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21 Jun 2013 13:51:42
There is a lot of mention about the death penalty on here. I understand we still have it for treason. Funny that really what does that mean? I suppose it means crimes of murder like the one on that poor soldier and ordinary people don't count unless of course you are Royalty. What a country this is!

{Ed033's Note - How many politicians would be found guilty of treason in a real court with a real fair trial with a proper jury?

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I don't believe it is still allowed for treason i'm pretty sure it was changed to life in prison

{Ed033's Note - We have common law treason and we have the treason act (prison)

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Ed033 is right the treason act was passed through parliament where as common law is still there! Makes you wonder if it was passed through parliament because so many politicians would be found guilty if investigated!


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21 Jun 2013 13:18:37
I don't usually bother but I've been buying a paper the past few days I pick & choose what I read & what to believe but did anyone see the 2 KKK members who had tried to create some
Sort of Death Ray supposably to kill Barrack Obama through X Ray Radiation I don't know how far they got building it but if 2 moderately Average Gentleman can do this what kind of devastating Technology do the American Government have that we don't know about I know the Ed usually mentions Black Technology I'm not too clued up on that I've only watched that 9/11 video u posted how far do you think this kind of stuff goes? Also see the British Governments releasing there latest UFO files today along with a nifty app unfortunately all the good stuff managed to be "misplaced!"

Frankly I know u like a good movie mate & this is an old one if uve not seen I recommend it's Capricorn One about a falsified Mars Mission it shows how sneaky the American Government can be and how they will stop at nothing to cover all tracks & eradicate "Whistleblowers" and the likes.

Rise & Shine

{Ed033's Note - Black technology aircraft of the 1980s part 1 of 2

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You just called to members of the KKK 'gentlemen' hang your head in shame please.


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21 Jun 2013 12:14:10
The sooner we can all start standing together against our oppressive rulers we could avoid most of the atrocities the plan to carry out. Its obvious the people in charge use the media to create divides among the masses, perhaps that's why newspapers remain cheap. Weather its religion, race, nationality or even an north south divide we're been pushed apart so its easier to be controlled, if people can look past colour and which God you believe maybe everyone will see we're all in the same boat being guided into the abyss and can help each other out.
I mean is there anything more ironic than a Christian that hates Jews.

always a red

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21 Jun 2013 11:02:51
anyone see question with Russel brand? listen he is not my cup of tea as a comic but that guy is a very intelligent man who spoke very well and had the audience in his pocket that even boris johnson was quieter than normal, if that guy went to be a independent I would vote for him today, nothing but respect for the guy, as for the media writer Melanie Phillips, jesus you have to watch her going in to meltdown about Syria/Iran more or less saying destroy them, her Zionist views came out that she got booed by everyone then she lost the plot again and called everyone persons, even bumbling boris did not want anything to do with her, it is a must watch on tv iplayer or no doubt youtube, everyone who thinks Zionism does not exist in the media should watch this, that evil women showed their true colors.

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Got a link Franky?

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Russell Brand and Boris Johnson on Question Time, there you go mate.

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Has anyone heard of a book called the protocols of the elders of zion. I have watched a peice on it on youtube but the guy who does the talking sounds creepy. I wonder if any of you guys have any info or an opinion on it. cheers.

{Ed033's Note - It doesn't matter whether the protocols of the elders of zion are fake or not, if you read them then each protocol is already in place anyway now.

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Russell brand on MSNBC

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I seen it Frankie! He did raise some valid points! Half way through it though I got the impression some one was giving him his answers through an ear piece! I may be wrong but the answers he gave were top notch compared to anyone else on the panel!


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Rr I never noticed to be honest, I do not think he needs the help, I have seen him interviewing David icke and held his own, that's why none of the suits and the Zionist never took him on any debate, you could see it in Boris Johnson demeanor that he wanted to rib RB but he knew that he is far more intelligent plus he had 90% of the audience on RB side.

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21 Jun 2013 00:59:12
The death penalty that is being discussed is being approached the wrong way. It's not about morals, well not entirely, it's also about providing a deterrent.
I read in the news yesterday about a prolific graffiti artist receiving a 3yr+ sentence for his renegade artwork, then I read about Paedophile Stuart Hall receiving half that sentence for molesting several young girls.
What kind of punishment is that? Hall will serve half that sentence and his "punishment" will equate to a couple of weeks per victim!
Think about that, paint on a wall without permission = 3yrs, abusing a child = a few weeks. I mean it, actually stop for a few seconds and digest that information, think about it.

