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23 Jan 2012 22:35:23
You should watch, THRIVE - WHAT ON EARTH WILL IT TAKE, trust me you will love it

{Ed033's Note - I watched Thrive when the 2 hour film was on youtube. It has now been taken down from youtube but the documentary is full of really good information. There is nothing new in the film that I haven't seen or heard before but it would be good to give to someone in an attempt to "wake them up".
Below is the trailer for the Thrive movie

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Ed anywhere i could get the film to show my friends who need waking up and stop thinking iam talking rubbish.DORSET RED {Ed001's Note - download it from youtube, the latest version of Real Player will record it to your comp without any fuss.}

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hi ed wondering if you could post a link to a website with Thrive. have tried google videos and youtube but it seems to have been completely removed, wonder why?

{Ed033's Note - I do not have a direct link. If you type "thrive movie" into google you may come across something and there are also some "file sharing" sites that may have it.}

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Torrent on
search thrive

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24 Jan 2012 19:25:09
Please understand Thrive is a front.
The presenter is a direct descendent of James Gamble of Procter and Gamble. His name is Foster Gamble.
Proctor and Gamble were the first to put floride in toothpaste
All the subjects in the film are true yet they have produced this film for some reason WHY?
Question everything

{Ed033's Note - Who knows, but all the information in the film is really good to show people in an attempt to "wake them up".}

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I am downloading thrive now edd, never seen it myself so will give my opinon after watching it,once i have downloaded it i am willing to share it on this site, or would it be better trying to put it on youtube and sharing the link?

{Ed033's Note - To be honest frankyscouse, if you upload it onto youtube, youtube will probably remove it or you will be asked to remove it or risk having legal action being taken against you. Also this web site doesn't want to stream a video without consent from the owner.}

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Get something like bit torrent, and search it on piratebay, trust me you show people it they're like wtf, it's good. ed any other documentaries which makes good watching u knw of? illuminati or so on? cheers

{Ed033's Note - There are loads of good documentaries on youtube and this site has posted a number of them. It really depends on which subject you are into. All of the Alex Jones documentaries are on youtube for instance. All of the Chris Everard documentaries are also worth watching.
Also this documentary should make people think, "WTF"
Cancer Documentary - Dr. Burzynski Antineoplaston Therapy

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24 Jan 2012 22:38:02
Hi Ed, Thanks for posting my rant about Foster Gamble and the Thrive movie. Just wanted to raise the question of why is Foster Gamble involved.
I cant help thinking that by admitting all this , they are accepting we are awakening. However if they present these ideas then they will be discredited. Thoughts any one
Question everything

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23 Jan 2012 22:28:23
just read this on yahoo news about the biggest solar storm hitting the earth since 2005,ranked 3 out of 5 ,5 being its very dangerous and all satellites dont work, if that happens then it will be chaos everywhere.


{Ed033's Note - Yes and this is why we don't want a few centralised electricity power stations but electricity being produced ideally within each house using the power generation technology that is being supressed.}

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Illuminati/government plan edd? everyone looking for major stuff to happen this year like asteroids/aliens/earthquakes when something like solar burst knocking out all satellites it is just going to be just as bad as an earthquake, we are so reliant on satellites for everything now within one week it would be chaos in every city, if this was 40 years ago we would cope, we all had a local shop that sold fresh food/fruit no processed crap, everyone got paid by a wage packet every week, no use of banks to draw your money out because they are useless without satellite technology, funny enough the only places on earth that would not be that effected is the third world countries, that's my take on it.

{Ed033's Note - If you can get everyone reliant on some centralised system, you have total control, which is their alleged agenda.}

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May be a coincidence edd but was there not a prediction that the Chinese had technology to wipe out or take down the satellites? or the internet ? cant remember to be honest but as i was surfing the net trying to look it up and i stumbled on the Chinese calender and 2012 is the year of the dragon and here what the symbol of the dragon is(copied and pasted this).
if you are also born in the year of the dragon, then it means you are trying to fight for (dominance).

interesting coincidence edd?

