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23 Sep 2013 22:00:45
here is a interesting link that is not conspiracy but fact, it is the top ten declassified secrets, from Churchill wanting Hitler executed if he fell in to allied hands to some things I have never read before.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, Operation Northwoods just proves the US Government is prepared to attack the US to forward an agenda (for all those people who believe the US government would not do such a thing)

Very true edd what I find amazing is that the masses would find it amazing that any government would kill there own people at a drop of a hat if it would benefit them in the long run, now imagine the recently classified cases like Dr David Kelly 70 years a few (not surprising) royalty cases one not open till 2054 etc these are the ones that are actually getting reported now imagine what they are not telling us, I could say all the UFO/alien stuff but imagine a end of days scenario were a catastrophe of any nature was going to hit the UK, your flag waving monarchy loving would be waiting for some type of leadership from Lizzie or the pm when in reality they will be in a underground bunker a few miles under waiting for the rest of us perish, I wish these protocols were made public and wait for the sleeping public's reaction.

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Franky! "here is a interesting link that is not conspiracy but fact"
'Conspiracy' does not mean 'untrue', nor is it any kind of opposite of the word 'fact'.
Conspiracy is very real, but the masses are conditioned to associate the word with 'nonsense' etc etc. Let's shake it off. pea

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Very true pea, this was more designed for the skeptics.

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24 Sep 2013 16:23:45
Bless you Franky. Love, pea.

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Bk at you pea.

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23 Sep 2013 21:42:39
for years I have been mystified about the Phil Schneider claims, I have read and watched many links about him and was wandering was he a nut job or for real, one thing always made me think he was telling the truth was Schneider farther who was captured in ww2 and how important he was to the black projects, do I think everything schneider says is the truth? no not everything but on the whole the guy was the real deal, here is a link about not just phil but many other people.

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{Ed033's Note - in the book, UFO Highway by Anthony F. Sanchez there is a long interview with a retired colonel that 'tells all' about working at the Dulce underground base, the same underground base Phil Schneider talked about. In the book, the colonel says Schneider lied about most things he said (to try and protect himself) but must have worked there because some of the things Schneider said, only someone who worked there would have known.

Yeah he had to work there edd, his death added to the conspiracy, like I said I did not buy into everything he said, he seemed to exaggerated some things in my opinion but he knew what he was talking about, Sanchez was in a bad way I recall when he touched something in dulce but he is fine now I think.

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{Ed033's Note - Yes, Sanchez is ok now

Sorry edd just read back your responce again and have just picked up on it", he lied about most thing to protect himself"? can you elaborate?

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{Ed033's Note - It appears that they don't mind you talking about anything from the 3rd person point of view as anything you say was from someone else and can be laughed off as hearsay.

If you do in my opinion what james Casbolt does and pretends to be the person actually having the secret experience in for example being a super soldier and being in underground bases but making it all up, they also don't mind as you can easily be exposed as a fake.

The problem comes when you're the real deal. It appears that Phil Schneider mostly lied about his experiences to cover up the alleged truth he was saying about Dulce base that the base really existed and when they carried out some certain tunnelling work, they penetrated an already existing underground ET Grey base and there was a fight that broke out between army with guns and ETs which resulted in the ETs retreating to a lower part of their base but left computer technology for us to back engineer.

They obviously decided that something he was saying was truthful and he was actually there and so they had him killed. It also sends a message to other real whistleblowers to either keep quiet or don't tell any truth if you speak out.

I get you now, as for casbolt I don't know how he gets any airtime, when he first came out with his story and he came out with he was scared for his girlfriends life, a lot of people were skeptical who knew about mk ultra, now he has changed tact and claims to be on the dark side and works for the elite, I do not think he is a liar I think he is brainwashed into thinking the stuff he says.

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22 Sep 2013 23:52:48
any reason why a couple of posts have not got on edd? I wrote one about richplanet be dropped and another one about a different subject.

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{Ed033's Note - The richplanet being dropped post is now posted and I think another ed put your other post on the political page

Ok edd nice 1

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