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23 May 2012 23:20:51
i have been speaking with friends and family about alternative energies cures for cancers and aids for example being held back for profiteering reasons, whilst they tend to agree that alternative energies are kept from us for monetary reasons they basically did not agree about cures for terminal reasons. Which I cannot understand as if they agree the powers that be will rape us for the energies we use i.e gas, electric and oil, why will they not agree the same powers that be will make more money from treating terminally ill people for prolonged treatments or multiple treatments for said profits, is this because it is morally wrong, or am I? Your opinions fellow posters or eds.
stuart {Ed001's Note - people have difficulty understanding that there is little profit in keeping people alive. It costs the Govt to provide cures, so they don't want them. Drug companies are only interested in cures that are prohibitively expensive.}

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Where i believe you seem to agree with me i don't see keeping people alive the point i was trying to make ed, the point i was trying to make which may not have come across was that people are getting rich from treating people rather than curing them, and the argument i seem to come across time and time again is that its not in the governments interest not to cure people if they can as it costs more money, when in fact it doesn't cost the government money it costs taxpayers more money and every bodies cost of living has sky rocketed in recent years through all the increases in taxes and types of new taxes we are paying, I know a lot is to do with the global recession, but my main point is who actually gains through not curing people (by that i mean ultimately which family or super power)?
stuart {Ed001's Note - the major corporations do, such as Glaxo Wellcome, who have shareholders, who all gain profit. I am not really sure who would be the major shareholders, but you can be pretty certain that they will be amongst the richest of the rich.}

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Over-population, If the TPTB/illuminati theories are to be believed there is potentially a plan to reduce the world's population for whatever reason (probably cost/wealth).


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Most diseases, pandemics and illnesses are manufactured and spread by the very companies that manufacture the medicines and vaccines. The sooner people wake up the better.

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23 May 2012 13:21:52
watched a viedeo about 911 yesterday and there was a point risen, when bricks fell off the buildings alot of it just turn to dust, can anyone explain or atleast come close ?

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Explosions turn brick into dust.

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Ha, that was a pretty lame explanation there, but if that helps you sleep at night then far be it from me to tell you how wrong you are.

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Look at the video about half way down this page about directed energy technology


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I hope that the guy that replied explosions turns bricks to dust meant that the crash did because if you believe that it was a controlled explosion you are an idiot?

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They nail it in the two Videos below just watch


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I was in newyork on 911 and believe me it was 2 planes that hit them buildings !
I didn see the impact but i heard the planes screaming across the skyline and it was scary !I didn hear an explosion only the inpact of the planes on the buildings and havin served in the reserve defence forces i know the difference between an explosion and a collision !

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Two planes hit those buildings of that there is no doubt,the only conspiracies that come to mind is why?

red blancmonge

{Ed033's Note - Some type of missile was flown into the buildings not a plane. It was missiles that looked like small planes at the speed they were travelling. News media then placed a generic plane image over the top of the missile. This is why there is the "appendage" that shouldn't be there under the plane in the 9/11 film, In Plane Site. This is also why the video of the planes just shows a plain grey generic plane and not what it should look like.

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Im 100% convinced that planes went into the buildings, I dont really care for the theory that every tape ever shoping planes crashing has been edited. The point is each of those buildings would have probably stood multiple planes hitting them, they would have been a mess but the bases and lower structure wouldnt give way and they wouldnt have droped into their own footprint. And before the doubters start with their official report nonsense that could be pulled apart by a five year old, the buildings cannot fall that fast without it being pulverised to get out of their own way, its the laws of physics, not the laws of congress.


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Wow that's just plane crazy.they were definetly sent there for that sole purpose,but as said there is no way they could reduce two extremly well built towers to annihalation ie dust..

red blancmonge

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Well said.

red blancmonge

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Building 7. Nuff said :)

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Building 7 is very suspicious any more on this?

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Talking of building 7 , ther is a vide from uk itv news and usa abc news. which both are played next to eachother and building 7 fell 15 minutes earlier on us t.v then it did in uk. and the clocks were exactly right from the diff time zone.

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Yeah, there's a live BBC clip on Youtube where the journalist is announcing that Building 7 has collapsed AS it is collapsing in the background. I won't rattle on but many big names had offices there, and it was built to a very solid specification. It fell with a clear crimp. LOTS of buildings were closer to the towers, but only had smashed glass. This is the biggest smoking gun. There's the Silverstein profit, JW Bush's brothers' security contract expiring THAT DAY and then some....

{Ed033's Note - Richard D. Hall and Andrew Johnson offer brand new insights about 9/11

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