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24 Jan 2013 21:13:20
some of you may know I am not a lover of the royal family and detest our army being in an oil motivated war, but seen a prince harry documentary about him being there (before anyone jumps down my neck yes I know it's a pr stunt) but he is not an ordinary royal with 25 medals and never been anywhere dangerous this guy is really on the front line plus the best thing I like about him he detests the media and says no one should believe anything they say.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - hmmmm I am not so sure about that, yes he does hate the media for the way they hounded his mother, but he is still a bit of a upper class tit. I would say William is the one who isn't so bad out of the two, Harry is just a drunken lout, the kind of rich boy who would smash your place up and then throw a few quid at you to shut you up. Knowing full well that even if you tried to complain, it would get nowhere. I would also doubt he is any more on the front line than his brother, who has certainly been out there but just not on camera for a PR stunt.}

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Maybe so edd but underneath the upper class up bringing and the drunken benders ho goes on I do feel there's a genuine caring side to him, may be inherited by he's mum, as for him getting pissed and doing stupid stuff well edd we have all done it but we do not have cameras on are arse 24/7.just read what I typed about a royal and can confirm this is the real frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - if you had said it about his brother, I would agree, but not him, he is not a nice lad at all.}

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Sounds like you know more than you are letting on edd?

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I have met both a few times, I used to live in Windsor for a while, the door guard at the castle, Cecil, was a lovely old fella who used to let me park my car there out of the way (and free of parking charges!). At that time Harry was still at Eton and he was not a nice lad or well liked by the locals that weren't in the royal employ.}

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Well edd I trust your judgement and I can get back to hating the royals but my main question is are you minted? you lived in windsor?i had a job in egham for 6 months when I was a teenager, talk about expensive.its not to far from windsor because me and a ex road a bike in this massive park and was shocked how close I was to the queens gaff.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I was working abroad for a bit mate, I wish I was minted! It was too expensive to live there long, unfortunately because it was really nice where I lived. It was on the main road between Windsor and Ascot, with Guards Polo at the end of the road and a miniature deer sanctuary on the opposite side of the road. Bit of a nightmare during Ascot week though, the road was just one giant traffic jam full of stretch limos and drunken toffs hanging out the roof of them splashing champagne everywhere. When I had to fly out to Dubai on lady's day, I ended up in Heathrow 4 hours early just to avoid the traffic, bored to tears I was.}

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Haha I can imagine you with your imaginary gun lined up at tarquin Giles and Benedict, egham felt posh I worked in virgina waters and that's were upper class snobbery hit home to me, don't get me wrong not everyone some were great people but on the whole there was a clear divide.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - I found the fact that I had a Rolex on my wrist changed everything about the way I was treated there. The fact it was a gift they never knew, but they assumed it meant I had money, and suddenly everyone was so much more polite and welcoming!}

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That explains the funny looks I got with the sekonda watch I got off me mum for xmas.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - oh yes, they only like money there mate.}

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Nice chewing the fat edd, off to bed speak soon.

frankyscouse {Ed001's Note - take care mate, always good chatting with you.}

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Just wanted to say hi to frankie and Ed001 been a while since I last posted hope you two had a good Christmas!

RR! {Ed001's Note - cheers mate, good to see you back. Mine was excellent, yours?}

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Hi rr long time mate, yes xmas was good, how are you ?


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24 Jan 2013 18:12:27
Does anyone know anything about the Irish secret service I didn't know we had one until I saw it mentioned in our budget!

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Effective secret service then.

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Best secret service in the world

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Wouldn't be a secret if everyone knew about it..

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The secret isn't normally the organisation

More what the organisation does....

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Bahaha, is this a joke Heskey, I didn't see it in the budget, is it another tax for us?

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I don't know just heard it mentioned probably is another tax

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There is no actual 'Secret Service', It's just provisions put in the Garda budget for their clandestine operations against criminal gangs etc

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24 Jan 2013 16:40:31
So guess in the coming weeks we'll learn whether or not President Regan succeeded with Project Starwars or not... Hope for our US friends they did. Scary times at the moment.


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24 Jan 2013 10:39:19
ed, if there was to be another world war what will the sides be..

i'm guessing one side will be.. USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, most of Europe (Germany and Italy?) japan, south Korea?

and the others will be Russia, china, north Korea.. who else?


