Conspiracy Talk Archive November 21 2012


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21 Nov 2012 11:35:32
Hello Ed/Posters

Just wandering what you think will happen on the 21/12/12...Just another day or what? {Ed001's Note - just another day I expect.}

So Your not expecting the world as we know it to end? {Ed001's Note - nope.}

What I think will happen on 21/12/12 is I will be awoken by a disturbing noise coming from a small electronic device, go to work, have a few beers then go home


Office xmas do so could be the end of the world, you know how it is, eat a shoddy dinner, drink too much, tell ya boss he's a knob/ throw up over him and wake up with fat sharon from accounts. Pretty much armageddon really...

Post above...that tickled me,nice 1

If its the end of the world great! just had an advance on the mortgage. so won't have to pay it back. lol

Mentioned it several months ago about chemtrails and them controlling the weather. If they make it rain for 40 days and 40 nights(given that we are going to have 2 months of rain in a day), then their is still time to destroy us all!!
Luckily I know McGuyver and he is helping me build an Ark out of some Fairy Liquid(or some other branded or non branded washing up liquid) bottles, waterproof glue and a anti-geothermoplasmapoled indexed converter. I urge you my friends find your own MuGuyver and get building! you still have time!!
I think i'm going through my David Icke Epoch when he first got buzzed. That was a fantastic program Ed even at 7 hrs long.
Mrs thinks i'm bonkers though.


Who or what are making these chemtrails.

Its my birthday yay finally a birthday where something will be happening other than everyone being tight as coz xmas is just round the corner.

Kopping a feel