note - Yes.}

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