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22 Sep 2012 22:31:11
I love the film Constantine and others like that I would love to hear people's thoughts on it in regard to us being puppets or pawns as such or even if you believe in such things or you might think religion is one of the biggest conspiracys cheers pk

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22 Sep 2012 17:05:56
Anyone have the pleasure of seeing the "fireball in the sky breaking up..." over the UK this friday evening? Social media is awash with sightings up and down the country and a large number of my own personal friends saw it. Unfortunately I missed it myself but I have a link to a page that shows a few snippets of video taken while it was breaking up.


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Nah missed it ,to busy reading stuff off the net,only found out threw friends on facebook.

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Me and a mate saw it last night around 11.30pm. Awesome sight.


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About 17 years ago when i was 13 or so, i was camping out with mates in the Sunderland area, and we witnessed something exactly the same , however it was much larger most likely closer to the earths surface. About 10 minutes later we felt the floor rumble, and i vaguely remember the news saying it was a meteor and it had landed in the Lancashire sea? I often try and search online to see if there was any more info on it, and can never find anything.

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I forgot to add, that the reason it landed in the sea by all accounts is to do with the magnetic fields i was told

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22 Sep 2012 16:33:40
just a question to new and old members to this site,with the way new laws and freedom are being taken away from us each day with big brother monitoring everything,do you think sites like this will say in ten years time will be monitored ?similar to McCarthyism
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I personally believe they are already being monitored.}

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I am sure i mentioned this about a year ago and either you or edd33 dismissed it,any particular reason why edd?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - because we have had a lot of attempts to flame threads over the last few months.}

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Sorry to sound dumb, flame threads?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - flaming is the deliberate destruction of a discussion by provoking an argument and so steering the discussion away from the topic.}

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Really?any particular topics edd?and is it a certain person doing this or a few?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - impossible to say for sure how many people there are, different IP addresses could still be one person. It is the more up to date topics, discussion of news items seems to be the ones that entice them in.}

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Have you put there posts on here even thou there might be a chance they are trying to divert the topic?i have thought even before thou mentioned this that there was one person who was trying to wind up people over a topic i mentioned ,i could be going paranoid thou but i am getting someone or people disagreeing with everything i say which is fine but one of the posts was i was going to middlesbourough for a few days and i got 5 lol.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I would just ignore the disagrees myself, a lot are just accidental on phones and others people trying to cause mischief. We normally give them a chance with their replies, unless they are just being obtuse for the sake of it, when we just delete them.}

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To be honest it would not surprise me at all about sites like this being monitored,a little surprised about the flame threads thing thou,has it happened before on any other sites you know?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - happens all the time on the Guardian comments sections, companies employ people specifically to do it.}

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The mind boggles ,i think 90 per cent of people on this particular site have strong and grounded views anyway so i doubt any flame threads are gonna make people change there views .
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - no, but they just cover up any passing on of information.}

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Like changing the subject?maybe so edd but if people are easily lead in another direction then they always will,or am i being to harsh?
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - not changing the subject, just destroying the discussion so people completely forget about it. People are very easily distracted when angered, they just remember the argument and forget what else was happening.}

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Fair point lets try and get the main point across in our topics .
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - luckily, posts and replies being edited means we can keep most of the flaming away.}

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At the moment government level monitoring is based on a "flag" system. Certain keywords and phrases are set in the same way as a spam filter and are then captured for analysis when used.
My current favourite monitoring technique is the facial recognition software as it clealry demonstrates the mentally of the masses. Would you walk down the street and stick a poster up on a wall with your photo, name, address and telephone number on it? No you wouldn't. But slap this feature on facebook and tell people "all your friends are doing it" and they will do it in their thousands. Take a look at the LFC website right now, there's a tag yourself in the stadium "competition" so in effect whats actually happening is a couple of quid has been invested in a few prizes and along come the supporters in the hope of winning something, hundreds of them happily slapping their name next to a photo which can now be used by the club or the police to identify you anytime they want to for any reasons that you won't actually be aware of.
The scam is by "entering" the competition or "using" the website involved that is what is used to accept you have granted your permission for your tagged picture to be used in any way they want.

Worth noting though (if you exclude downloaders) the least suspected, but most commonly prosecuted monitoring system is.....

Not big brother but the busy bodies who take offense at the things you write on the web and directly report you to the police for writing it in the first place. Nice friends we have eh.


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22 Sep 2012 10:55:28
Anyone else think this punishment is too harsh?

a friend of mine was being strangled by a middle eastern man for just looking at him (the man thought he was disrespectful)anyway after arguing the man started to attack my friend and strangled him and wouldn't stop so out of desperation my friend bit half an inch of his ear off... my friend suffers with a bad chest and has asthma so panicked and did that.

after a few months of going to court my friend has just received 6 years for what he did.. without appeal.
all because he panicked and lashed out,out of desperation.

a woman who killed her 2 weeks old son got 8 years..
surely the justice system is f~ck~d up.

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Was this abroad?

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Nope, england.

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Seems like self defence to me,its probably because the guy was middle eastern and they played the racialy motivated card,if it were another english man he would probably just receive a fine,just another example of how messed up this country has become.

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His 50 other convictions did not help i bet

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It is his first offence, he doesn't drink, do drugs or smoke, he has 2 kids and a wife, nobody has a bad word to say about him.. but he gets 6 years for this... strange sentence if you ask me.

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Cant really comment mate,without more facts,it does seem ott considering its hes first offense.

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I got jumped in glasgow a few years ago and my only defence was to bite the guy on the neck taking a big chunk.

i got a 1750 fine no jail. Scots law is different but its a similar case. he should appeal. xoesbt sound right but these muslims are causing is all sorts of problems playing the race card everytime anything happens and they always get away with it. look at this carry on over a stupid video. 50 dead. no remorse. if we rioted every time some called the pope a rottweiller. can u imagine. they are500 years behind the west. atleast

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I'm not racist in anyway but these nmuslims who play the race card are really doing my t1ts in. If the uk is that bad the feck off

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I'm sorry but a lot of problems are foreigners. Yes we have bad English scum, but we could control just the english.

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I'm sorry but I find the muslim do this blah blah comments outragous!
Are youi seriously tellng me that if u called sikh / Hindu/ jew / christians prohet or religious person a b*sted
Insulted their god and their entire religious beliefs in a 70 minute long film. That the people of that particular religion will sit there quitly?
I am not saying that killing innocent people is the answer or that I could be justified, as that is unacceptable!
But there main purpose of that video is to spread hate, and muslims don't want more negative/ false information spread about them!
I feel that they have been targeted a lot recently with the quran burnings etc.

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Personally, I think the muslims get a bad deal over this. I don't, however, accept their belief that the UK would be better under Sharia Law. This country has functioned perfectly well under it's own laws for centuries before muslims decided to settle here. Yes, it's not perfect, but then where in the world is?
My personal view is that if they are so insistent on living in a country under Sharia, then they should move to a country that is ruled that way. You can't have your cake and eat it. People like Hamza, preaching hate & inciting violence in this country should not be tolerated the way that we do. They then play the human rights card if we try to deport them, it's wrong. Don't misunderstand me though, I'm not saying that all muslims are bad. Far from it. I've known and still know several Islam followers who are extremely nice, law-abiding people & I'm proud to be able to call them friend. It's the ones who want to terrorise, to impose, that need to take a long hard look at why they are in this country in the first place.
Khakipillowslip {Ed001's Note - if Sharia law treated black people the way it does women, the whole world would be calling it Apartheid and campaigning to stop it. Apparently it is ok to treat women like second class citizens though, or countries like Saudi Arabia would be shunned.}

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