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21 Jul 2012 21:48:53
hey ed just reading about this 'zion' stuff and there supposed ritual ? what does this ritual involve ? like what is going to happen like bright lights in the sky or whatever some s***e like that ?

{Ed033's Note - I said before that originally sion/zion was a place where humans had transformed into angels but just as the illuminati were corrupted, maybe these zionists have been corrupted as well.

Someone like William Henry may be able to interpret what they show at the opening and closing ceremonies but to most people it may just be like any other olympic games' opening and closing ceremonies.

Whatever they do it will mean something to them and probably just an entertaining show to us.

They may use the hologram technology seen at Coachella 2012 where Tupac looked real as a hologram.

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21 Jul 2012 22:16:11
anyone here interested in the holy grail? I've read a few books and wondered what anyone else thought. Do you think it was just a wooden cup like in indiana jones or is the da vinci code mary magdalene theory nearer the truth? Ed's whats your views?

{Ed033's Note - Good question. I don't exactly know
1. Is it the philosopher's stone?
2. Is it the alleged special bloodline?
3. Is it an artifact such as the ark of the covenant?
4. Is it the secret of transforming the human body into a light being?
5. Something else?

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Id say its more on the ark of the covenant side maybe it was just an expensive cup? Parts of history lost to time its a shame


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I thought it was the Leeds United shirt.


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The blood line of Christ. The Templar knights while being hunted after the crusades by the French king (I think) where acused of smuggling an important person from the holy land. This is believed to be the Decendent of christ. The Templars are now free masons and only very high ranking masons in the order truely know their past. Don't ask how I know this but I do.

P.S love this conspiracy page. First time post and hopefully not my last. Big admirer of Ed033.

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We don't need to ask how you know mate, Dan Brown wrote a little book about it! Not sure I'd call it factual but was a good read, pity the film was so bad :(

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Lad above dan brown only copied the stuff from books like the holy blood, holy grail. Most of the authors of fore runners to books like dan browns are masons.

Red Rout

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{Ed033's Note - In A.D. 70 the Romans went into Jerusalem and Jerusalem was razed to the ground and the ruling group in Jerusalem had to flee to europe. This ruling group in Jerusalem just before fleeing, hid some secret stuff under the Temple of Jerusalem and made a prophesy/promise .

This prophesy/promise was that in 1000 years time, the descendants of this ruling group would take back and rule Jerusalem again. The ruling group families possibly called themselves at some point the 'rex deus' families where they would tell one of their children that there was a secret under the ruins of the temple of jerusalem and about the prophesy/promise to get themselves into powerful positions to bring about the prophesy/promise around 1070 A.D.

By 1070 A.D. a few of the 'rex deus' people had got themselves high up into the church and probably had the ear of Pope Urban II who blessed the Crusades that officially started around 1095 A.D.

The Crusades failed for the 'rex deus' families in so far as they did not permanently retake Jerusalem but they did recover the secrets under the ruined Temple of Jerusalem. It appears that they became fabulously wealthy though because of those secrets they recovered and became head of the Knights Templars.

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