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21 Oct 2011 23:22:58
Find it really odd that Gaddafi did not join the convoy of arms, cash and gold that passed into Niger and onto destination unknown early September. Why would you hang around after all your wealth has been shipped elsewhere and everything around you is crumbling?

I've read that 144 tonnes of gold (not sure how accurate that is) as well as millions in cash (currency unknown) crossed the border. Where is it and who has it now?

Where is Saif Gaddafi?

Saif, the son that was educated in the UK but considered by his father not suitable for holding a senior position in the regime.

This changed as soon as the revolt began and Saif was/is very much deputy leader. Is Saif a double agent so to speak, has he screwed his old man over and aided the assassination of the Mad Dog in return for sanctuary and 30 pieces of silver in a US/Illuminati operation?

Also, as i had hoped, reports are emerging that there is much embarrassment to be spared with the death rather than the capture of Gaddafi by some key people and their respective countries.


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21 Oct 2011 22:25:03
Anyone just watch Derren Brown hypnotise some ordinary Joe into
a blank-minded thesp-killer ? Good work ,he brings up the cia's
MKultra program and RFKs assassination , definitely worth a watch.

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21 Oct 2011 18:40:40
Okay, I've just noticed two very strange coincidences regarding football.
1. Aaron Ramsey scores the only goal against Manchester United to win the game 1-0 - Osama Bin Laden announced dead the very next day.
Aaron Ramsey scores the only goal against Marseille to win the game 1-0 - Colonel Gaddafi announced dead the very next day.

2. All three of Manchester United's European Cup victories have had some sort of connection to the Munich Air Disaster.
In 1968, it was the 10th anniversary of the disaster.
In 1999, we played Bayern Munich.
In 2008, it was the 50th anniversary of the disaster.
Spooky stuff.


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Isn't this years final actaully in Munich?

Have i just jinxed things?

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The aaron ramsey thing was in the paper....

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Why do you not think universally rather than parochial!! sheeple I guess...

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Your next European cup win will be on the 100th anniversary

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It's because every time Aaron Ramsey scores, he celebrates by killing a dictator.


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21 Oct 2011 12:58:42

Sorry about the website being The Sun, but what are your thoughts on the video?

ED? Regulars?

The Moon. {Ed001's Note - no chance of me looking there, but I did have a scout round to see if I could find it elsewhere, I remain unconvinced. It could easily be trickery, but then it could easily be true as well, I guess. I am just sceptical.}

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Sadly, its probably a viral. These vids never get me as excited as they should anymore, sick of people with too much time on their hands/


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It looks to good to be real, I'm current 80/20 in it being fake.

Interesting little article i thought though.

The Moon.

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Agreed Moon! and the village people (is that politically correct?) don't seem to phased by it either.


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Why don't aliens wear clothes?

mr keightley

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JWalk - Exactly, they seem to notice it but in the same way you'd notice a Squirrel in the park. lol.

Mr Keightley - I have a theory that they think Earth and our Solar System is just one huge Nudist Beach.

The Moon.

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21 Oct 2011 12:44:10
So pictures of the bodies of Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi have been shown, yet Bin Ladens picture has never been released...they must still be waiting for photoshop to install on their computers??

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