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23 Sep 2011 20:39:53
hi eds..

do you mind me asking of all these new sites you guys created which is the most busy site?

Nz {Ed001's Note - this one, the videogames and wrestling sites are all pretty much of a muchness at the moment.}

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23 Sep 2011 18:44:21
Just wondering if anyone else had heard that when scientists ( not sure who ) fired sound at the moon it resonated around on the inside pointing to it being mostly hollow?


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I have heard this recently... that the moon may be hollow. I think I saw it in either a 'there is life on the moon' style programme or on The Arrivals, can't remember which, but it's deffo a theory floating round. They were curious to know who if what hollowed it out.... cue eerie music.....

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The hollow earth , admiral byrd , well worth looking at , might be something in it ........lfc

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23 Sep 2011 17:17:16
He who knows:

I made my point pretty clear, I really am not sure what you could have added. I am not defending Ed's actions by not posting your response but if it wasn't wise then it isn't surprising it didn't make it.

We are happy to talk political conspiracies. We we aren't happy to do is field the kind of knobhead comments like yours that put us down before you and I have even shared a discussion. Talk about how to lose friends and alienate people.

If you want to raise a topic, just do it. Don't come on here, insult us all, imply we cannot prioritise, passing judgement on us, without first attempting to raise a topic, which in turn would have proven whether or not you are correct in your assumptions. i was taught when I was very young not to make assumption. You came on here and did exactly that. Of person of your 'calibre' should surely understand that. Also consider the nature of your political conspiracies - because politics can be very very tedious for forums such as this. I would like to hear what you wanted to talk about anyway but even if you disagree with an Ed you should know who to insult and who to respect.


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23 Sep 2011 16:50:06
about the moon landings- i dont know either way if man was on the moon , but one thing i find strange is a lot of these astronauts cant remember about being on the moon, indeed one went under hypnotherapy and was told the reason he could not recall anything was - he was never on the moon, which is amazing if true.........lfc

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Lfc i didn't know that do you think that they were brainwashed into thinking they were on the moon.
The Anal Protector {Ed033's Note - Yes Edgar Mitchell went to a therapist twice and no memories were found. Also, Buzz Aldrin can't seem to remember either. There is more info about this in Richard Hoagland and Mike Barra's book called Dark Mission. In addition, here is Richard Hoagland talking in a Project Camelot interview about the Astronauts

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Thanks ed il check it out
The Anal Protector

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23 Sep 2011 15:38:31

I took a long time doing a detailed reply to the post made by RAZ

It wasn't put up on the site

Why Mate?

I thought you were in favour of opinions?

He who knows {Ed001's Note - I am fully in favour of opinions, but what you did was write something for a politics website, not a conspiracy theory site. I think you are missing the point of the site and really need to go elsewhere to discuss politics. There is no need to come on here having a dig at people who are on here to use the site for its intended purpose, especially when you haven't even grasped the idea of it!}

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You clearly dont understand Conspiracies?

Without politics there would be no conspiracies

I get your agenda mate, not stated but clear to see!

He who knows

Lets keep to aliens {Ed001's Note - my agenda? Grow up. I have already said numerous times I personally do not believe the alien theories, so why would I want to keep it to that? You claim to know, but clearly you don't.}

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The aliens is not the point. I don't need to grow up but thanks.

The point is much like on the Liverpool forum where you dispence such BS you're thick mate. You think you understand everything but clearly your knowledge is very limited.

The site is for the money mate adwords or the hope of selling it on as a profit?

You really have no interest in what goes on here just keep some of the natives happy and remove the ones who challenge you or try to get the silly ones to think for themself?

He who knows {Ed001's Note - so the one who can't even spell simple words like dispense is accusing others of being thick? Nice to see you applying intelligent reasoning to your reply. In case you haven't realised that was sarcasm, but it is likely to have gone over your head. I have given you a chance to join in the conversation, you haven't taken it, instead you would prefer to abuse those users who want a decent convo about conspiracy theories. Take your abusive and incredibly narrow sighted self to someone else's site, maybe you should try Kraptalk, they specialise in imbeciles.}

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Sorry Ed I don't use a spell checker and type quickly.

You have some pearlers on the liverpool forum like the things you say about Stevie and Carra and the sad part is some of the less discerning poster's believe you!

