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21 Mar 2013 22:33:04
hey edd and guys I have just watched the new Ben affleck movie Argo online, its a very tense and great movie in my opinion plus it mentions topics of the conspiracy site about Hollywood being connected to the CIA.

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Not a bad movie, yes it shows about the government/ CIA connections, however, it is very pro-America. Bit of a double conspiracy method there lol

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I disagree boozy in the movie it tells of the puppet regime put in by the usa and how conniving the cia is and how cold they are, I guess I can not put the link on here for the movie, if you add me on my twitter account @cush42 it will be on there.

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Yeah it does mention at the start about the CIA lead Coup, but to give a true portrayal of the basis of the movie I really think they should have delved a bit deeper into how and why the Yanks were there in the 1st place. It just seemed a bit one sided for my liking, making a hero story for the CIA and of course making the Iranians seem like the bad guys

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I do not think the CIA come out well at all mate, they were going to leave there man stranded in case of bad publicity but I take your point more of what the shah did to the people might have been better, but for a Oscar winning movie its not the american comes to the rescue tripe we normally get.

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21 Mar 2013 19:24:38
First time poster here just wondering what you guys make of this.


This is part 2 but part 1 is pretty pointless and unrelated.

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Either reverse technology or a alien craft, good link invincible

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In my research there is no Aliens of modern times, only advanced tech tptb have, for example the space shuttle was designed in the 1930, maybe even before that.
point being the stuff we get is very old.

when folk think they see a UFO is it just that, an unidentified object which is something they can't Identify with.


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21 Mar 2013 16:36:16
will look at those youtube documentary later guys, but one question wtf is happening with our weather? forecast for more snow and its nearly april, the uk has never been hot but to me its getting colder.

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21 Mar 2013 17:02:03
It is getting colder mate. I thought it was global warming not global cooling.

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Maybe it's not getting colder but it's staying consistently rubbish?

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Global warming causes climate change. Rise in ocean temperatures leads to melting ice, melting ice leads to fresh water mixing with salt water and changing currents. The Gulf Stream, for example, is a current that directs warm water to northern Europe from the Gulf of Mexico. By doing so, the Gulf Stream makes temperatures in Great Britain and the rest of northwestern Europe warmer than they otherwise would be. As global temperatures rise, Arctic ice melts and massive amounts of fresh water pour into the North Atlantic and slow the Gulf Stream down. By slowing or stopping this ocean current, global warming actually would cool Europe down dramatically.


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Come on get a grip we have long winters yes but look at other places like Russia and then try and complain, considering how far north the UK is we get off lightly because of the jet stream.

I remember an old guy I used to work with who told me the hottest summer he could recall was when it snowed for one day in June.

It's the weather and for a country that does not have much (again look at Russia and the US for what weather really is) I don't know why we make a big deal out of it.


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There is also global dimming, which causes less light intensity and lower temperatures.

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Between 1980-1990 Thames barrier got opened twice
Between 1990-2000 Themes barrier got opened 14 times
Between 2000-2012 the Thames barrier was opened 84 times

So to the guy above. Your wrong, it's not "just" the weather.

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How about you look this up - Rising water levels

I believe the topic was regarding the current cold weather not water levels!

The Thames used to freeze solid in the past so it's no where colder than it used to be the world climate cycles, some argue that global warming has prevented even colder temps and that if it was not for man the world would have cooled naturally.

Who knows it maybe be man made or it just maybe the norm but compared to other countires we get away lightly when it comes to weather but we abd our press seem obessed with a bit of rain and snow.


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I personally believe climate change is a myth not to mention a multi-billion pound a year business, but its the climate of fear we live I find most chilling.

{Ed033's Note - The idea with the carbon tax was to control everyone with a global tax. That idea of a global tax to control everyone is still on the table.

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In our part of the world (south india) it is getting hotter and there is talk of an upcoming drought


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21 Mar 2013 15:42:52
Hi all, here is a talk that was recently brought to my attention.

It's always a pleasure listening to someone with both a grasp of our situation and the ability to communicate it clearly.

I don't think there are many solutions for our problems, but non-participation often seems like the only way to hit them where it hurts.

There are many many layers to the onion. Take it as deep or as shallow as you want. pea

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21 Mar 2013 14:58:14
Big winners from the budget? The same people who screwed the worlds economies up, who were bailed out all over the world by Governments, and who refuse to lend to small business to boost investment. The Banks. Osbourne's 20% loan to home buyers is a smokescreen. You find 5% first. They then loan you 20%.
The government will have to borrow this money from, who? The banks. You will then have to borrow 75% of the purchase price, from who, the banks. Neo con capitalism, look after your friends. and they look after you. What next FEMA type camps to quell the populace when they waken up? We are sleepwalking into a nightmare. But Ant and Dec are back on a Saturday so that's all right! GJ

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21 Mar 2013 20:15:40
Ay, GJ! Mamma Mia! E-con-a-me! pea

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