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23 Feb 2012 23:11:15
Someone mentioned bohemian grove and what I've read on this pretty much freaked me out! One thing stood out and that's DMT! apparently the brain releases a chemical called DMT at the point of dying!

Apparently this stuff is the highest form of a trip known to man! Back to bohemian grove well what I read is the virgin sacrifice thing happens due to DMT! This is why shamons, witches apparently drink the blood because of the DMT content! Just wondering if anyone else has heard this? There are videos of people on YouTube who've took it and what they describe is unreal!

Runcorn Red!

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Have a look at alex jones bohemian grove.

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Yeah MGMT have took it just look at their videos

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23 Feb 2012 22:22:55
The Obama administration are considering reducing the amount of deployed nuclear weapons by eighty percent in a proposal to cut military costs.

To do so would see the number of deployed weapons back at 1950s levels.

Whilst such a reduction would send out a peaceful message to the rest of the world, it suggests confidently that there isn't a requirement for them...How so?

Is world peace just round the corner or do they have something better than nukes?


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Whilst the arms trade is one of the biggest and most lucrative busineses in the world, there will never be world peace. The elite have to create a demand and they have throuought history manipulated situations and still do today, did you ever notice you didnt hear a great deal about Lybia untill after Afgan, you hardly heard nothing about Syria untill they'd got Lybia onside with the new friendly rulers. war = $$$ I dont know what they are going to do in the future if everybody just rolls over and becomes the U.N's bitch ? What will happen to Halaburton and Carlisle industries etc.... ? World peace, never Im afraid.

Matt_RFC {Ed001's Note - they would just split up the UN.}

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Be interesting if it happens, would the Russiand and Chinese also turn around and do it, i doubt it.

The UN needs a total restructure anyway its barely fit for purpose as it is.

Maybe split the health/ education stuff off into a seperate organisation or something perhaps.

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In addition to my earlier post, apparently there is an agreement between the US and Russia to reduce deployed weapons to 1550 by 2018, which is the lowest that can be used to maintain deterrence of a nuclear attack. The US are looking to reduce thier numbers to 300-400 way before 2018. The Russians have no intention of following suit however.

I know theres very little chance of being buddied up with everyone in the world in my lifetime and i know that weapons and war equal big bucks, so it brings me back to my initial question.

If the US are confident enough to reduce their arsenal by so much, whilst their potential enemies retain their high numbers, just what have the weapons manufacturers come up with that replaces what would amount to an obsolete practice but also makes sure that the country remains militarilly strong and continues to line the pockets of the war makers and benefactors?


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23 Feb 2012 22:00:41
this is gonna sound nutty and paranoid but i was playing on-line golf game called wgt(world golf tour) and you can play any1 around the world, got chatting to this guy who has been living in Australia for the past year,he said its the first time in a year he has played golf because of he"s 16 hour shifts, i said"Jesus mate are you stuck in a mine all day lol?" he said actually yes, i am a head engineer looking for gold" so i joked and mentioned the supposedly American underground bunker in Alice springs then the next thing he mentioned 3 places cant remember two of them but he deffo mentioned townsville all joining then as he was typing more stuff hes internet connection went , i was gutted, prob a dodgy internet but u never know.

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23 Feb 2012 19:35:27
Hey guys,

Had an interesting discussion at work today about how powerful the human mind is- and i remembered there was an interview posted a few months ago on this site- with a guy (can't remember the name sadly) but he did a big part of the interview about deja vu, multiverse theorem and his idea about daemons.

If you guys could provide me with the link again, i would be very grateful.

(again thanks ed for an awesome site)


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23 Feb 2012 14:17:54
Ken Livingstone ( the old London mayor ) has been quoted saying that we should hang banker a week until they get the message, good idea or bad ?

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Ken Livingstone is a horrible nasty individual who is very antiu-Semitic and homophobic and how he is still a member of the Labour party i do not know never mind the party endorsed candiate for the London Mayor election.

If some nutter went out there and was crazy enough to go and murder someone who worked in a bank and cite Ken Livingstone's comments then Ken would be guilty of inciting murder.