Why do feel the need to belittle competitors if you have or can you not spell either Kraptalk surely that's not its name! {Ed001's Note - what has this to do with this site? As for what I say, if you don't like it go elsewhere, it really is that simple. As for competitors, it is not a competitor in any way shape or form, how can it be? Or perhaps you don't understand that people visit lots of sites in a day and they are capable of visiting both? Now please either talk about conspiracy theories or go elsewhere.}

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As you don't understand Conspiracies and know they would not exist without politics
I will no longer post I have no problem with that!

I thank you for my time here. {Ed001's Note - I would love to see you find any evidence of me stating that. Because I said no such thing. But you again make up lies to suit your petty little agenda. I will thank you for never wasting my time again.}

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23 Sep 2011 10:28:38
Here is a ten minute translated cut from Iran president Mahmoud Ah. It is really really interesting. It talks a lot about NOT going along with this NWO stuff- or if we do, we must change the whole world together, and in the interests of the public, not what a few 'men of status' SAY the changes should be. He talks about scrapping religious fighting, he talks about how we all believe in the same God and how people of all religions should be able to live together in Palestine, and he expresses his disdain at how decisions for the people are made by a small handful of world 'leaders' who only have the interests of financial gain at hand.

Jay I'd be really interested to hear what you think of this. Especially as the Illuminati say the Anti-christ will proclaim to be the messiah and all that. Would be really good if people can take the time to watch this and discuss it.



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'Change the world together', 'Believe in the same god'.

Sounds like he's illuminati as well.


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I was wondering mate - so tough to figure out because who do we trust when all these changes come in? This guy is saying that bad shiz is in the pipeline and we will all be under this NWO which will NOT work in our best interests. Which could be anti-christ speak. But then, we are expecting some kind of world crisis from which we are meant to be saved by the anti-christ, so that we trust them. I am not sure whether he is on about that.

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The only one you can trust is the one true god

However to see the one true god religion must be left behind {Ed001's Note - so what exactly is this one 'true' god you refer to? What is true about it? How do you know it exists? How can you trust it when it never openly reveals itself? How can you trust something that has the power to fix the world's ills but allows children to be raped on a daily basis? If this god is truly omniscient then it would have no need for any of this, it would already know what would happen.}

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Q. So what exactly is this one 'true' god you refer to?

A. The creator

Q. What is true about it?

A. What is not true about it?
The creator of the universe much have had made the universe for some reason?
OR do we all just exist and die for no particular purpose, just as grains of sand pass from the ocean so too do we?

Q. How do you know it exists?

A. I know from my experiences! Which are different to your both perceptions are valid!

Q. How can you trust it when it never openly reveals itself?

A. The creator is revealed in life many times however people do usually not see the creator as they are too involved in the moderen life that has been created for us by others not of the creator!

Religion, war, etc. blocks the signals from the creator

Time pressures (no time for anything), substance abuse, etc, all interfere with the cosmic line back to the creator

Q. How can you trust something that has the power to fix the world's ills but allows children to be raped on a daily basis?

A. This is the standard anti god quote! One must remeber the creator has given us free will to do good or bad. People who indulge in the actives in your question has chosen to do bad. Also one cannot believe in the creator without believing in the devil. The devil obviously influences those that are not influenced by the creator?

The crerator has given us the gift of choice which man/woman so desires?

If he did not give us this freedom of choice what your opinion be of him even assuming he new for certain he existed?

Q. If this god is truly omniscient then it would have no need for any of this, it would already know what would happen?

A. The creator gives us free will were the creator to interfere on all occasions of evil deeds he might as well call a halt to proceedings?

Obviously you have raised good questions and you may not be happy with the answers but remember the exchanges are brief?

I can say I have seen the hand of the creator in my life but only since I have got rid of religion and earthyly trappings that block the path to the creator?

I beleive until people are willing to do such things they will not expereince the creator?

I could be wrong?

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Are you making statements or asking questions sorry?

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I heard from a Pakistani guy I worked with for a while that Iran is already on the payroll. Strange one that as the Christians I know are expecting Iran to get involved in any conflict with Israel. Maybe they're both right, it wouldn't be the first time the PTB have betrayed their stooges.


