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23 Nov 2011 20:19:19
In response to eds comments about humans being tweaked, I have watched some programmes and read some things that suggest the same thing. Allegedly there is another planet, Planet X or Nibiru. I understand that another race of beings known as the Nephilim inhabit this planet which crosses our orbit once every x umber of thousands of years (sorry cant remember exact number), theses beings are allegedly lizard/serpant like, and apparently there are references in most all religions to lizards or serpants which I guess is a connection to them.

Basically the suggestion is that the Nephilim genetically altered our DNA making us weaker physically. I believe this was to prevent us from 'opposing' them while they used us to mine materials from our planet for they're purposes.

As we evolved from primates we are pound for pound very much weaker than modern day apes etc I think I am correct in saying apes are 5 times stronger but we both evolved from the same primates. And I have seen an interview on CNN where it has been said that for evoloution to have caused this decrease in strength then somewhere approx 200,000 years has gone missing. Basically that man has changed almost at the blink of an eye in the timescale of evoloution.


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I thought The Nephilim were supposedly the b**tard offspring of "Angels" and human women? This being interpreted as an alien-human hybrid race of giants - of which Goliath was supposedly one.

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Nephilim are indeed the offspring of 'Gods sons' and 'Mans daughters'.
No other life force can live on other planets AND visit others freely due to the dramatic climate and gravitational change.
Apes are of course stronger, they have to hunt for their food, live in the wild etc etc. We do not. We have all our put on a plate for us, the humans of old (like the neaderphals) who had to hunt for food where probably a hell of a lot stronger than us. Same with the ones from the eras of melee fighting having to swing the axes and swords and s**t. THis is the era of office workers, we dont need to be big and strong!

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We didnt evolve from apes

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A scientist/Alien investigator once documented that From neanderthal man to the modern man was a 1000 year gap where nothing existed and then all of a sudden we were here ruling the world so either the aliens realised that neanderthal was basically a vegetable and could not evolve to the limits they had hoped for and then wiped them out and created us...That seems more believable than us coming from apes it's such a ridiculous theory that even darwin didnt believe fully i mean come on our DNA is similar to the apes but so are birds and buffalos {Ed001's Note - I am pretty sure that it has long been suggested that Neanderthal and modern man are two distinct species that co-existed for a period of time and there is evidence that ancient man interbred with the Neanderthal to create modern man.}

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Cant believe the modern man back in the day had such low standards ED, Wonder if my cousin is a neanderthal he'd kn*b anything

MJ {Ed001's Note - every culture and person has a different idea of beauty mate.}

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Sorry Ed but i doubt a woman with a paving slab for a face could get some jiggy time even if she paid I.E Susan Boyle

MJ {Ed001's Note - you clearly have never been on a night out with 007! I am sorry but you are talking utter nonsense. If a human can find an animal attractive enough to have sex with it, what on earth makes you think they wouldn't find another humanoid sexually attractive?}

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Isn't that a mental problem though ED it like the people who prefer to date Obese people there is a condition that makes people choose that.. I get what your saying though Ed as i was only having a laugh

MJ {Ed001's Note - it can be hundreds of different reasons. I know someone who likes bigger women purely because one was really nice to him as a kid. He now associates them with being cared for I think. Everyone has different ideas of what they like though, I like a certain type of nose, I have no idea why, but a woman with the right type of nose gains at least two points on the out of 10 scale. Intelligence as well I love, which is why I have such a thing for that Alice Roberts woman who presents all sorts of science programs.}

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Edoo1 some people are just nutters though. I mean animals....??

Agree with 007 though. {Ed001's Note - people are just weird, especially 007, he actually believes that Judy Finnigan is sexy! I mean how she is now, not 30 years ago when she was in her 40s on daytime telly.}

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To be honest never rated her. {Ed001's Note - no, nor me, but at least it could be understandable if she was not 855 and even her face is sagging down by her ankles.}

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Yeah, nice thought, thanks. {Ed001's Note - 007 will be getting excited now at that thought...}

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23 Nov 2011 18:56:54
Has anyone been watching the Leveson enquiry?

