Conspiracy Talk Archive June 23 2013


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23 Jun 2013 19:40:23
I've recently been involved in a whistle blowing case where my team leader was bullying and intimadating his work staff etc within a care home setting. Myself and a colleague fought hard to remove him. Long story short as he was good for business he got away with it. my colleague left due to it but unfortunately I couldn't as I've a young family, mortgage to provide for.

I couldn't help but feel for the whistle blower Bradley manning and Edward Snowden and how they are a credit to there country, fellow Americans and also decent human beings from all parts of the world. People like them should be commended for the sacrifice they are going through to open our eyes. I wish nothing but the best for them and hope it encourages us all to stand up against our oppressors.

Good luck in your journey to justice.

Ditto and the same to you roscojef.

Fully agree! Excellent post!

'When the strings of the puppet are cut, will you fall or stand and be counted'


{Ed033's Note - The strings can get cut just by people talking about conspiracy type topics to others, because with enough people shining a light on the darkness, things have to change, as stuff can't be hidden in the darkness any longer.

Thanks guys. I should have added that everyday I go to work I get the silent treatment from my work colleagues and every shift is a struggle. All because of the whistle blowing policy that every work place enforce. Well it's classed as being a snitch, troublemaking etc and all for making it a better place to work I've now had to put up with a lot of stick from it.

However it only makes me stronger each day and love taking the *******s on now.

For anyone reading this feeling the same please do it. Its hard but you feel an immense feeling of self worth knowing you've done good/right in the end.

Good for you mate, don't let the *******s grind you down, stand proud like a lion and don't lie down and roll over like a dog!

Its a pity the days of a trade union rep are well gone.

The world is getting a much darker place now, with unspeakable things being carried out and nobody is taking any notice of who's really to blame. Then when anyone has the courage to stand up and show people what's happening, such as Edward Snowden he is vilified and branded a traitor. If the puppet strings were cut I fear too many people would sit and wait for someone else to take charge again, we're all being lead off the cliff and if we don't stand together seeing past the divides that have been set to turn us against our fellow man, hope will be a distant memory and the chains that control us will become more obvious finally waking people up too late to do anything about it.

always a red