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22 Jun 2012 16:09:41
Ed, a quick question, do you believe that all religions are based on the same event? like zecharia sitchin said that jews, Muslims and Christians all get their religions from things that happened with the annunaki, he also said the christian cross was used well before Christianity was formed.

{Ed033's Note - IN my mind, the answer could be yes. Robert K. G. Temple wrote a book called the Sirius Mystery where The Dogon tribe know more more about the sirius star system than they should for a tribe with no high technology. They appear to be saying a group of ETs they call Nommo came to Earth and gave their ancestors info about the Sirius solar system. There is a larger story about the Nommo but the main point is that the Nommo story and the Annunaki story is probably the same story.

Now if this Nommo/Annunaki story is real then with high technology ETs interacting all over the world with low tech humans would create what is known as cargo cults. This is where the low tech group create religious practices in an attempt to primitively mimic the higher tech group.

Over time the religious practises change and multiple different religions appear all from of the same original event.

In addition, the "christian" cross was used well before Christianity yes.

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Thanks ed.
ill have to read up on the siruis mystery, sounds interesting.

sorry for another question but i have 2 more.
1: do you believe that the annunaki intended to create multiple religions and languages so we wouldn't understand one another and have conflict with each other to "dumb us down".

2: something that confuses me, planet x apparently collided with Tiamat but what i don't understand is if planet x collided with tiamat then how come the annunaki didn't get affected by this? because according to zecharia sitchin thats where our life forms came from, when their oceans mixed with ours..


{Ed033's Note - Question 1. The Annunaki story has 2 groups:

Group 1) the Enki group that wants mankind to become an "advanced" race equal to or greater than The Annunaki

Group 2) The Enlil group that either wants mankind to stay as dumbed down slaves or wants to limit mankind so it has to take it really slowly to becoming "advanced" as otherwise mankind may destroy themselves through for instance, nuclear radiation

Question 2: I'm not a sitchin expert but I don't think that sitchin ever referred to nibiru as Planet X. Planet X and Nibiru may actually be 2 different planetary bodies.

From memory, in Sitchin's 12th planet book it was not Nibiru that hit Tiamat but a moon of Nibiru. However this Tiamat scenario could be a guess by the Annunaki as this happened several billions of years ago.

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Christianity is just a heavily disguised Sun worship religion dropped in ontop of existing religions.

I do find it interesting though how all the older pre existing religions were built on mythical superhero types doing amazing feats just like christianity.

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22 Jun 2012 14:13:54
the whole thing about planet x (nibiru) is all lies isnt it? BLUEBOY1

{Ed033's Note - When these people started promulgating the idea that planet x or nibiru was arriving in 2012, they would cite Zecharia Sitchin as a source. But multiple times Zecharia Sitchin was asked about nibiru coming in 2012 and he essentially said no way. In Zecharia Sitchin's book the 12th Planet, he says according to his research, nibiru last entered this solar system in 200 B.C., so that means even if he is correct, it won't return until 3400 A.D.

There maybe a planet x or second sun that is part of the solar system that has a large orbit but almost certainly won't disastrously affect this planet anytime soon. Certainly not within your lifetime.

Some people/publishers have made money out of the 2012 planet x/nibiru disaster scenario and may continue to make money off of it until Dec 21 2012.

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Ed, i watched a 2hour long zecharia sitchin video the other day and when asked about planet x "arriving" in 2012 he just laughed, he said planet x had a orbit of 3600 years and the last time it passed the sun was about 500-700 b.c.


This is the video

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Cheers ed, it makes me wonder because so many people go on about it, and thr seems to be alot of info. but lies for money. im inrested in the whole planets solar system stuff, from the moon landing and the dark side of the moon and this nibiru BLUEBOY1

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22 Jun 2012 12:35:14
maybe the ones that sufferthe most go to higher place and the ones who torture the most go to a lower place,who knows?bri67 {Ed001's Note - that's the delusion that sets people off believing in this fantasy. Tell people they will get rewarded, sometime in the future, and they will do as you tell them. Religion is the biggest conspiracy of all.}

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Will dojust thought there must be different religons+atheists ect on this site,i wanted to see what peoples thoughts were,cheers for your time mate bri67 {Ed001's Note - I am sure a few others will join in.}

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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, maybe that is the same with life?
maybe when one person dies another is born, not necessarily a human life.
sort of like reincarnation..


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At above post, why is the population rising then ?

