Conspiracy Talk Archive December 23 2012


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23 Dec 2012 18:14:07
{Ed033's Note - Evidence that government agencies are mixing primate with human dna to create ape-men super soldiers to control the number of humans on planet earth?

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura - humans + primates = humanzees

Watched the jesse ventura program,i would not be surprised if they did it,funny enough a few weeks ago i was watching a chimp and doc on virgin and its scary what they can do to a human,makes you think if it is true and there was a outbreak of them what could any human do to defend themselves?could not fight them even with a baseball bat,could not outrun them , could not lock ourselves in a house and hide from them,only thing we could do is shoot them oh i forgot they are trying to disarm 300 millions guns in the usa,no coincidence eh?

They can rip humans limb from limb, very strong animals.


Didnt starlin try to breed super ape soldier
type thingys in the 40's? I was told this by a slovak pal of mine who also said that the russians would get the biggest soldiers to shack up with big tall women to produce the big boys they have now!

Is this a precursor to real life rise of the planet of the apes?
hudd red

24 Dec 2012 18:34:17
do you not think that maybe they need disarming though? I mean its a 200 year old law dating back to the time when a lot of the country was frontier territories and settlers were at risk from indians. Your talking about single shot powder and ball flintlocks. Now people are tooled up with as much hardware as on your average call of duty game. Is there any need for some ordinary joe to own a machine gun? If everyone's got a stick someone just goes and gets a bigger stick. Where does it end? How many more schools need to shot up and kids massacred? Just look at what happened to those firemen.

Who knows hudd, movies or tv programs years ago that seem far fetched then are normal now.

To the guy that posted about usa needs disarming ,listen this is a touchy subject with the school kids getting slaughtered and it does not sit right with the gun association wanting schools getting tooled up but there seems to be a agenda for the last 10 years by the elite to disarm america ,even thou we are not allowed to buy guns here we all know that the bad guys can still get them and in fact gun crime rising so even if they do ban them its going to solve a madman or drugs relating shootings,why am i against the agenda to ban guns in the united states is because the new world order are trying there hardest to push theses laws threw aided and abetted by Manchurian candidates which btw i think has happened with the batman shooting, don't get me wrong you will always get psychopaths with guns like you do with people driving a car and killing Innocent people,like someone typed on a blog i read ,it the person who is evil not the gun,thats my take on this subject.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I disagree, the more guns in circulation, the easier it is for the wrong people to get them. Remove them from the police, except for special units, then it becomes easier to keep them off the streets. The reason gun crime is rising, is simply because a crim now needs a gun to pull off a crime they would once have done with bats and knives.}

Edd i would agree if the police were going to stay as it is but we are heading towards a police state as for banning guns as i mentioned banning guns in this country has not exactly helped,your a scouser as well you know the score about how many shootings there are,criminals and people with money will always have opportunistic ways to get them.
frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - increasing the ease with which they get access does not help anyone though.}

Drugs are banned we can still get them, alcohol was banned in the 30s in the usa it never stopped crime and drinking, banning 300 million registered guns in the usa is never gonna solve the problem its going to send it underground, out of the 300million guns i reckon maybe 5 per cent are cranks and we from the uk judge what the usa people want as we have never been brought up with people allowed to carry guns, just my opinion edd, have a merry one off to put my daughters laptop under the tree.

25 Dec 2012 00:22:23
franky my point was more do normal households need the kind of weapons you see on call of duty? That bloke who killed all those kids, conspiracy or not got it out of his mums gun cupboard. Whats a middle aged woman need a semi automatic machine gun for? I agree that criminals will get hold of weapons but i agree with the editor. Restrict it as much as possible. A ban on selling assault rifles is sensible. So is proper checks on the customer and banning anyone with a criminal record or mental health issues from buying any sort of gun. If i recall correctly australia had a couple of bad mass killings back in the early 90's and they tightened gun laws. They haven't had a mass killing since. So it does work. Look at this country after dunblane. Deescalate the arms race. Nothing against peoples civil liberties or personal freedoms but any parent would prefer not to send their kids off in a morning worrying if some nut is going to shoot up the school. If it means losing guns then this is not a bad thing surely? Yes you'll always have criminals and maniacs but lower the odds, it makes sense.