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22 Jan 2013 21:11:32
Anyone else think the USA are the biggest hypocrites in the world, reading up on the torture they performed in an Iraqi prison, which the people got about 10 years in jail compared to people like the Japanese who are portrayed as the most evil in history for what they did?

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USA/western powers have a better propaganda machine that's all.


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History is written by the victors

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23 Jan 2013 18:06:32
well the japanese were pretty nasty. So were the germans. And the north koreans. Can't imagine the chinese are much better. And the prize for worst surely goes to the soviets. {Ed001's Note - what about the Turks? They have been guilty of what we now call ethnic cleansing, all the time a member of NATO and called an ally. Yet they slaughtered the Kurds en masse.}

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The USA are the biggest members of NATO but still everyone looks the other way when American soldiers are pictured torturing prisoners, anyone from any other country would have got life in prison/death penalty compared to ten years which the us soldiers got.

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23 Jan 2013 19:39:56
sorry ed forgot all about the turks, its the lack of publicity. They also have previous with the armenian genocide as well. Not to mention the nutters at the football! {Ed001's Note - I used to work with some Kurdish refugees, at first I thought they were lying about the things they had gone through. I had never heard anything or seen anything about it, so just thought they were talking nonsense. Then I looked into it, it is horrifying that it could go on for so long and remain unreported. Similar in Sri Lanka with the Tamils, who are pretty much gone now.}

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The turks gained an ally in america after wwII by helping against the russians and in return the americans made sure no1 ever mentioned the armenian genocide that happened during wwI or even referrd to it as genocide, it is the first recorded and they even hold the esteemed prize of the first gas chamber (they herded armenians into a cave and then set a fire at the front and they all suffocated) the germans used many of the tactics used by the turks and encountered the same problems like bullets being to costly (being cost effecient the turks tied people together killing one and then threw them into the sea) apologies for the rant but its this sort of hypocrisy/diplomacy that really pisses me off {Ed001's Note - these are the kind of things people should know. They should be known around the world, like the British invented the concentration camp, that should be known. Both the good and bad should be known.}

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23 Jan 2013 23:11:42
wasn't the boer concentration camps more down to mis management rather than deliberate? Not to condone it as it was wrong. Turks sound horrible. {Ed001's Note - I was referring to the ones they built to keep the Irish in as well.}

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Armenian Genocide

The knowledge of the likes of Britain, France etc to what was happening is frightening when you consider their silence on the matter today. There are some great links to Primary sources to show the extent institutional knowledge of the atrocity.

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The quiet contrys are most deadly. Turks are nuts. If there was ever a war you'd want the Turks on yourside.

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22 Jan 2013 11:43:08
Hi Ed's, just wondering if any you guys have seen this on youtube or have any of the regular posters here, President Eisenhower's Granddaughter, a lawyer and a military dude talk about a colony on mars. They also talk about battles with aliens in which Obama was involved prior to his presidency but state that he went under a different name. Quite interesting. Just wondering what you guys think.


{Ed033's Note - I don't doubt that the secret space program can get to Mars but anything with Andy Basiago in it is going to contain a lot of disinfo, in my opinion.

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Cheers Ed033, never heard of him before, thanks for the heads up.


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I find this talk of secret space missions bit suspect, I mean there are thousands of people involved in space missions. How can it possibly be kept a secret?
Loose lips sink spaceships!
Liono74 {Ed001's Note - there were millions involved in the D-Day landings yet it was kept a secret. It is easy to keep things secret when you have complete control over the media.}

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But ed, back then there was no twitter. Don't underestimate the power of a tweet! {Ed001's Note - it's only power is to disseminate lies amongst the gullible.}

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Remember Gary McKinnon? He found a list of names titled "Non-Terrestrial Officers" on his wee adventure. pea

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I know we managed to keep the landings quiet but i'm talking about a dirty great spaceship taking off!
Liono74 {Ed001's Note - what if the spaceship isn't that big? The whole point is that the tech is not what we see on TV etc. So why does it have to be a dirty great spaceship? Even so, why do you know about the shuttle launches etc? You only know about the ones on TV, there are regular satellite launches that we never hear about. Why do you think you would hear about one that they want kept secret?}

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23 Jan 2013 18:13:56
they may well have a dirty great spaceship but if its parked out of sight with tech that renders it invisible which they might have. Also they could use shuttles, or have transporters, or some other tech we don't know.

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I know what you mean ed I just think this type of conspiracy stretches logic to breaking point.
liono74 {Ed001's Note - possibly, but logic is not a good decider of the truth. Many truths defy logic.}

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