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23 Sep 2011 09:27:23
what age is the earth, indeed what age is the universe , if there was a big bang and many scientists are saying indeed this happened but also the velocity of the speed of light was millions of times faster than now as its slowing down , so in fact the universe could be only thousands of years old , and when you look into things like the grand canyon and the like , we are now discovering this happens very quickly some times in a day or two with flowing back and forward of elements which make these rock formations , oh and i still cant stop laughting at a whale used to live on land then crawed back into the sea , and by the way for all you evolution people scientists are now saying 20 odd billion years at least it would take for this silly theory to even make sense , so it seems the 6 or 7 thousand year old guys are nearer the mark with the age of the universe , before you dismiss something its always better to keep a open mind..........lfc

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The universe is not infact slowing down as you state but is speeding up ! Galaxys are drifting further and further apart and in some cases set on collision courses . The grand canyon could not of been created in as you say a day or two as this is simply impossible ! Look at a pebble on the beech , that pebble may have started out 10 years ago as a rock as big as a football ,its took years for the water to wash and erode layer after layer of stone to make a small round pebble ! The scale needed for this to apply to the gran canyon you would need all the water on earth times 3 running through the grand canyon at a speed close to the speed of sound for over a week .

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Just thought I would point out that the speed of light has never ever changed. You are getting confused with the acceleration of the expanding universe slowing down (when compared to the initial conditions that were present at the big bang). Unfortunately, this pokes a massive hole in your several thousand year old universe/earth theory. As you also quote the formation of the Grand Canyon as being possible in only a few days, I say ~4 billion years of geological proof stands in your way.

As an evolutionary microbiologist I find myself cringing at some of the misconceptions of science being posted on here. That is not to say I am not open for a debate about any of the subjects posted on here (some of which are amazing by the way). I just keep an objective mind and examine all the evidence before me, then make an informed decision on this basis.


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Redscience , what about mount st helens , all the rock formations which were layed down - layer upon layer formed in a day or two , but was dated like half a million years lol...........lfc

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To all the people saying the earth is billions of years old and we came from monkeys , my advice is this , instead of debating a average person like myself , do this- take one week out of your life and study creationism , you might see things different or indeed it might make you think your even more right , but this thing is worth looking into , be fair minded and see what you think..........lfc

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A human life is less than nothing in the scale of the universe. Why do people think they can/do/will ever understand it?

I'm not saying don't ask the question. I'm just saying don't be stunned when you learn that you're not gonna get the answer.


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23 Sep 2011 08:27:14
If man did not exist on the earth which animal would rule the world?

A old documentary on the Discovery channel suggested the Tiger would be king!

(due to its speed, strength, ability to travel over great distances and having no natural predators on earth to limit its numbers)

Maybe that's why there are so few tigers left in the world?

Could it be that the illuminati are behind the demise of the big cats?

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No, I doubt it, why would they feel the need?
I reckon they're rare because the world is full of w**kers of feel the need to destroy all things beautiful and collect animal heads and make fur coats.

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If you put a tiger in a cage with a bear or a gorilla it wouldn't stand a chance (not that i'm in anyway advertising pitting animals against each other). As Raz says mankind's greed and vanity is the reason for the demise of certain species. Who knows maybe aliens will come and save the earth from humans like that film the day the earth stood still with keanu reeves (i know weak comparison).

always a red

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Siberian Tigers Kill and eat Russian bears regularly 2.5% of the tigers diet is bears

The russian brown bear is I think is the second biggest bear after the Kodiak bear.

I am not including the polar bear.

A gorilla would stand little change against a tiger as formidable a creature as the gorilla is the tiger would tear him to shreds. Tigers are very clever and stealthy.

Siberian tigers are slightly different to other tigers thay have extra muscles in their chest that can pull down big game
they are also the biggest of the big cats bigger than lions

Siberians also have the largest teeth of any panther.

You are underestimating the power of the siberian. I am not talking about the smaller tiger sub species such as the indo chinese tiger.

One smack from a siberian can crush the skull of a dear, ever see the size of russian deers they are huge.

And finally If man was not in control of the world tigers would never meet bears or gorilla in cages?

When the tiger meets a bear in a cage the bear often wins (not all the time though) but in a world without man there would be no cages, then its a different situation for the tiger?

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I happily stand corrected.

always a red

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Known fact Polar bears are the biggest and strongest land carnivore, they are also very fast for their size. If they ever met, even my favourite siberian would be in trouble. But neither of these are the ultimate carnivore, apart from man that distinction goes to Orca Orinicus, the Killer Whale, who has no adversary in the ocean.

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A hippo would chase the lot of them away............lfc

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Hippo's are regularly eaten by lions

Bears or tigers of the large variety would destroy a hippo, they come from behind the hippo, ever watch lions on the discovery channel eating hippo's?

Bull elephants also kill Hippo's

Hippo have huge teeeth that can bite a croc into 2 pieces when challenge head on, however lions are not that stupid they mount a rear attack

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Megalodon would eat a killer whale

And killer whales don't do too good out of water

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Polar bears are roughly the same size as Kodiak bears

Kodikl bears are Giant brown bears much much bigger than Grizzly bears

Polar bears are rarely confronted by brown bears but they were filmed on one occasion and the polar bear although twice the size of the brown bear that confronted it ran away

Ever watch Discovery?

