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24 Apr 2012 18:16:16
Brian Gerrish speaking in London 31st March 2012 about the negative effects of Neuro Linguistic Programming in our society - 2 of 4

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24 Apr 2012 11:52:48
anyone see the program 9/11 the lost tapes, for me it dispels any theory that the planes where empty.

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Yerr also showed that usa can not act quick enough in emergency situations.

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"Lost Tapes" WTF. Lost? When were they lost? Who lost them? Who found them?
This is a sideshow, a distraction away from the REAL point, HOW DID THE TOWERS COLLAPSE?
They didn't. 9/11 was an inside job. Basic and I mean BASIC Newtonian physics rules out the official explanation.
Any thoughts ED?

{Ed033's Note - This is main stream media UK channel 4. Anything coming from the main stream media on 9/11 is rubbish in my opinion. At the moment in my opinion the real flights were diverted elsewhere. One of the diverted flights was documented in the 9/11 film, Loose Change. I haven't watched this Lost Tapes on 4oD yet so cannot comment further but the BBC put out 2 documentaries about 9/11 that were pure rubbish.

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I saw the documentary, purely out of interest. It was mainstream tripe. Showed the ineptitude of the US Military, including some interviews, played recordings of Air Traffic Controllers and some conversations with Airline staff supposedly on the planes.
It was interesting only in the fact that it highlighted how bad the military were at responding to it, perhaps given mis-information by others?

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Couldn't agree more ED033. BTW there are couple of good videos on youtube about Dr Judy Woods theory on DEWs used on 9/11. Search "where did the towers go". Thought provoking stuff

{Ed033's Note - There were a number of military drills going on on 9/11 to confuse the military as well.

Yes, the only proper investigation into 9/11 is Judy Wood PHd's book, Where did the towers go

Judy Wood PHd Where Did The Towers Go

Dr. Judy Wood being interviewed on her book on Richplanet by Richard D. Hall

Another Interview with Judy Wood PHd on Edge Media about Directed Energy Technology Used On 9/11 to cause the twin towers to turn to dust before our eyes

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There was no planes crashing, its a case of a few thousand death threats, a few billion stupid people, some ropey doctored footage and some pre-planned explosions.


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Here is something else to think about: ameirca is a "sue" happy country. Why did none of the family of the people allegedly on the planes sue the airlines. This happens all the time in america. Remember the woman who sued McDonald's because she spilt hot coffee on herself? She was awarded $5,000,000.

an american red

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