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23 Oct 2011 19:11:15
Tony Fernandes (Majority QPR owner) owns the company Tune group sdn that sponsors the referees.No wonder Chelsea had so many bad decisions against them i suppose a few more will to.

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Keep telling yourself that champ.


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23 Oct 2011 16:00:57
Hey ed can you or anyone else answer this question for me because i'm doing a project on it for my leaving cert
Was the Serbian Black Hand one of the first European terrorist organisations?
Please answer this as quick as you can and if you know anything else about the Serbian Black Hand or Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination I would love to hear it thanks {Ed001's Note - I suppose overtly they must be considered one of the first, though there were many in the past that could be considered to have pre-dated them, even if they are not usually talked of in those terms. Even the Inquisition could be considered a terrorist organisation, they used terror to create political change. Not sure how much I can remember of the assassination now, it has been a long time since I read anything about it, I will have to do some reading up to refresh my mind before I comment, though I will post this now in case other readers of the site could provide some insight in the meantime. As for the Black Hand, I know very little about them, I have to admit that I have taken little notice of them before now.}

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Ok thanks ed, anyone else know anything

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I'd start with wiki and then just work from google

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Ya i've looked at wikipedia but my teacher said not to use it because anyone can change the things on wikipedia so it would be inaccurate

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Gives you the basic dates and names though so you can search from there

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