Conspiracy Talk Archive January 24 2012


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24 Jan 2012 22:33:37
Ed a quick query on clean energy, what ever happened to the hydrogen engine which our government invested fairly heavily into with a russian leading the research if i recall correctly, as i remember it being a few years ago and have heard nothing regarding it, stuart

{Ed033's Note - Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are now going to start coming in soon. I think they slowed it all up because they didn't really want to bring it in but you can't bring the carbon rules and tax in without looking like you really do want to do something so you have to offer the hydrogen fuel cell as an alternative.

Obviously the carbon tax is a complete fraud/scam as you would expect. Carbon dioxide has nothing to do with any temperature changes and this is why he "mediaeval warming period" cannot be discussed in the main stream media. The expensive carbon tax to reduce carbon dioxide would put every company out of business except for the big global NWO corporations who would have their carbon taxes paid for by us and would make all the people poor and completely controllable because no one could do a single thing without producing very expensive carbon dioxide.}

Hydrogen fuel cells are coming back. I've seen a prototype of a HFC the size of a lighter, it can charge a laptop 10 times.

Also I know there are some big contracts with BMW or Suzuki going about.