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How the amur tiger (siberian) kills an amur (russian brown bear)

Russian brown bears are big and very powerful animals, russian bears are typically much bigger than the average american grizzly

Tigers are very smart they can mimic the sound another bear makes to attract another bear's curiosity

When hunting bears, tigers will position themselves from the leeward side of a rock or fallen tree, waiting for the bear to pass by. When the bear passes, the tiger will spring from an overhead position and grab the bear from under the chin with one forepaw and the throat with the other. The immobilised bear is then killed with a bite to the spine.

The tiger roar is also used to partiallly stun the prey its attacks scientific studies have been carried out on the tigers roar and although invisable it is one of the tigers greatest offensive weapons

Siberian Tigers are practically extinct in the wild less than 350 survive, Giant siberians have been hunted to extinction and none have been recorded for years now, Giant siberians could weight upto 400kg

Bengal (indian) Tigers are known to kill crocs, the tiger wraps its big paw around the croc's head so the croc can't move its head to bit the tiger then the tiger while behind the head of the croc bites the area behind the croc's head this area has soft skin and is not protected by the tough almost steel like plates that cover the rest of the croc's body.

On land without man the tiger and the bear are king

The tiger has been voted the world favourite animal beating dogs into second place in a poll a few years back, lions were also in the top 10 animals

The tiger is the ICON of the animal world

For those who are interested the Jaguar although much smaller than the siberian is a distant relative of the Tiger

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23 Sep 2011 00:38:34
This is interesting too - UFO snapped by google sky or whatever it's called?

Let me know what you think!


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{Ed033's Note - Proof Of UFO Star Wars In Space documentary }

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Why can you see right through it though?


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nice..these aliens are like love , you wont believe it untill u experience it...:p

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I'm not sure that you can Azza....

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Just had another look, I see what you mean. It's always hard to tell with these space things because you don't whether it's fake, or whether the program has a base image of the stars which looks the same when you surf the page, no matter what time of day or year, and then anything extra gets added every now and then? Like google earth images etc. The roads stay the same, but the cars don't - it took some pics of my mates on the high street in liverpool, I could see them for a bit, now I can't.


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maybe some kind of defence techno they use...!

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23 Sep 2011 00:30:53
Scroll to the bottom of this page:

Go and have a look at all the strange events on the moon logged in an official public document/log entry system, called called document R-277.


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23 Sep 2011 00:19:04
Anyone heard of the Metepec Creature?

Raz {Ed033's Note - very strange - short excerpt from history channel -

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Yeah, seen 2-3 programmes about it but didn't know it was called the Metepec creature. Big cryptozoology fan, so stuff like this is right up my street.

I came away clueless to be honest - at times it looked fake, at times it looked genuine. Entertaining though!


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Yeah mate I really liked it, nice to be interested in something tangible for a change as opposed to theories alone - that think looked great. I like the Mauntauk Monster stuff too, fascinating. I cannot fathom how the media have claimed it to be a bloody raccoon, that is such nonsense, raccoons don't have beaks! Honestly some people.

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22 Sep 2011 23:57:23
This site gets better every day.
Great input from everyone Recently

Ps! Anyone watch NEW AMERICAN CENTURY tonight?



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Mate I tried to find it only to realise that you sais sky channel and I only have freeview, was gutted! You didn't ahppen to record it with a view to putting it on youtube did you?



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Yeah man, good call that Jay, well spotted. Very Loose Change(ish) b ut at least its getting the info out there.


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22 Sep 2011 23:31:23
One for the eds. There was an article in the daily mail a few weeks back about a meteor heading to earth. It also said there was three giant u.f.os behind it. The mail isn't known as a paper to tell lies. Is there anything you know about this eds? Oh and thanks for telling me about pine gap yesterday. {Ed033's Note - This is probably comet Elenin which some people are saying that Elenin is a planet not a comet and will come close to the Earth and cause global catastrophes very soon. Later on some people said that Elenin broke up into smaller pieces. To be honest, I haven't looked into this story much so don't know a lot about it but at the moment, I think that Elenin will not get close enough to have any major impact on the Earth. }

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NASA has predicted that we may be in for a commet shower over the next 3-5 years, many satellites could be knocked from space and communications on earth could be severely disrupted.

The hidden hand

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