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22 Jul 2012 23:07:33
Anyone know if the forum on david ickes website about a tv lisence can be used to actually prevent me from paying anything?


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{Ed033's Note - I comprehend the situation like this: The BBC is under the Royal Charter. The Royal Charter states that the BBC cannot take any money from foreign entities (otherwise the news would be biased towards the foreign entity). Allegedly the BBC does take money from a foreign entity (allegedly the European Union) therefore if you pay money to the BBC, you are aiding and/or abetting the BBC.

So in order to not aid and/or abet the BBC you would have to withhold paying money to the BBC until such time as they stop breaching the Royal Charter.

Also you might want to include that if they continue to write to you, you will consider it harassment under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997

In addition you might want to add that you are removing any implied right of access they think they have to send an agent to trespass on your property and your fee schedule for any such trespass by a tv licensing agent could be 1000 for example

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Thank you edd i will give it a shot as the goverment take us for everything we have these days tax's on tax's on top of more tax's fed up to say the least!


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Edd 033 Is this like the freeman kinda thing ?

{Ed033's Note - Not exactly. I'm not giving legal advice here but in my opinion, if the BBC are breaching the Royal Charter, then you cannot pay them otherwise you are aiding and abetting them.

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22 Jul 2012 00:28:03
hey just saw someones post about Dynamo magician impossible ? what do people think about derren brown ?

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Derren brown uses psychology and your sub conscious to do most of his tricks, he doesn't pretend he can walk on water...


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If reality itself is but an illusion then is it really impossible for dynamo or anybody for that matter to perform actions that may look "magic" check out some of the qi masters on youtube harnessing theyr energies

{Ed033's Note - dynamo isn't "harnessing" his energy, he's now paying for stooges, paying for devices to be made and paying for illusion equipment. When he has been asked about how he got started, dynamo said he just practised and practised tricks then when he became famous and the money came in, that allowed him to perform bigger and better illusions.

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Ed033 you don't like dynamo very much do you? {Ed001's Note - it is just the truth, Dynamo is just very good at what he does, but it is not magic, just illusions and tricks.}

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Illusions Ed. tricks are what whores do for money or cocaine! {Ed001's Note - he is doing it for money, is that not whoring??}

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You never watched arrested development did you? Ed you need to check out the illusionist gob bleuth {Ed001's Note - arrested development? That was a rap group.}

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Arrested Development Gob Bluth Scene

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