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21 Jan 2013 23:53:44
just saw a video on youtube of footage of a charlie chaplin film wher a guy appears to walk into the shot on a mobile phone. remembered seeing videos here on it a while back and considering the film was made in 1928 it is worth a look.

{Ed033's Note - The answer to the Charlie Chaplin cell phone time traveler video appears to be not a cell phone but a Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid

Siemens 1924 hearing aid is the charlie chaplin cell phone time traveler device

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Why does he appear to be talking in to his own hearing aid

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He could be mumbling away to himself...surely that makes sense! How the hell is he going to be talking to some1 on his 'phone'!? Surely he would have a battle trying to get a reception!!


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Ok so he could have had the technology to time travel but not possibly have the technology to use a mobile in that timeline.

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To those mentioning reception; surely if it was a time traveller, it's possible they could have a phone like device use for communication. As for my opinion on whether it is a time traveller, I'd have to say no. If this was a time traveller and they had exposed themselves in such a way that, surely the time traveller could travel back, to say a minute before the footage and not walk past the camera
- Rye

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I thougt the hat looks a bit more modern than 1924 more like the 50s

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Also Rye if he travelled back to stop himself from walking infront of the camera then there would be no reason to travel back therefore causing a paradox

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21 Jan 2013 17:52:13
another thing edd1 while your about, edd2 she I think shes a she, for her to get her info, I reckon the general knowledge on all players not just one team she has to be in the media or something to do with a footy agent, am I close? haha.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - Ed002 happens to be very well connected anyway, not sure how much is through work though I am sure it helps to operate in that particular sphere. Much higher up than you would think though, hence the connections to the people who make the decisions, rather than the ones who carry them out.}

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Jesus christ edd that was bloody cryptic I am more lost now than before, I am crap at crosswords in fact with the clue you gave me I think I have more chance at cracking jfk shooters.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - that was the idea mate. Just remember, there are those that work for search engines, then there are the Sergey Brins of this world.}

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Yeah mate I understand, loved the way you never mentioned he or she as well when you gave your Stephen hawking cryptic clue as well . btw I will let you know who shot jfk.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - that would be too easy!}

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One thing nothing to do with anyone's identity or profession this site how do you edds get it together (pardon d pun) I am guessing you are not drinking buddies.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - all bar Ed033 I met through the sites. They all wanted to be involved as editors. Ed033 I have known for years, we set up the original site together.}

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I see nice one, you and edd33 remind me of me and my mate, my mate is like you knows there is something wrong with the world but uses logic were else I am like edd33 and thinks outside the box, lol, anyways thnx for info,

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - think? Hmmmmm not so sure about that one!}

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U and logic? lol

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - me mam used to like those logic problem books when I was a kid, so I did look over her shoulder a few times. That is about as close as I got to logic though!}

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21 Jan 2013 16:56:31
this is not a conspiracy but it did make me chuckle to myself, this proves mps find it hard to admit fault, the wife and kids were watching dancing on ice and the mp trips up the pro skater and Phillip scofeild asks the mp what happened she replies she does not know she thinks it might have been her fault, ha ha jesus she thinks? lol

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I think the conspiracy is you pretending it was the wife and kids watching!}

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Haha you mind-reader you, bang 2 rights haha.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I hear those kind of excuses all the time! The other editors use them to blame their missus when they didn't get to watch a match. Well, except for Ed025, whose missus complains about all the soaps he makes her watch. He is a self-confessed soap addict. No wonder he is an Everton fan, he has no taste!}

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I draw the line when there is footy edd the wife knows the score then so I demand that I WATCH THE FOOTY, then I slope off while she watches her soaps while I try a dodgy footy stream, but I do glare at her, while shes not looking like, after all I am not a bloody superhero.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - so brave franky, I am impressed.}

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Its all about balance. If it a not important game then i'm not bothered but if its a game I want to see then comes the hardwork lol. Mort

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Women can watch soaps every night and get them on catch up but moan when we want to watch the footie for two hours saying they never get to watch what they want

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21 Jan 2013 07:45:47
What does everyone think about the places in Japan and Antarctica which have high levels of gamma radiation dating back to the 8th century?

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