I don't like all of this recent vitriol against bankers. By all means confiscate their bonuses, tax them a bit more, even sack the ones who made the most mess. But comments like that are not helpful. Even if meant it jest it is poor taste.

I think the reason that we have seen so much bash the banker rhetoric in recent weeks, especially from the politicians, is to try and deflect us away from asking the importnat questions, like how were they allowed to rack up so much debt in the first place and what are going to do to prevent it from happening again.

However the politicians do not want us asking such questions as they can't or wont answer them as it exposes their own culpability. This goes for politicians from all sides.

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I think ne of the national papers did a collection of Ken's outbursts, some of them are quite awful. Can't think who it was now, Telegraph maybe?

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Why do people bandy about the word anti-semitic.
The Semitic tribes where people from the middle east of Arabs, Aramaeans, Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Sabaeans, and Hebrews.
So because Israel has brutalised and ethnical cleansed most of these people from their land, Israel must be anti-semitic.
Please think before you spout zionist propaganda!

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Agree with the above poster 100% I was watching Comment on Press TV a couple of months ago and a caller was stating how president Lincoln said basically never mind the wars, my greatest enemy is the bankers. The caller then was saying how bankers have been at the centre of the worst major political events during the last few hundred years, and George Galloway practically threw him off air saying he was anti-semetic. The guy never mentioned relegion once it was like watching a knee-jerk reaction, very sad, George is more brain washed than people think, after all he is relegious.


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Who was using zionist propaganda? You seem a bit paranoid my friend?

Ok so Livingstone is a rascist then, is that better?

I'm sure he'd bashed other minorities as well, i'm sure he'd said something anti-kurdish as well.

I notice you didn't disagree with him being homophobic. Or even disagree with my comments that politicians are using bankers as a smokescreen to hide their own guilt.

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What is paranoid about correcting your ill thought out tirade against livingstone, who I do not have any time for.
I pointed out your anti-semitic quote!,
this is a tool zionists have used as is "self haters" wich they use as an insult to smear any person of jewish origin who does not agree with them! Fact!
As of homophobia, your having a laugh...
Another invented word, break the word down, homo/fear, "fear of homosexuals".
People who dislike gays don`t fear them!!
Stop following fawning politicians soundbites.

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Try reading the man's quotes.

I'm not jewish or a bloody zionist.

Stop being so patronising.

So given Livingstone's anti gay remarks what would you call it? Er the same as the rest of the civilised world....homophobia...

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Er correct me if i am wrong but aren't all words invented?

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Civilised world, very subjective that is.
What countries are you referring to as being in the civilised world?
More soundbites!.
Patronising, subjective again!

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23 Feb 2012 13:51:18
what do people think of that dutch lab making artificial meat? Good or bad?

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Bad, bad, bad

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I asked cos saw it on the news the other day and they were psuhing the it'll stop starvation line, but to me it does seem a bit dodgy.

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Found a small video

Big D

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My pet sheep thinks it a good idea

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This was a story put out by the illuminati.
End of the story quoted to feed the ever increasing population!
Think of the logistics of lab meat, there would have to be massive warehouses fully air conditioned sterile lab conditioned, when a cow can stand out in a field in all weather conditions.
Look at the price of meat substitutes like quorn, they are more expensive than meat, lab meat would be even more expensive.
This story was to condition people into believing that the world is over populated.
Get ready for a mass cull, warfare is their tool, middle east me thinks....

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Bad!Australia have a problem like this where it's not illegal to use little cuts of meat (the bits no one wants) and in infuse them together using an enzyme to create a "steak". It's easy to spot when raw but difficult when cooked, so a lot of restaurants are using this as a very cheap alternative but still charging premium prices. Can't remember the name of the documentary should be on youtube somewhere.Remember you are what you eat

Big D

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Yeah lets stick to natural foods like strawberry, the fruit only created 200 years ago, or crop staples that have been extensivly genetically engineered. Agriculture is artificial and gm thats the point.

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