The deterrent has to be fair yet effective. There have been numerous cases, where convicted sex offenders have been released from "rehabilitation" and have committed further crimes against children. In those cases, neither rehabilitation nor the jail sentence have been effective. Solution?

Go a step further. Death penalty. Not a wild vigilante swordfest, instead, a well thought out and debated, structured and effective system. Surely, with the correct people in place, a week would be enough for lawyers, judges, politicians and human rights activists to get round a table and find an implementable plan. This "problem" has existed for millennia and requires an equivalent sized solution.

Would you even consider stealing a pint of milk from Tesco (other supermarkets are available) if the penalty was execution?


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Jimi if anyone steals a pint of milk from my local tesco they deserve to be executed there and then. Why bother with a trial? Just kill them as they walk out and let that be a lesson to everyone else.


{Ed033's Note - Judge Dredd style

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The death penalty should only be for people who kill children and serial killers.

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Rr agreed we need to be a 100% sure, mentioning a case from africa is not relevant, a 3rd world country sentencing anyone to the death penalty would make me wary, the high profile cases today as a example Stuart hall/saville/bridger I have nothing but contempt for what they have done and everyone effected to those victims are never going to be the same.
me now I would still go for the death penalty even in halls case, age should not change everyone's views as age never changed his views when he molested those kids.
right my interpretation of who should get the death penalty is the young disabled and elderly to open it to everyone who kills opens a can of worms like self defense.
finally the "let him have it " movie if I can remember it was the interpretation of the "let him have it" was the main reasons he got hanged, the kid who instructed him to let him have it claimed he wanted the guy to hand over his gun to the copper, the accused claimed he was egged on by the kid to shoot the copper and in to the mix the accused had a mental age of 12 or 13 I think? like I said that opens a can of worms that's why I would go for the death penalty for the vulnerable.

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I've been ranting on about bringing back the death penalty for years. All the do gooders that stopped this for the human right issues and what not makes me livid. With DNA as good a 100% accurate and youve got a murderer bang to rights sorry IMO its as the good book says eye for an eye. This would take care of a lot of issues and any sane person would think about the ramifications if caught.

{Ed033's Note - I think they want you to think that DNA testing is as good as 100% reliable but allegedly it isn't any where near.

Also one of the reasons the death penalty was stopped was because people on juries were finding people innocent of death penalty crimes because they didn't want a death on their conscience. Obviously it's different nowadays, now that nearly everyone has been desensitised to killing other people through schooling / movies / tv and video games.

The reason they first started schooling for the masses in the early 1800s was because they found out that a lot of ordinary people who were in the army in the 1700s, missed on purpose when they were firing at the enemy because they didn't want to kill someone else.

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^^^^^ what about that bloke in oz raped more than 10 times they let him out an he does it again an killed the girl. so no to the people who think give them help for a better life. do you think with all the help in the world her mother an father will be ok. no they wont. bring that ****er to the towns square an hang him. bring back the death peno. shanks

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Yes once and for all found guilty. There should be a further trial weeks to months later to decide death penalty for the guity person (s). I agree with at least child killers and multiple killers. If you had jurys knowing that someone could face the death penalty just by being found guilty initially then there would be more aquittals as many people wouldn't be able to vote a guilty verdict because of the consequences.


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Also if not the death penalty for persistent peado's maybe just hand them over to the parents.


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If the death penalty can't be agreed upon in this country here is a solution. This country has quite a few empty islands in the North Sea why don't we drop all the Paedos, child killers, Nonces etc off and leave them to get on with it. It would save this country a fortune. They could all scavenge about for food and kill each other off. Job Done.

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I think all of us have a problem with a pedophile act and the sentencing or lack off and sorry edd I do not see it as desensitizing the masses why the majority want justice, I class myself as a peaceful no fight no war type of guy but some things are unforgivable and the people who commit these acts are not human in my opinion and what makes more sure is, if I feel this strongly now when nothing like this has happened to me or my loved ones then if it ever happened then I think I could execute the nonce personally, what gets me mad as well is why the segregation inside? I have been to prison to visit a few people over the years and the protection they get is unreal, I will give you a story, a mate of mine was inside and a rival from the circles he works in got transferred to his wing, well everyone knew what was going to happen including the screws but they let the dice roll and my mate got stabbed, of course no one seen anything but that's the way it is, pedos get protected from the off I say let the dice roll no segregation
if the death penalty is not everyone's cup of tea then let them pay their price inside always in fear.

