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23 Jul 2012 19:21:49
Eyewitnesses say second gunman let the suspect in.
Fox in US reported a Navy Ops agent dead in the shooting.
Sounds fishy

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The gunman himself looked really out of sorts like he had been given a dose of something or hypotised even.

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And if your going to booby trap your apartment why would you tell, surely that defeats the purpose? and he was arrested without a struggle armed to the teeth? something fishy alright

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I have to agree, my wife is a nurse, she said he looked totally out of it in court. You just have to look at his eyes.

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Maybe 1 shooter but james holmes wasnt the shooter, the guy was head to toe in swat team gear! His face was covered so no1 can identifiy them, then the wheel this guy with his hair dyed and drugged up to high heaven out! All looks a bit strange!

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Could be another case of bath salts

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There was also earlier reports that the alleged shooter was part of Black Bloc, an anarchist movement seen at Occupy Wall Street, Chicago & other sites in america, who have been accused of being "police provocateurs" That report has now been removed. I find it odd that UN Small Arms Gun Ban is coming up for vote in the senate in a few weeks & this happens.

Throw in to account that this was a "white man" shooting up a predominantly "black" theater & you have a nice false flag attack.

And the alleged gunman looks like he has been drugged something fierce.

an american red - one who will not give up my 2nd amendment rights

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I'd go one step further - Holmes now loks like he doesn't have a brain.

Like he's been lobotomised or something......or had his memory wiped, perhaps? He constantly looks like he's battling to remember something, then giving up on it.

Plus, the two pictures (google it - one of him that's been used by the media, the other his mugshot) are very weird. Some stark differences in facial features, such as the nose.

This is one of the most intriguing and possibly disturbing recent conspiracies I've read about. A LOT of things pointing towards an inside job, with Holmes being the patsy, and the end goal being citizens being stripped of their guns by law.


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23 Jul 2012 18:22:44
EDD have you heard of roger hayes and the new banking systeam hes trying to create .. any thoughts on this if youve heard of it ?

{Ed033's Note - Yes I've heard of it and it is a stepping stone towards Mike Montagne's Mathematically Perfected Economy™

What Roger Hayes is proposing is that we have a very similar system to what we have now but instead of the bankers benefiting we the people benefit from it

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Surely there's no chance that that will be allowed to happen, certain people have too much to lose.

{Ed033's Note - Of course it won't be allowed to happen, this is possibly why Roger Hayes has spent 21 days in prison as a warning to him

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Sounds good to me obviously will never happen. BLUEBOY1

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Ive had a look at some videos on youtube about it looks too good to be true.

i see hes been jailed for witholding council tax or that.

{Ed033's Note - New Banking System Proposed by Roger Hayes which benefits the people as a stepping stone to Mike Montgne's Mathematically Perfected Economy™

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Is anyone actually guna sign up? BLUEBOY1

{Ed033's Note - hundreds of people may have signed up for the lawful bank but they require millions of people to sign up in UK.

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Im quite tempted. will u sign up ed?

{Ed033's Note - I already signed up to the lawful bank months ago

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Hi Ed033 do you know if Roger Hayes has been released from prison?
Do you know roughly how many people have signed up to the lawful bank or is there anyway of checking?
In your opinion do you think it will ever leave the ground?
I have just signed up and in my opinion its the only way forward but i think it will upset to many enlightened ones so to speak so therefore great idea but no hope as we are all just modern day slaves with no rights no voices and we are just here to make them richer.


{Ed033's Note - Roger Hayes is now out of prison and the amount of people signing up to the lawful bank is being hidden. My guess is that the figure is in the hundreds.

Dean Clifford shows you how the system works here:

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Just sign up spread the word facebook, twitter, myt aswell use the govs own social sites to do em

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Has anyone got the link ? checked for it there on google couldnt see anything about a petition.

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Ln the website says sign up

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23 Jul 2012 18:16:38
just watching bbc news and very nice city scape of london behind george and its just clicked. The shard looks like an elongated pyramid or obelisk. Now to me thats a bit funny. Especially as it was finished just in time with the olympics. Ed do you think its a funny shape or might have something to do with their zion ceremony?

{Ed033's Note - The Shard means something to them but I don't know what it means

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I see the fellows that jumped in with the enormous recue package for it are middle eastern. To me its like blatant back-handers, I wonder what they are getting out of it really ?


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23 Jul 2012 05:16:23
Ive just recently become hooked on conspiracies and i find all different aspects of it really interesting. could an ed or anyone else recommend any good conspiracy books or authors you find credible/not crazy/realistic as im kinda new to this and would like to learn more.

{Ed033's Note - Dr Joseph P. Farrell and Jim Marrs for books and also visit this video interview web page (scroll to the bottom of the page) -

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Hi chinaman,
I would recommend "War is a racket' by smedley d butler & "Pawns in the game" by William guy Carr. Plus anything to do with the Rothschilds, fractional reserve banking and Lincoln & JFK's assassinations.


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Great thanks Ed and jquan

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Hi chinaman, first of all (as we all know) it is exciting when you fist embark on it, but just remember not to become one of those who think that enything and eveything is a conspiricy and use a lot of critical thinking because there is a lot of far fetched stuff on the internet. The bottom line is, its the guys who lend your govenment fake money who are running the show. As the Beatles told the world subliminally in one of their songs many years ago now, "Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see." I recomend watching FKN Newz presented by Deek Jackson, its kind of political satire, its very funny but very true.


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