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22 Jun 2013 20:39:19
Why all this nonsense about the death penalty on here? It's not a conspiracy whichever way you side on the debate. For what it's worth, being against the death penalty is one of the only absolutes in my life. No civilised society can take someone else's life for any reason.

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You call it nonsense and then you weigh in with your opinion. Maybe the conspiracy is why we do not have the death penalty. Maybe the powers at be what to protect certain individuals for fear of their own freedom, for e. g. A pedophile on death row may be very vocal on who his buddies are, more so than when he/she are facing a cushy couple of years in prison. Or maybe the powers at be will find a use for these child killers in the future. Maybe that’s your conspiracy. There are a few cases now where child killers are getting reduced sentences, one off my head was a case in cork where a 16/17 year old killed a young boy of 12/13. This murderer was a neighbor and even went out with the search party to help look for the boy when the notice went up he was missing. This murderer only got a couple of years and is now studying and living in London. New name, new life…civilized society, don’t buy it mate. Garbo

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Garbo you seem to be confused as to what a paedophile is if you equate the killing of all children with them. The case you mentioned was charged as manslaughter and did not have anything to do with pedophilia. The guy did not set out to intentionally harm the poor child that died. While I understand peoples sensitivities get heightened when it comes to kids the guy in question made a horrible mistake and served his time. He is in no way considered a risk to people in the future so why should he not have a chance at trying to rebuild a life?

Captain Needa

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Needa, no confusion here. While pedophilia and child killers are on occasion one of the same, I quite clearly separated them in my post. You say he made a mistake but why didn’t he come forward, why did he help the search party? I also read that there was sperm residue on the child’s underwear but for some reason this was as far as that part of the story went. The time served by this animal doesn’t equate to the crime committed, that was my point. Do you not think so?

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22 Jun 2013 19:52:11
what are peoples opinions on vampires? not the movie type but in a lot of cultures about blood suckers etc, also significant individuals believed blood had strange properties and drank it.

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Personally I think they are a myth but a author I admire tom slemmen thinks it is possible, here is one of many recorded stories.

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We are the vampires eating all the other animals

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22 Jun 2013 16:26:28
Anyone else think there is an air of desperation amongst the establishment at the minute. The whole nsa surveillance leak has seriously rattled them. All you have to do is look at the death of Michael Hastings in Hollywood recently. pure sloppy and desperate looking means of shutting him up. He had been investigating the whole NSA issue and had apparently made contact with Wikileaks prior to his death.

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22 Jun 2013 10:44:39
I saw someone mention Capricorn One recently, and I hope the eds won't mind if I mention a couple of old favourites with a conspiracy theme. If any of you haven't seen The Parrallax View, and The Conversation, they're well worth checking out.


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Hidden Agenda, Network and They Live are worth a watch.


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Haven't seen 'They Live' thanks for that MrTG.


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The Lives Of Others is a brilliant film about the Stasi in the 70/80's

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