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22 Jul 2013 11:25:39
Did anyone see the docmockumentary on Uri Geller last night? Claims of Psy-ops for Mossad and the CIA. A bit far-fetched, but with him, you never know.

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Not far fetched at all, the cold war saw a lot of psy ops going on and black projects have billions ploughed into them! A strong telekinetic person can stop a heart. Project mkultra is said 2 have psychics in abundance as sleeper cells.

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{Ed033's Note - Uri Geller was a remote viewer for one of the government psyops projects but allegedly wasn't that good at remote viewing so they let him go.

Guess what? CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, SSB are the same agency at the top.
there is and has never been two sides.

only you are progammed to think this way.
Otherwise Mr Snowden would have been snapped up for his so called good info, pmsl.

what a world we live in eh!

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Why world China or Russia not Grab Snowden with open arms if there was any sort of opposition, even knowing I think this whole opp is to keep real news of our screens like benghazi, but now we have a royal baby, so hold the PRESS, the whole world has been waiting for this great news.


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On a good note the Syrian government killed many (western funded)terrorists on the big day Mr Snowden gave us his great insight, who would have thought that our governments would be spying on us eh, caught me out.


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Took the words from my mouth! There are no sides on Earth. Not since Saddam went. Power is central and the kansas city shuffle is war.

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21 Jul 2013 23:59:54
Lloyd Pye has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.

Why do bad things happen to the nicest of people.

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Top man is Lloyd Pie, did he get anywhere wth the Alien Skull? anyone know of any updates on that

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Ah just seen the clip where he updates us on the Skull, not to worry cheers lads

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