I know we slate the politicians and the bankers and rightly so, but the journalists are just as bad from what i've seen so far. Totally reprehensible some of the stuff they have done. And to ordinary people as well such as the Dowlers and the McCanns.

I know the celebs are seen as fair game, the price of fame and all that, but the desperate lengths they have gone to just to get a scoop is shocking and surely even a celebrity's entitled to some sort of privacy.

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Slightly off topic, but i don't think the McCanns are really in a position to give an opinion on the integrity of others.


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Why Paragon? {Ed001's Note - they left small children on their own while they buggered off out for the night. I wonder if they had not been doctors would they have been prosecuted for neglect?}

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Thanks Ed, thats primarily what i meant.

But for some reason i can't shake off the idea that the parents and friends (and i mean in a very sinsister way) are somehow involved in something larger than their professional capacity.

Paragon {Ed001's Note - I really wouldn't want to speculate, but at the very least they should be ashamed of themselves for leaving a small girl to fend for herself while they went out for the night.}

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They know dam well what they did. Poor little girl. The pair of em look like they have been living well. Plenty of money and still goin on with the hunt for maddy. there loads a kids go missing but they dont get a mention....but still these two are in the limelight and on tv. It's a shame such an effort isn't put in for all the other kids..

Matty b

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The woman is cold.........I can understand keeping calm and matter of fact when under pressure but she is way,way to cold.....

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Want to know what i don't get about this madeline mcann thing right obviously they are saying the kid got abducted but why did this person not take the other 2 kids which makes me think the kid wasn't stolen instead she died then the McCanns went back seen that she was dead panicked and hid the body because i just cant see some maniac taking 1 kid but not the other 2

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I do agree to an extent - the mother is awkwardly cold. This could be coz she's totally drained but I can't shake the feeling that she's seen or done something that has scarred her forever.

Not saying it was deliberate, but maybe an accidental overdose or something (didn't they drug Maddy so she'd sleep through their night out?) that saw them have to dump the body.....that'd be enough to turn a mother into a stone-cold, emotionless shell.


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Ok i agree that they shouldn't have left the kid alone and if they had been anything other then well to do middle class they woild have got punished for that. But it doesn't excuse the media.

As for anything else, well i doubt we'll ever know. {Ed001's Note - nothing can excuse the way Murdoch's media empire operates, but people still buy the rags and subscribe to the TV stations. So you can only blame those that do so, they have to accept that all of them are at fault.}

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True ed but it seems that its not just Murdoch though, that was the tip of the ice berg. they were almost certainly the wost for it, but it seems the rest were all at it as well. {Ed001's Note - none would have done it but for him, they were following his lead.}

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I do agre it was a case of following the leader. But the fact that it seems like none of them have any integrity i wouldn't say that none of them would have done it first. {Ed001's Note - possibly, but I doubt any of the others would have known about those kind of espionage techniques that Murdoch uses.}

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Well all they did was hire a private dectective to follow people, not too difficult. Then asked him what else he could do, like could he get into voicemail messages. Some journo probably saw too many movies like enemy of the state and of course the dodgy guy knew how to do it. {Ed001's Note - that is nothing mate, trust me that is the tip of the iceberg and just a tiny part of the things they were doing. It is more like the script of a James Bond film than just hiring a private dick.}

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Yeah i just saw the bit with JK Rowling and hiding letters in her kids school bag??

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23 Nov 2011 03:03:06
"Facism was not defeated, it just changed address!"
I heard a CIA whistle blower say this in a documentary i saw awhile ago, and watching whats
going on around the world now and looking at our(the west) real history over the last 66 years i think he nailed it.
While i realize the calculated manipulation of the masses goes back way further than ww2 i think the U.S have become more and more NAZI -like as the years go by. Whats more disturbing is they no longer give a s**t if their excuses for aggression are remotely plausible or not, WMDs , are they f*****g
joking ?
Iran is the next big one, and if you think they are wary of Russia , they are not, they are surrounding it. There is hope yet though , and it"s not China .It is the people of U.S and U.K themselves ,if enough people refuse to comply in key areas i.e transport,labour,production and any other support(moral or physical) for the military, we might have a outside chance of avoiding a holocaust. I know this might offend, but i beleive goverments and there media lackys have cynically hijacked peoples sympathies away from civilian casualties of war and towards our own armed forces, using a barrage of one-sided tv shows and constant appeals for Help for Heroes. Some people are no longer protesting western aggression for fear of seeming un-patriotic or ungratful for the sacrifices made by servicemen whilst "protecting our freedoms' . We keep getting manipulated, just like the German public did in the pre-ww2 years, which brings me full circle l believe. Anyway 50/50 on ww3 in the next 3 years i think. JR

