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22 Dec 2012 22:09:52
correct me if i'm wrong but the mayan calendar didn't take into account leap years so the calendar was out anyway.

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No, they knew that it took 365 days and a 1/4 for the earth to orbit the sun but they calculated it different than we do.

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22 Dec 2012 16:23:38
ed, is any of this martial law stuff will take place in britain? it seems to be going that way in the US, is it as close here as it is in the US?

{Ed033's Note - You wouldn't expect them to announce martial law unless there was a natural disaster that covered the whole of Britain. But the agenda is total control but over an extended period of time while keeping most of the population in a comfortable state until you can brainwash most of the population. In the end those that won't comply with the total control society can be removed from society and you're left with only brain-washed people who don't know any different than the total control society, or that's their plan anyway.

They're already using what david icke calls the "totalitarian tiptoe" (people who are "awake" have already seen this happening long ago) where they very slowly bring in martial law/total control a bit at a time without telling people. Using this "totalitarian tiptoe" most people can't see it being brought in and if they can see it, then they think it's just the government protecting us from terrorists / criminals / co2 / global warming / nature / the Sun / anyone who doesn't think like the government wants them to think

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Thanks ed, also how far off do you "think" a natural disaster/ something else that will trigger martial law are we (well america..)

{Ed033's Note - I don't know when a huge natural disaster will materialise but we know there is the Agenda 21 i.e. the agenda for the 21st century. See short video below.

The New World Order/Agenda 21 crowd have allegedly put in writing that they want a significant part of the Agenda 21/new world order agenda (NWO) in place by 2025. I think the reason for the 2025 date is because allegedly in this year, the planets in the solar system are in their most astrological "war like" positions for the near future. So they would want to get the NWO mostly in place before 2025 so they can then reduce the population they no longer require by half with a ritual "Armageddon" (nuclear war, famine, pestilence) in 2025 in compliance with the "as above, so below" part of their "religion". This doesn't mean that this will happen though.

Part of a presentation about Agenda 21

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Many of the top politicians openly show their allegiance to the devil by displaying the "devil salute" others may just be effected by that spirit.

The New World Order, which most, if not all, of the top politicians publicly support, is the creation of a One World Government, run through the United Nations.

This system which is being forced onto the public, is the political arm of the Beast / Image to the beast prophesied in the book of Revelation........

Is Obama the devil?

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Well just look at airport security, thats a good example, 1 person has a bomb in their shoes and now look your almost strip searched at check in. Convenient....

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The trick to a successful staircase is making each step of equal increment. pea

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Considering the thousands / millions of people killed in the name God over the last 2000 years, who says Satan is evil?


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23 Dec 2012 17:08:50
an interesting proposition Joe. How would we know which one was responsible for what. Depends if you believe. If you truly believe in God then surely you must believe in his counterpart. So then who serves which side? Or are both sides so similar it doesn't matter? Take a religious war like the crusades. Both sides fighting for God, both sides commited atrocities. So which side was which?

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Sorry for the delayed response, been busy over Christmas! (Which is ironic, given the nature of my post)

I agree, but my main point regarding Satan wasn't one about the dualities of religion, just the perception of man.

We can't continue to attribute blessings and good fortune to God, and atrocities and pure bad luck to the Devil.

Personally I'm not one bit religious, but would never impose my (non) beliefs on anyone else. But I feel very strongly that as a modern society we should take a lot more responsibility in our actions / inactions. I was raised a catholic and went to a strict catholic school. But I simply cannot comprehend how religion is taught in schools these days.

Sorry if anyone disagrees, this isn't meant to be controversial, just my opinion


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22 Dec 2012 02:30:33
ET Like Skulls Found in Mexico

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