{Ed033's Note - I would have thought that if possible china/north korea would want to keep out of it and then finish off who was left

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I would say it would be West verses East and I agree with Ed033 that N.Korea and China would finish off whoever was left

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For me if there was to be a war Britain, Germany and the USA would be one one team obviously with other allies such as Australia and Canada, I think North Korea would definitely be on the other side and I think china and Russia would be in the background, making the Koreans look like the bad guys

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All of NATO - GB, France, Spain, Germany, Norway etc + The former colonies, US, Can, Aus, NZ + The likes of India, Japan, S.Korea.

And against, Iran, Pakistan with Russia or China playing a part too, and Argentina, who would try and take the Falklands again. Purely guessing, I don't think there will be aanother big war on earth. However, if there was, I wonder where would be a safe place to hide...


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25 Jan 2013 11:14:39
I can see 6 distinct power blocks emerging over the next few decades:-

NATO Powers - led by USA.
South America - led by Brazil
Russia and Satellite States

The question is the Islamic States. Will they split into 2 seperate blocks (after Nuclear weapons aquired) - Shiite's led by Iran and Sunni Block led by Gulf States.

But given how risk averse the Western States have become and state of various political situations I cannot see a trigger point - such as Poland before WW2 - for any conflict.

Weyland Yutani

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I also forgot India.

Weyland Yuntani

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Iran Definately want war, look how close their country is to American army bases!

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26 Jan 2013 12:07:50
I wouldn't be surprised if it ended in a shift of power from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern. pea

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24 Jan 2013 09:01:45
Looks like its kicking of in North Korea with another Nuclear Test this time, with statements such as "We do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed with, are aimed at our arch-enemy the United States, "
What are peoples views, according to what I have read they are capable of creating nuclear bombs but not nuclear missiles. For years I have said North Korea could possibly be the beginning of the end.
Why can't we just leave them alone, they are not to be messed with and if it came to a full blown war I think they would destroy the US which is why I think nothing has been done so far, that the US know they would have not chance against them

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Aren't their people supposed to be really poor and malnourished because they spend all their money on the military?


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The north koreans would be absolutely annihilated in a nuclear war with the us, although they had ties to china and russia during the cold war, their relationship with china seems fractured though and I see them like iran mainly: a pariah state which is simultaniously threatening and threatened. however ultimately a nation that enslaves and keeps its people starving is no real danger to our 'civilised' society ;P

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Its crazy stuff, I was looking at a website which offers tours of North Korea its a tad expensive but if money was no object I for one would love to go.

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The North Koreans just seem mad to me, they really do entertain me with some of the ridiculous propaganda, like at the Olympics when they broadcast the medal table as North Korea-300 golds, Russia-300 silvers and china-300 bronzes

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Anyone intersted in the relationship between the us and n.korea should Listen to noam chomskys Iraq : the forever war .

Although mainly about the Middle East he makes a few references as to why the and Koreans are aggrieved by u.s actions.

One of the proposed reasons, aside many others is that the u.s had promised North Korea aid if it canceled all long range missile tests which it did for a short while . After which the u.s failed to supply the country with the aid it was promised .

Very interesting and a reminder not to be taken in by the western press's typecasting of North Korea as a violent rogue state.

Of course I'm not suggesting for a moment that they're not a brutal dictatorship, but it's interesting to look at every story from both sides.


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24 Jan 2013 18:03:03
Kevdarko you'd love to go visit a totalitarian dictatorship, where they starve their people to pay for the military, where in the countryside people are reduced to grass and nettle soup and its reckoned up to two million people have starved to death in the last two decades, and everything you seen was carefully screened to only show the glory of the regime and not the truth. And you also think they'd beat the yanks in a war despite the fact that last time out they needed the chinese and soviets to scrape a draw?

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Sounds a bit like how the western countries are becoming.

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The yanks would use emp weapons the north koreans wouldn't even get their missiles off the ground contest .....bear in mind the US was testing the likes of stealth in the 60s and 70s ....what sort of classified weaponary have the americans got now ...the mind boggles ....

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There's a documentary I saw a couple of months back. I still don't know if it's a hoax by people taking the piss but it's worth a watch. Here is the link ed. if you want to check it out first. I can't remember the name of the show when it first came out but pure Propaganda whoever is behind it whether N. Korea or the West.

North Korean film exposes Western propaganda - Part 1 of 10

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