Conspiracy Talk Archive October 21 2012


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21 Oct 2012 23:42:48
I will research a bit more myself and decide. But here is a video anyway -

Ancient Aliens Debunked

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David Childress is an obvious nutjub. Everything is alien based according to him.

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21 Oct 2012 21:10:46
link to a video for those interested in possible hidden history regarding creation etc... worth a watch

enjoy s.d

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21 Oct 2012 16:29:05
ed why is there no search function here.It would be helpful


{Ed033's Note - Yes, I'll put a search box up soon

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21 Oct 2012 13:44:11
hey guys if anyone is interested or have beliefs that we may have come from space aliens or what ever then i would suggest watching ANCIENT ALIENS google it or youtube it , it is very compelling an if you look back thru history most ancient carvings ect have space men or ships in them which makes you think an that i read all the pyramids are very alike cant remember what it was but they must of been designed by one person intersting stuff if u like that type of thing


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I agree, watched this a while back and it's definitely worth the watch.


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I watched a quite old intresting in depth anaylsis on this site about the pyrimids, aztec temples and stone henge there all made by the same civilisation but according to sheepish people these civilisations had never met and where at diffrent times i think somones lying..


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Lots of references in old historic paintings, the bible, Mayan carvings etc of flying ships, flying gods etc, for instance in one of the books (I think genesis) it speaks of (just one example) coloured lights shining through a cloud coming from a metal object, from which four gods descend. I think references to most gods which all seem to either be flying or come from the sky probably hold the key to our beginnings. I think we were previously more intelligent with either enlarged or more functional pineal glands possibly, with more technology and know how. Just my opinion.


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And also there is a carving on a wall either Nascar or Mayan that says white men came from the sky that new everything also I think it says they came on fire balls or something like that ,, it makes you all think


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