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21 Sep 2012 19:58:52
Just a quick one to frankyscouse's earlier post you and the other posters are spot on there is to much hate between Liverpool & utd in recent years and it goes over the top but there are times when the humanity will warm your heart I was at the stone roses concert earlier this year on the Sunday when the justice tonight were introduced by John robb (mancunian journalist and top bloke) & a section of the crowd booed,he replied"f#ck all those that booed this not about Manchester & Liverpool this is about people & f#ck thatcher & f#ck Cameron" also cantona took to the stage with them in Lyon,Ian brown John squire played with them & terry Christian speaking out against the lies on the Matthew wright show,sometimes when the establishment attacks the integrity of the working class the working class finds solidarity amongst itself.....jft96 god bless the victims of Munich peace to all...
Paisley's genius

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Outstanding post fella.


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Great post, iv'e always felt that rangers celtic, catholic protestant thing was manipulated, u never seen the ira and the uda fighting each other, most of the time it was people who could'ant fight back, both as bad as each other

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Well said mate,cant add anymore to that.

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Brilliant post - couldn't agree more.

Can I ask, is this your quote, or did you borrow it - because I think this is one of the truest statements I've ever heard!

"Sometimes when the establishment attacks the integrity of the working class the working class finds solidarity amongst itself....."


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It just came into my head joe,I may have read or heard it somewhere but not concious of when or where & thanks for the positive replies think it is important that us do called "ordinary people" support & learn from each other & everywhere I agree with the earlier posts that such divides as religious,geographical & national are reinforced through the media to keep us distracted from real issues,they have a real fear of true collectivism, one theory proposes that the only reason that the working class was educated was because war had become mechanised & basic numeracy & literacy was required winston Churchill is reported to have said " the working class are necessary evil to do dirty jobs & fight wars" I don't know how true this is but he also urged the British government to use mustard gas on Indians protesting for independence this not unique to the right of politics as everyone knows Stalin starved his own people,anyone interested in the mindset of such individuals I can recommend 2 great books "the sociopath next door" by Martha stout m.d. & "without conscience" by doctor Robert harr
Thanks again for the replies & let's take control of our own culture......
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Sorry it's doctor Robert hare, curse these small yet fat fingers!
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21 Sep 2012 17:22:21
why is it all over the papers if somebody defrauds dss of a hm lets say a grand its a slight to human integrity and off to court you go, fine or jail but people in power i.e mps goverment officals blatantly steal off us and they call it exspenses or perks of the job, am a new poster , be gentle

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I will call u be gentle since u never left your name,i will use a quote of one of my favorite movies,the rich have been "fking over the poor since time begun,always have been always will"

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The laws are influenced by the rich, so they will always favour the rich.
The working class are deemed law breakers if they do pretty much anything at all that involves not paying someone something or taking something away from someone. Yes by such ways as theft but also if just by accident or without their prior knowledge. (anyone ever fell short on their income tax and witnessed the inland revenues reaction to this? lol)
Anyway, the big trick is to get rich and set yourself up as business. Once you have done this you can happily rob anyone of anything, pollute anything you want and avoid paying any fair share of taxes with a little forward thought and good advice. Safe in the knowledge that you can always point the finger of blame at somebody else, or quite simply resign and walk away without liability as 99 times out of 100 the law will always side with you. (Because your rich ofc) xD


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To; frankyscouse. i did leave name, its tam65!

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Sorry tam never seen it.

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Im sorry tam65 but you didnt leave a name :P

Irish Red Jr

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Because MP's have "guidelines" rather than laws like you and me, they are also make alot of "mistake's & "errors".


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20 Sep 2012 22:16:43
wow i had no idea the bush family were so dodgy. Granddaddy bush backed the nazi's. Middle bush, well i knew he headed the cia but didn't know he was involved in a lot of funny cia stuff in the sixties. Then junior bush was just a puppet.

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I think you meant to say muppet there mate
huddz red

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He meant muppet as bush jnr was doing as instructed when in office {Ed001's Note - aren't the muppets just puppets anyway?}

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Have you seen their pictures in their skull & bones societies when they were at colledge? They even have the swaztika on some of them, I never realised untill a few years ago the nazi movement was massive in the usa before germany.


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