{Ed033's Note - it appears that the Chinese have some high end black technology that they may use at some point for an attempt at world domination. Historically they have allegedly always thought that the European elite were a bunch of buffoons but whenever they have tried to take on the European elite in the past, they have always lost. Do the European elite channel info from somewhere that gives them the edge?

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So do the illuminati not spread their shadowy figure over the Chinese then?
All this stuff going on in The Middle East with Iran and their supposed attempt at gaining nuclear capabilities has placed China on the map. Allegedly they will start to be the main importers of Iranian oil. They've been trying unsuccessfully for barrels of crude oil to be no longer sold by the US$
Thereby weakening their grip on the world economy.
Iran's resistance has intensified and NATO and US ships are heading towards the Persian Gulf.
Wouldn't surprise me if China threw their increasing weight behind Iran.

{Ed033's Note - The chinese are run by an "illuminati" type group but the illuminati that people talk about is not just 1 consolidated group. It is more than 1 group that fight amongst themselves and we see this through countries fighting each other either covertly or overtly.}

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Now that's news to me and makes a whole lot more sense!
Is each group trying to obtain total domination?
Do they have any sort of reciprocal agreements and are their philosophies the same or similar?
{Ed033's Note - I wouldn't exactly know. I have speculated on previous posts on this subject. I would say they work together on some projects such as creating a globalised world and against each other on other projects. 1 or more group may have said to the other group(s) that their philosophy is very similar but at some point will have to show their negative true colours. None of these groups appear to be positive. The best we could hope for is that 2% of the population "wake up" and make the positive demands (such as giving the world the super cheap energy systems that are about) rather than allowing these "illuminati" groups to decide our fate

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Its the new version of Risk: Illuminati Battle.

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23 Jan 2012 21:48:41
ed, IF there was to be a "nuke" at the Olympics and big Ben and/or the house of parliaments is blown up what would we gain from it (Britain)?. (if it is the illuminati behind it.)

{Ed033's Note - This is a highly unlikely scenario but look what happened after 9/11. After 9/11 the negative agenda of total control got a big leap forward. The answer would be a big leap forward in the NWO agenda}

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Heard recently that parliament was sliding into the thames and big ben was dramaticly tilting so to destroy them somehow could work on two levels,more control and new headquarters,

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You could be onto something there Niko. Could just imagine Borris Johnson in the UKs own version of the "Pull it" faux pas!


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23 Jan 2012 18:19:16
Spooky read on the subject of time travel; man disappears, reappears out of thin air many years later dressed in period clothes, what do you think? The case certainly seems very believable and has been authenticated to a certain extent; The more i read on this subject the stranger it is. What do you think ed?

{Ed033's Note - Whitley Strieber ( who wrote the book, Communion about his strange experiences with the greys at his log cabin, has possibly had one of these time travel experiences. According to him on his radio show, he was out in a city in America and then suddenly found himself in what looked to be an older version of the city when he stopped to cross the road, he saw a paper on the floor and went to pick it up to see the date but then stopped and thought that if he did pick the paper up, he might stay in what appeared to be the past. Then when he looked back up again, he was back in the current time.

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23 Jan 2012 16:13:45
what do you think of the Project SERPO about the group of american servicemen who were sent to an alien home planet in an early exchange programme? I have read some of the SERPO papers and they maake very interesting reading indeed.

{Ed033's Note - The people who started Project Serpo put out a "call" for a web master. Bill Ryan said he would help them out as the web guy. Bill Ryan then found out that all the Project Serpo info was actually a hoax even though it might sound plausible. Bill Ryan then formed Project Camelot with Kerry Cassidy after she interviewed him on Project Serpo. So Project Serpo was revealed as a hoax years ago just before Project Camelot began.

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Thanks for that, ed. Slightly disappointed about it all being a hoax but i suppose thats the nature of ufologists and conspiracy theorists (like me). In the end we all want to believe.

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