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24 Aug 2013 14:52:31
Hi Eds, first time poster on this site. I'm on and off the football ones.

Just want to make everyone aware of an article I read earlier today and see what you guys think.

Add extra chromosome to certain humans

To me it's definitely worrying. How far is too far?


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{Ed033's Note - Hi Exotiva

I could see them adding a limb regenerate thing like that out of a salamander or maybe something that let's the skin change colour like and octopus. or maybe even extreme physical power.

Imagine a soldier who could regenerate limbs, change his skin colour to blend into his surroundings and have super human strength. it would be a super soldier.
If they created those they would have the ultimate army to control the masses.

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There is an old African legend which speaks of a time in the past when humans where free and living in absolute harmony with their environment. At some point an alien species arrived which by subjecting humans to bioengineering managed to lower their vibrational level and the energy levels their bodies were able to sustain. It claims this was done in an attempt to create a slave race which could serve their needs.
There is an ancient Greek legend, that goes somewhat along the same lines but continues saying that an interdimensional species then came forth in defense of human kind and a war broke out. The species defending human kind was victorious and the oppressors were forced to leave the planet.
Another African legend still goes further on, claiming that though they were banished from earth some returned many years later. They began infiltrating human kind in an attempt to bring their old machinations to life while remaining undetected. They were referred to as Draconians, but nowadays they are known as Reptilians.
Perhaps serving as a cautionary tale to us, it is said that they were once in a situation not dissimilar to the one we find ourselves today. Their advancements in the fields of science and technology took precipice over intuition and spirituality. Having thus moved away from the balance they were unable to progress in to the higher planes of existence. As they came to this realization they began to roam the universe searching for ways to restore the balance in themselves. Stumbling upon humanity they decided that they would recreate their mistakes in us hoping that one day we would be able to correct them and show them the way back to the balance.
It is said that they continue to observe and influence. It is said that the experiment is still ongoing.
This is simply a short story I wrote… or is it?

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The Anunnaki basically, Zari.

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^ Indeed.

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Single gene therapy has already benefited a huge amount of people and has the potential to be the driving force for medical care in the not so distant future.

DARPA aren't trying to create an army of super soldiers to control everyone and take over the world. If you want a conspiracy, look at the amount of research targets they have put out and bought the IP for.

They have identified that large scale gene therapy, through the use of an artificial chromosome, may be able to deliver multiple therapies. They want to own the IP and make lots of money. That's the conspiracy. Profiteering from research that would benefit our society.


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The super soldier has already been created! I think it was the 60's when scientists developed super strength

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24 Aug 2013 10:38:22
Morning all, First time post here, regarding what is happening around the world with the middle east up rising and whistleblowers or freedom fighters as I like to call them, being locked up for freedom of speech, I don't know if anyone agrees but I can see more uprisings not just middle east but across many other western and easter countries, we see every day that the media just covers everything up and the only way people can seek the truth is the internet speaking to many people who agree that we can not turn a blind eye anymore. Thoughts.

Freedom Fighter

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I hope, but I doubt this country will create an uprising. As Ed said the other day, they have us by the balls (not Ed's words) we are don't have it too bad but we don't have it too good. Plus if there is ever something that was to make us revolt THEY wouldn't put it in the papers or on the news. But if it was something that they couldn't hide they would blame it on sum1 else.

To be honest I reckon "the powers that be" have probably created this situation in the middle east themselves.

Geordie Al

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Hi and welcome Freedom Fighter, I hope your right about uprisings across the world, unfortunately I believe that people despite their complaints are too comfortable in their lives to bother looking for the truth.

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The simple fact is the uprisings over the middle east are being manufactured by the west for greed the last genuine revolt I can think of was in venezuela when hugo chavez took the power away. here is a very good documentary about a leader who wanted what is best for the people.

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Geordie Al, of course they have created this problem in the Middle East!

Pretty much the only area in the world where they don't have total control is in these dictatorships/ military controlled countries.

By ousting the current Government they can put in place a sympathetic puppet government and claim all of the country's natural resources (mainly oil).

What makes me laugh the most is this supposed 'chemical weapons attack'.

If this did happen then just look at who supplies these weapons (more than likely a big, AMERICAN arms manufacturer such as United Defense) but the media will never investigate this for obvious reasons.

That's if there even has been a chemical attack. The US/ UK lied about WMDs in Iraq so they could justify a war/ revolution there which also resulted in a puppet government being installed and the country raped of its resources.

Ironically, the most democratic places to live are those which are controlled by dictators. At least they know who is in power and every now and then get to vote on who they want.

We just live in this kind of sub reality that no one wants to or is able to question.

Like has been said on here before, if people in the UK did revolt against the real controllers or whatever you want to call them, it would be painted in the press as the protestors being in the wrong.


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24 Aug 2013 17:20:34
There was chemical weapons in Iraq. Remember a place called Halubja? Or the Fao Marshes. Iraq had chemical weapons but mysteriously we never found them. They knew the yanks were coming and had time to hide them. Its a big country, the size of France or California with mountain and desert to hide in. Also trucks were spotted crossing the border to Syria. And now Syria have used chemical weapons. Make no mistake Assad is ruthless. And the Russians are have hardly blameless as they don't want to lose a client or influence. I agree the yanks are stirring things up again.

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At anonymous 24 Aug 2013 17:20:34.
Chemical weapons, mainly VX gas (VX nerve agent), were being manufactured in Iraq with the help of the military-industrial complex, under the orders of George Bush Sr. They were used extensively during the Gulf War and when it was time for the USA military to go home, soldiers were ordered to destroy the facilities.
The hierarchy chose not to inform the soldiers of the contents of the facilities and they ended up inhaling the nerve agent which spread in a large area around the facilities. In turn they developed serious health problems which the USA government covered up by creating the term 'Gulf War syndrome'.
The same diagnosis was given as the explanation to the effects of vaccines prepared with multiplying agents on injected soldiers. The result of which is extensive damage to the nervous system and everything that arises from that.

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I've just been reading a bit about Gulf War Illness, Zari.

Very interesting, though not surprising.

Ironically, US government supposed that one of the causes of GWS was a drug that was prescribed to limit the affect of chemical!

You literally couldn't make up some of the stuff the US comes up with!

As for the use of chemical weapons in the Gulf, it's typical really, one rule for the West, another rule for the rest of the world.


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