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23 Jun 2012 22:07:13
back when the 'western forces' accused Iraq of having WMD then it was outed as a lie. Surely the powers that be could have planted WMD in Iraq!? And in doing so invade the country 'legally'

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Well anything is possible but lets not forget that building such weapons is very expensive and the facilitys are massive so thats like already billions in funding.Then the sources can be traced such as like a fingerprint in uranium.
Then they have to sneak these weapons into the country unless they built them there and thats not going to be easy and then plant them in known compounds so they can be found.

That is after killing the person who leaked it on the BBC that is (suicide sorry dont want to be their next hit).

Oh and ed are we all still believing that he was so aggrieved by anouncing on the BBc that they glamourised the documents he killed himself with his hands tied or has another suspect account been spoon fed to us by our loving government.

Kopping a feel

{Ed033's Note - The first post is actually quite funny because there is no such thing as 'legally' invading a sovereign nation like Iraq. Think about this; Does america or russia or france etc. have WMDs? Yes, so why doesn't someone 'legally' invade these countries? The answer is because there is no such thing as 'legally' invading a sovereign nation.

Kopping a feel, I think you answered your ed question perfectly accurately yourself.

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That's why legally was put in as 'legally' maybe ligitimate was the word to be used. And as there is plenty of wmds in America it would be easy to plant a weapon there. If ppl on here believe in black tech etc it should be a piece of p1ss for them to plant a weapon there?!

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23 Jun 2012 19:04:08
Has anyone seen the Julian Assange show on RT called 'The world tomorrow' ? He has interviewed some high profile people from arround the world, it's interesting to see that he is getting a lot of support away from the western media who are trying to vindictate him. Do others think they they are just trying to damage his reputation or do you beleive he did what they say ?

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I think he was set up to try get him in jail one way or another i feel sorry on him becuse he is only doing good, but thats the price you pay for whistleblowing he you will be demonised by the media


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There's an old saying "no smoke without fire" maybe he did do something a bit naughty once and now that they are so desperate to get him they'll dig up anything they can to pin on him. That said it could just be a put up job, but something like that needs false witnesses and manufactured evidence. Yes they could do it, but if it unravelled then its dangerous.

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If you apply the correct amount of pressure, friction will also produce smoke!
smoke with no fire! ya see?

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23 Jun 2012 18:32:45
Does anyone else think that UFO's are our "future ancestors" coming back to prevent certain things that may have gone wrong in the past?

Would it be possible to change the past if we could?

I can remember seeing the TV show "Lost" and in there it said what has been done can not be undone.


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I believe that time travel is possible but only into the future, like when travelling at the speed of light..

there's too many complications to go back in time IMO.


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What I don't understand is if a human came up with the theory of time then how can travelling through time be possible?

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No name, say if an astronaut went to space today and he traveled around space at the speed of light for 10 years (10years in human time) when he comes to earth everything would of aged by 100 hundred years (give or take a few).

ed is that right? help me out here lol.

JK92 {Ed001's Note - I am not sure of the exact amounts involved, but they do perceive time at a different rate and age at a different, slower rate to those of us on the planet. I am not sure if I remember this correctly, but I am sure that it also happens to those in orbit on the ISS, that they perceived time differently and aged at a different rate.}

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23 Jun 2012 08:24:38
I'd like to get opinions on blood, and the theory that nazis' were close to using it as a type of fuel power known as "vril".

Blood drinking has loads of various stories through nearly all cultures. Is there anything to it?

Finally, I have donated blood lots of times, but never met anyone who needed a transfusion. Why are "Blood stocks" always so low that there's constant appeals for more? And where does blood go when morticians drain it?

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I have met a few people that need blood on a regular basis (for example once a month) the problem is, a lot of patients are not given any blood due to non being available.
Also they usually have a lot lower life expectantcy rate, usually they don't live above the age of 25-30, however ig they are given regular blood all their life then they obviously have a higher life expectancy.

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Doesn't it have use by dates? So that stocks have to be constantly replaced? Was my understanding but could be wrong. maybe vampires are real

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