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I definitely think that work farms should be brought back. Prisoners should no longer be allowed to sit in their jail cells playing video games. they should instead spend their days carrying out hard work which contributes to society. I'm not talking about community service programmes kind of work, I'm talking about chains and pick axes kind of work, like in years gone by. The productivity from this work may go some way to covering the huge costs of housing inmates and can act as a deterrent for offenders. The whole cushy prison lifestyle is a joke and a mockery to the victims of crime.

{Ed033's Note - boot camps for teenage offenders

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If your gunna say give the death penalty to peodophiles surely that will encourage them to kill their victims to remove evidence, I think those advocating killing anyone should stepback and realise that it is seperating yourself from those who commit violent or child sexual acts and shaming them into the realization that what they do is wrong and that theyl have to live with it, it is this that provides the moral authority that can be the basis for a society that takes responsibility for its actions. MLK and ghandi proved this and humiliated those who treated them so abbhorantly.

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Edd033 can I ask for your opinion on this?

{Ed033's Note - I don't know what the exact question is but probably most pedos appear to be protected and the higher up in society you are, the more protection there is. Police regularly investigate pedo rings then are told to leave them alone.

But saying that, once caught and sent to trial, should a jury have the free choice of the punishment?

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To even take the chance of raping a child and knowing there is a death penalty proves they will do it no matter what, as for they might dispose of the body to get away with it, well I am no expert but a few people who are experts claim that some commit the sexual act then threw the years the buzz wears off then they get there sexual fantasy of killing kids, as for shaming them?really shame them?
we do not live in a ideal world in fact we live in a harsh world and if it means executing dangerous people who prey on the vulnerable then so be it.

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Well the victims or the victims family should have the finale say in my opinion.

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You say we don't live in an ideal world and then say the victims family should decide their fate, a tad hypocritical, I think the most important part of the death penalty question can be tied into the good lord jesus' quote 'let he who is without sin cast the first stone', that even with the realization that it isn't an ideal world should we forsake any morality and go back to living like animals or realise that the system has to protect the offender aswell as the victim particularly if that offender knows the inner workings of the machine or helps to oil it with vast wealth. As for those who think prison is a holiday camp murderers, rapists, peodos are all housed in category A wings where they spend 23 hours a day in solitary confinement the mental torture of that is enough to break any man and for the guy who thinks prisoners should do hard labour you should move to the good ole us of a where they run a slave economy of prisoners who make a substancial contribution to the gdp of said country. i'm quite dissapointed to find so many conservative viewpoints on fairly liberal openminded website

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A jury or family deciding the fate of a sexual predator makes no difference to me, you mention the mental torture of the the attacker getting locked 23 hours a day, what about the mental torture the victims and their families go threw every day of their living lives? example moors murders families, we know the system does not work, we also know that sexual predators are getting protected by lords/sirs and magistrates who are themselves pedos so to feel compassion for them well you must be a better human being than me.

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I certainly do not think i'm a better human than you, I just believe that most social problems are fostered by the system ideological promotion and rather than being reactionary and saying we should string them up that we should identify the root and look to quash it. As most people will probably know molestors have more often than not been molested themselves and are just perpetuating actions they don't see as wrong, an interesting case is jeffrey dahmer mass murdering necrophiliac sexual predator who had many mixed up ideas about sexual gratification and knew his actions were wrong yet continued them. ultimately I think its a cowardly repressive superstitious that believes violence resolves violence.

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Ok I have gave you my take on a child killing pedo, what is your solution?

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Unsurprisingly I don't have a solution as everything is interconnected, my only answer would be don't build a system on a practice of have and have nots that promotes horrible ideas and allows some minds to think it is acceptable behaviour, ultimately its not surprising that a society that is rotten to the core produces character traits like sexual abuse, I just think rather than pointing the finger and going there's the bad guy, acknowledging and self and other analyzing would help to root out the problem itself rather than the short term reactionary idea that is the death penalty

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Well my friend we agree to disagree.

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