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21 Oct 2013 14:48:50
Ed033 do you know any good doco's on vaccinations and what's really in them?


Melbourne CFC

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{Ed033's Note - Vaccination: The Hidden Truth

Vaccine Nation by Dr. Gary Null

Dr. Russell Blaylock - Vaccines and Autism Presentation Part 1 of 14

Thanks mate, will watch it after work.

Melbourne CFC

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21 Oct 2013 16:26:32
Alright lads, I'm trying to write an anthology of short horror and sci-fi stories, and I'd like to do a bit more reading. Can anyone link me to any particular good sources for 'strange beast' encounters, sci-fi-ish conspiracy theories and stories please? :)


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Google The Dyatlov Pass incident mate it happened in 1959 in the soviet union in fact they have made a movie of it.

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& Sci-fi-ish conspiracies:


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Try putting project serpo into Google. Et / human exchange programme back in the day.

Matty b

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21 Oct 2013 16:07:14
Tesco have announced that they wasted 30,000 tonnes of food in the first six months of this year. That is absolutely atrocious considering that people are using food banks and yet there is that much food going to waste in our country (only 1 retailer). Wouldn't it be financially beneficial to both Tesco and the government to reach an agreement with edible food to be distributed towards those who use food banks or fine companies for wasting viable produce. There are countless positives that could be achieved from this as most of the foods were perishable, why not provide people with the fruit and veg to help meet their 5 a day, which could help in the fight against obesity in children and adults. Tesco runs a few schemes in conjunction with the government for tax breaks so this is not too far fetched. Needless to say that this option will not be looked at as it could affect Tecso's profits and government back handers.

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Seeing as they are already reporting goods thrown away as losses, it would probably work the other way around. Tesco would start buying lowest quality edibles and selling them to the government for profit or giving them to the government and writing them off as bigger losses (lying about the true costs to them).
We are better off by disallowing them to write wasted food as losses, which in turn would force them to buy only what they sell or actually incur those losses.
This system is madness I tell you.

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To add to my comment.
The world health organization reports that enough food is produced on this planet to feed 12 to 13 billion people.
With 1/3 of this worlds population being under-nourished it is evident that the current way of handling resources has failed. We've seen governance achieve the same pitiful results, simply because power in so few hands breeds and invites corruption.
We need to restore that long lost feeling of distributive justice to the world. I believe the way to achieve that would be through participatory democracy, the only type of democracy.

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I wonder how many tones were purposely destroyed because of horse meat or any other banned animal food?

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It's very difficult to buy anything "out of date" now from any food or drink supplier probably due to legal issues. As stupid as it sounds I bet if tesco's gave any say "out of date" product to a food bank, someone then say got ill potentially from the product even though free then the supplier could still be potentially liable. Even though in theory it is a commendable idea, the potential for a situation arising for a supermarket would be their biggest fear, especially if it's one of their own labelled products. But yes the particularly high volume as franky says could also be attributed to the horsemeat scandal. Which again was handled badly. If the food is ok and tested "bute" free then surely it could have been directed to people who needed it.


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21 Oct 2013 12:23:09
changing subjects here but here is a good interview with bill maloney who interviews a guy called chris fay a former national adult advisor to NAYPIC (National Association of Young People In Care) who had evidence about Elm Guest House.

i do not want to give to much away what gets spoken about but the connections on who abuses children is just your normal pedo and the odd politician with the z list celebrity its much darker than that, give it a watch this is the establishment we are supposed to trust.

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