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You've got a damn good point here bud and hats off to you for having the ba**s to post it, It's obvious to anyone with half a brain what the US have been doing for years now. Personally I think America is the most dangerous country in the world but it gets hidden by the media .... HERBIE

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Of course America is the most dangerous country in the world

That's what propaganda is for?

It starts at a young age with Disney then continues with hollywood

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Or maybe that's what you are supposed to be believe.

They've created America to be like this big bad boogeyman to scare people.

So now your all riled up against America, thinking their behind everything, thinking you've woken up to a big conspiracy and you have it all figured when actually your still looking in the wrong direction. The yanks are just as much puppets as the rest of us are.

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America was created for one purpose, to create the dictatorship of the elite. To create a place where the bankers could operate without restrictions or checks and they could best to it under a cloak of democracy, some to keep the peasants entertained.

Then they create world wars which as bankers they profit from. They create popular mass movements such as fascism and communism to keep the masses distracted and when these movements become a threat to "democracy" the people can demand war to "protect" "freedom" and "democracy" and this is how these wars are sold, but in reality it is to strenghten the elite and make the bamkers richer with more control. Just look at the end of the war. The creation of the UN, the Bretton Woods treaty. it is all about control.

Now we have a new "enemy" fundamentalist islam and the rebirth of an old "enemy" in China/ Russia.

And the people either rage against these "enemies" or their own politicians not realising the politicias dont run anything. Some people rage against the bankers.

The matrix is real people, not that we are plugged into a machine, but that the world we think we know does not exist, it has been created to fool us and stop us from knowing the reality, that we are but slaves.

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Why you all blowing everything out of proportion, if you think about things to long you'll start getting ideas in your head thinking it's right.

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If you don't think about things and wonder around complacent to the travesities that surround you, accepting them as the status quo, then you are unable to combat the oppressors when the time comes. We are concerned citizens of the human species, grief stricken stewards of the planet, and a ununited people hell bent on self preservation for the betterment of families future. That my friend is why we "blow things out of proportion". Thank us for taking the preparative initative rather than criticize us, for if we're the ones that are wrong, nothing changes (a travesty in itself) but if we're right ....

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America don't run nothing..... America and the western world is run by illuminati n freemason...

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As the other guy said, if we're wrong then all to the good. But IF we are right then god help you because we wont be able to.

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The ''elite' did not create communism. Hijacked it,yes .manipulated it,yes ,but create it? no. The rest of your post i would agree with though ,have you read Howard Zinn by any chance ?If not Try a peoples history of the US, It backs up much of what you say. JR

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I've not heard of Howard Zinn so thanks for the tip, i will have a look.

To be honest we would probably never know if anything influenced Marx and Engels, other than the environment they saw. They certainly wouldn't admit to anything. But yes i agree with your point, it was certainly hijacked and perverted.

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The american people are not bad people - that seems to be confusing most.

The illuminati's main base is America.

The illuminati abuse american people the same as all other nationalities

America gets good publicity all the tiime in western press this acts as a shield from the deeds they do and has nothing to do with the american people.

Most people in western countries believe america acts for democracy when its not democratic at all

Its like a russian nest of dolls or wheels within wheels

Ever seen a hollywood movie where the Russians were good? if so, how many?

Every seen a hollywood movie where the americans are the good guys, if so, how many?

All that happens through america has nothing to do with american people and all to do with illuminati policy

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My post was not aimed towards the american public, although them and us could be accused of ignorance and apathy, it was towards the hidden facist underbelly of the US goverment, the NWO , the military industial complex or the illuminati if you like.


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