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22 Aug 2013 19:51:52
For people like me who cannot find the words to describe just how much I hate Piers Morgan,

Check Alex Jones giving Piers a lesson he will never forget ha its hilarious!

Watch how quick Piers tries to change the subject when Alex mentions Prozak. Piers works for the system and is a total person

From months back when Jones went on Morgan's show

Geordie Al

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I hate piers Morgan also, but to be honest, Alex jones looks like a complete fool in this interview. And as much as I hate to say it, he actually makes Piers look the human for once.


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I am in the minority like you geordie, plenty of people around the world and thought that alex jones was a crank but to me the worldwide headlines he got was because of the way he behaved and those people who would have normally youtubed a interview about conspiracy theories actually watched it and who knows how many people are awakened from that 12 minute interview.

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Exactly Franky. Piers constantly interrupts and humiliates his guest and makes them look stupid and immoral.

Alex jones went on there with a game plan to tell as much info as the system doesn't want people to hear.

I love the part when he mentions Operation Gladio then turns to the camera and points and says "oooooooooo the CIA don't like this right now" lol

He mentions absolutely loads like Democide, he mentioned that infections in hospitals was higher that gun crime, he mentions that prozak is a mass suicide pill and suicide was the number 1 killer in the usa. He mentioned Piers fled to america for putting false stories in the papers and the hacking scandal. He also mentions that the bbc reported building 7 collapsed 20mins before it actually did and many many more.

He didn't give piers an inch and bullied him like piers bullies everyone else. Good Job!

Geordie Al

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22 Aug 2013 01:29:36
Eds do you see an uprising of the British people in the near future against the government to overthrow them and also could we see a nazi style party take over?


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{Ed001's Note - we are already ruled by a govt that is using Nazi-style tactics to bully the press and remove civil liberties. Not a hope in hell of an uprising, we are just too pampered and spoilt. When anyone does try and stand up and resist, just look at how the media spin it all. People are kept in just enough comfort to keep them sweet.}

Couldn't agree more Ed. Its funny, I was just thinking after watching alex jones if the Govt push us just that bit too far will we snap? But then I thought well, no! They control the news everything. Its like a film I seen years ago where everyone thought things were tickety boo, probably because they were in this bubble that we find our selves in. But then distance yourself from everything that's going on and you see just how messed up things are. Look at that american soldier who tried to whistle-blow information about what bad things the Govt was doing. He just got 35years and not a mention of what he was trying to share. Its an awful world we live in and I fear for my younger family.

Geordie Al

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An uprising? In The UK? Not a chance. Look at the amount of sheeple at the royal wedding and the birth of a baby. The vast majority of the population are too busy watching talentless attention seekers on TV. The people at the top of the pyramid control the media, the media control the brain dead. With every year that passes people in this country get slightly poorer and the really sad thing is they don't even know it! My wife and I played a game the other night. Try watching the TV and spot how many people actually have a talent, I guarantee you will be stunned at the amount. GJ

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I maintain if things get dire enough you will see a uprising, the kabul are very clever, they take a little bit of, freedom/money/rights at a time so it does not stand out as a dictatorship, when the rest of the sheeple wake up and notice it is not just the lower class that are getting shafted then we can all stand together.

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23 Aug 2013 18:25:15
If things get so dire that there is an uprising then it will probably be by design. To the people, the sytem will be "broken", when in fact it will be working perfectly. pea

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Interesting thought pea but greed breeds greed they always want more and it could be a innocuous incident that could be the straw that breaks the camels back.

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24 Aug 2013 11:03:29
I see your point exactly, but the trouble I have drawing any conclusion to this matter, and many others, is that there are (at least) two sides on both sides of every issue. Either way the peasants will always be revolting. pea

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21 Aug 2013 23:33:38
Risk of dying from cancer approx 1 in 4.
The odds of dying in a terrorist incident in the last decade are 1 in 10, 408, 947. By contrast, the odds of being struck by lightning are about 1 in 500,000. You could board 20 flights per year and still be less likely to be the subject of an attempted terrorist attack than to be struck by lightning.
Why is cancer research funded mainly by charity? Why are we surrendering our liberty to more anti terror laws? Why do the govt spend billions of taxpayers money fighting 'terror'?
Its time to wake up people.


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I understand your logic but if they stop trying to prevent terrorism the odds will decrease you can't prevent a lightning strike or an illness

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Powerful pharmaceutical companies make too much money treating cancer that they will never allow the government will never dip into their own pocket to find a cure.

Plus, the Government already know that a cure exists so there's no point funding a research program that will only end up being swept under the carpet.

I, along with many others, think that the cure for cancer has been found but radiotherapy/ chemotherapy/ tablets etc. generate billions and billions of pounds and that's why the cure has never been made public.

I think it's Franky who always says 'When was the last time some one high up died of cancer?'.

It's treatable but why would these massive, profit-oriented companies want to cure an illness while they can screw the public for a pay day?

The same can be said for other diseases and illnesses such as HIV/Aids too, IMO.


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21 Aug 2013 23:03:41
Anyone ever heard of Father Krespi? Mort

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Is didn't something to do with Hitler, his alias or something

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{Ed033's Note - No, not hitler. Father Crespi got local indians in Ecuador to brin him relics/artifacts they found in underground caverns to him, This was known as the Crespi Collection.

22 Aug 2013 21:19:29
Depends what you read Ed. The Hitler/ Krespi stuff I read was convincing. I don't really see Hitler spending forty odd years as a parish priest in the back of beyond given his contempt of his boyhood religious upbringing. But its a good story and some of it fits together. Certainly think he escaped. Ed what do you know about Nazi flying discs? Mort.

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{Ed033's Note - Yeah, Hitler didn't spend 20 years after WW2 as a priest but under a form of house arrest in Argentina.

{Ed033's Note - Dr. Joseph Farrell's presentation on Nazi black technology.

Nazi International presentation Part 1

Nazi International presentation Part 2

Woah Ed! What's this about Hitler as a priest in Argentina? Thanks,


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{Ed033's Note - Hitler didn't spend 20 years after WW2 as a priest

Sorry Ed, misread your post. Can you explain a little more about what happened to him after WW2, please?

I always wondered whether or not he really committed suicide before the allies could get to him. Thanks,


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{Ed033's Note - Hitler Escape to Argentina Part 1 of 3

I agree with Mort, what I have read about Fr Krespi being Hitlers alias does seem plausible, for the timing of the priest training and the fact that he had some of hitlers artwork that was supposedly missing.

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I'm reading The Grey Wolf at the moment and it's a massive eye opener. Apparently there is a TV film based on the story but I haven't seen it yet. Thanks for the vid E033 it's great to hear the author talk about the book.


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Great video edd, I have heard the rumours about hitler escaping for years in fact in a popular tv program when I was a kid called the new avengers (yes I am old ha) in that episode which stuck with me was a episode of hitler living in surrey/london and basically trying to start nazium again and there was body doubles/clones can not remember the plot line but my point is a top program at that time was showing something a unbelievable plot line which to me seems like it was a plausible plot line.
right back to the interview what really shocked me was the numbers of nazis that went to argentina, staggering.

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24 Aug 2013 17:31:25
Franky loads of them escaped to Argentina. Including Eichmann, Mengele, Glucke, Bormann and others. The Peron's were big Nazi supporters. Mort

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