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Who said it had to be human can't creatures come back in reincarnation like humans. They say we can come bag as creatures so why not vice verca?

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No name, as our population rises the animal population decreases..?

(not saying i believe what i said in the first post, but why not..? nobody knows what happens and we never will, it's lifes great/tragic mystery)


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My basic point is we dont have the intelligence to understand whats going on! for example tell a cat to go to the shops to buy a pint of milk,will he understand? bri67

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I strongly doubt the whole "Heaven & Hell" garbage.
Most people on this page and the many others like it, all like to see evidence, and there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE of all the Religious tripe that mankind has had to endure for far too long!

In order for us to move forward, we really must get rid of Religion, and before anyone starts branding me some type of hate monger, i do believe that there is a lot of great literature in many biblical books, and these should be aknowledeged by us, but only as myth, like all the other myths round the globe that we actually do have EVIDENCE for.



ps: All Religions got their idea's from ancient Sumeria, so IF ( and i say IF because I cannot disprove a god's existence ) there is any truth to any religious tale from any religious book, it belongs to the Sumerians and their tales of The Anunnaki.

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22 Jun 2012 06:51:25
who believes in catholosism+why?i do! discuss please bri67 {Ed001's Note - do you? I believe Catholicism exists, if that helps?}

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So ed what do you believe in if anything and why?that was my question! bri67 {Ed001's Note - sorry mate, I didn't realise that was what you were asking. Personally, I do not believe in any religion, I am an atheist. I think religions are just people taking advantage of the human desire for there to be something more to life than just existing. People are always looking for meaning, they seem to think we have to have more to our life than a simple desire to exist. I see no reason why there should be more to life, we are no more than animals with a higher IQ, to enable us to survive more easily.}

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Thats a fair point,i just think we as a race are a bit arrogant to think we are at the top of the tree!as you yourself say,could there not be something with a higher IQ etc? i mean we are on this site talking about aliens etc,so why is religion so far fetched? bri67 {Ed001's Note - you mean a being with the power to stop child abuse, world hunger, human trafficking, murders etc, but chooses to sit on their hands and watch us struggle through it? It is quite possible that there may be more powerful and intelligent creatures, but they are clearly not worthy of being worshipped. Any sentient being, with the power to help, that sits idly by, deserves contempt, not worship.}

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I understand what your saying,but nobody tells people that do things like that to do what they do,free will etc,so good people end up in a good place and bad people end up in a bad place?thats my thoughts anyway,just thought a wee discussion about different beliefs would be quite interesting? {Ed001's Note - nobody tells people what to do, but any kind of god worth worshipping would not sit idly by, in my opinion. I wouldn't sit idly by and watch you hurt an animal, it is just the same thing in my view.}

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P.s its a timeline thing,i dont think what we call eternal damnation (hell) is sitting by idly? bri67 {Ed001's Note - except there is absolutely no use in that, talking about shutting the stable door!}

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So god created all the whole universe, all the stars, all the planets, every living thing, but apparently he is not very good with money, cause the first thing ALL religions do is ask for your money and why can no one explain who made god ?, fundamental is u ask me...

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God. Did not create religion man did for power an money

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Religion says "DO".. Jesus says "Done"
Religion says " Slave"..Jesus says "Son"
Religion puts you in bondage
Jesus sets you free
Religion makes you blind
Jesus makes you see.

Religions are man made, to control and brainwash the masses!

There is only one True Faith, that is by The Grace of God through Faith in Our
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Light of the World. {Ed001's Note - am I the only one who reading that feels like vomiting? No offence, but what a crock of something brown and smelly. You don't even know anything about Jesus 'Christ', other than what religion has brainwashed you into believing. There is only blind faith, nothing true about it. Saviour? What was saved? Is the world a better place since his time? Doesn't seem it to me.}

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If the above poster was born in Afghan, to muslim parents he would have different views. Your religion is your culture, its just your parents religion except anyone who indulges in just the slightest bit of critical thinking will see that all of them are hillarious. JESUS - Santa clause for grown ups.


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21 Jun 2012 23:07:08
Whats the story with julian assange seems like hes a wanted man from a few countries


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There seems to be people out to get him alrite Jedi, one could only assume that they know he has information a lot more incriminating than anything he has previously released and they either want to prevent him or have in place a means of tarnishing anything he does release in the future by trying him for crimes such as sexual assault and the like.


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