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24 Dec 2011 23:09:14
just to say i dont agree with some things on here but great site and to everyone and edds have a merry 1 and a safe 1.

{Ed033's Note - Thanks frankyscouse merry christmas to you and all visitors to this site.}

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Cheers for the interesting reads franky, eds and everyone else, happy christmas to ye all!!


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24 Dec 2011 18:44:26
seen a trailer for apollo18 then read this, strange. frankyscouse

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24 Dec 2011 16:15:57
{Ed033's note - Aaron Russo was told before 9/11 of plans to stage terror attacks, invade countries, and start a police state by tracking people with implantable RFID microchips by his friend at the time, Nicholas Rockefeller. Below is an interview with Aaron Russo.

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AJ's call to stand up and unite against tyranic forces always comes back to the same question for me, how?

The number of petty criminal or civil offences one could encounter by non compliancy with the government and subsiduary agencies is enough to deter most folk.

The right to protest and where you protest is being strangled. To overthrow the current structure can not be done through peaceful means, take that into account, just how many and how effective are those that are left?


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{Ed033's Note - It appears that while people feel comfortable, there will be absolutely no chance of people uniting against the tyranic forces. However, the NWO agenda is not consistent with people being comfortable.

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24 Dec 2011 15:51:34
i get funny looks of mu daughter for being in to ufos, infact she thinks i am a crank lol, anyway last night she texted me to say there is a weird light(her window right by her bed) the time was about 12 50 am to 1am, she texted her b/f who just left our house and said can you see those weird lights, he texted bk yeah its mad, by the time i got a text of her i went outside to be honest i never seen anything apart from a plane that was very high and loads of stars as it was very clear night in liverpool, daughter described the lights were circulating then pulsing then the same light never circulated it was like a cigar shape light, the dozy cow had time to text her b/f and me but never took a pic or video of the lights , she still wont have its a ufo thou lol,anyone seen any light over liverppol last nigh? tried to google if anyone seen anything but nothing .

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